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ACE Money Transfer's Special Offer For Sending Money To Pakistan From Denmark

ACE Money Transfer's Special Offer For Sending Money To Pakistan From Denmark

13 Dec 2022

Over 9 million Pakistanis have settled abroad and have contributed to remittance inflows reaching $31.2 billion in FY22. A small chunk of above 30,000 Pakistanis live in Denmark, considering that it’s a welfare state and offers an ideal work-life balance, paid holidays, a highly professional workplace atmosphere, etc. These Pakistanis have a big deal of grabbing 1000DKK before the 31st of December 2022.  ACE Money Transfer is giving away DKK 1000 alongside other rewards in its Invite Friends Offer for customers who send money to Pakistan from Denmark. Isn’t that exciting? Keep reading to know more about the massive offer.

ACE Money Transfer is famous for its most trusted remittance services, the lowest fees it charges, the highest exchange rates offered for every global money transfer, and, most importantly, the fascinating promotions and rewards. Invite a Friend is one of ACE’s promotions that remain live for customers across the globe.

A customer typically wins one of three rewards in this offer, i.e. Apple iPad 13 Mini, Airpods Pro, and Apple Watch Series 8. However, for its customers in Denmark, the firm has offered an amazing incentive of an extra 1000 Danish Krone. Let’s completely discuss how the offer works and how you can win your reward.

Invite Friends to use ACE Money Transfer and Win 1000DK with Other Rewards.

ACE Money Transfer rewards every customer who invites their friends to use its services. The firm has added an extra DKK1000 for Pakistanis and other diasporas living in Denmark who transfer funds to their loved ones using its mobile app or website.

Here’s how you can win a Free 1000 DKK reward.

  • Sign-up for ACE Money Transfer if you aren’t already using it
  • Send money to your loved ones using its services
  • Invite as many friends as possible to use ACE Money Transfer to send money to Pakistan from Denmark
  • For every three converted friends, you will receive a cash bonus of DKK 1000

What does Converting Your Friends Mean in this Offer?

It is as simple as it sounds.

On referring the company’s services to other expatriates, both you – the referrer and the referee – get fee-free transfers, while if three of the referees use the company’s services, the referrer – you – will earn DKK1,000/-.

Did you ever think that your expatriate friends could be helpful to you in such a rewarding way?

The process of getting awarded and rewarded does not stop still.

There are some exciting prizes you can lay your hands on. By making a secure and convenient online money transfer to Pakistan from Denmark or any other country via ACE Money Transfer, you can win exciting rewards alongside the cash bonus of 1000 DKK. Do you want to know about these prizes?

What other prizes can I expect and get during this exciting campaign?

With more referrals to the company, you can stand a chance to win an iPhone 13 mini, Apple Smartwatch Series 8, and AirPods Pro. But mere referrals will not suffice to win these prizes. At least three of your referred friends must use ACE’s services to send money to their loved ones. More friends using the service will lead you to win these exciting rewards and the cash bonus simultaneously.

Money transfers to anywhere worldwide with ACE Money Transfer are fee-free and rewarding these days.

Sending money from Denmark to anywhere across the world with ACE Money Transfer is fee-free for you and all expatriates who use the company's remittance services.

As an expatriate wishing to save money, the first thing you look for is to transfer funds cost-effectively, and what better way to transfer than doing so without having to pay service charges?

How Can I Send Money To My Family From Denmark Freely?

ACE Money Transfer has launched an exciting campaign in which you send money to your home in countries where the company is operationally present; your transfers will be free of cost if you refer the company to your expatriate friends.

You will get a fee-free money transfer from Denmark on referring the company to other expatriates who will also have a fee-free money transfer.

But this is not all.

You can also earn DKK1,000/- on converting three of your friends.

How Can I Optimise My Chances Of Winning These Prizes?

Well, the one-worded answer is persuasion!

You must not only refer your other expatriate friends to ACE Money Transfer as a remittance service provider but also ensure they use the company’s services and create transactions, which must be completed and paid.

So, ask your friends to send money to Pakistan online from Denmark via ACE Money Transfer to let you win 1000 DKK free with the chance to get any of the three prizes explained above.

Other Benefits of Using ACE Money Transfer

Here are a few key benefits of using ACE Money Transfer besides the exciting rewards.

Live And Competitive Currency Exchange Rates

The company has linked its exchange rates with the international market, where these keep fluctuating, which allows you to initiate a transaction when rates are in your favour, unlike many other service providers whose rates are fixed like banks’.

Optimal Security Of Transfers

The company’s security parameters are end-to-end encrypted, leaving no room for scammers to penetrate. Furthermore, even the company’s team mandated to process the transfers does not know the transactions’ security which is rooted in complex coding.

Swiftest Ever Transfers

The company ensures that the funds are delivered within minutes in the countries where ACE Money Transfer operates. To your surprise, the funds are transferred to Pakistan from anywhere worldwide in just 7 seconds!

You might take more than 7 seconds to take money out of your wallet! Right?

Lowest Service Charges

ACE Money transfer is the tailor-made solution for your insatiable desire to save money as an expatriate and win exciting prizes in doing so. The company's service charges are the lowest across the market; if you join campaigns such as this one, you can transfer money free of cost.

Can you not persuade any other expatriate to send money abroad with ACE Money Transfer by citing the above-mentioned points?

Well, there is no reason you cannot!

How long does the campaign last?

This campaign for a cash reward of 1000 DKK is live nowadays and will end on December 31st, 2022. However, the general “Invite Friends” offer with the three prizes, i.e., Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Apple Watch Series 8, and Airpods, will remain active.

What steps do I take to enter the campaign and reap all the benefits explained above?

It is a two-phase process.

Phase 1

  • Log in to your ACE Money Transfer account on your app or the company’s official website;
  • Enter the amount, which can be any (there is no upper or lower limit), select the recipient, check details, and hit ‘Send Money’ to proceed.

Phase 2

  • Log in to your ACE Money Transfer account on the app or the official website;
  • Hit ‘Invite a Friend to earn DKK1,000 on every 3 conversions.

Doing it all is simpler than reading about it!

Transferring your remittances to over 100 countries from Denmark with ACE Money Transfer until December 31st cannot be more rewarding

Don’t panic if you don’t already know about the exciting promotion. You have plenty of time until the 31st of December 2022 to refer your friends to ACE Money Transfer. Make every money transfer to Pakistan from Denmark with zero cost, the highest exchange rates, and the chance to win a cash bonus of 1000 DKK with exciting prizes.

Each moment counts. Don’t waste time. Start now!

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