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How to Maintain Your Mental Health when Living Abroad as a Bangladeshi

24 Jul 2023

According to Arab News, sourcing its data from Bangladesh’s Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training, over 10 million Bangladeshis are living abroad to earn a living. Most of them send money to Bangladesh to offer financial aid to their families back home.

The same report said that the government has planned to send 1 million more workers abroad to expand its diaspora population and add to the quantum of inward remittances.

For the people of developing counties such as Bangladesh, the thought of travelling abroad is pretty exciting. And particularly when one is pressed by unemployment and poverty and is sure to earn a living abroad, this excitement increases. Because other than financial challenges, the stress one endures exacts a toll on one’s mental health.

But many people who travel abroad and have jobs still end up compromising their mental health. Do you know why?

Have you ever thought that despite ending the stress caused by unemployment, and working abroad, you still face mental health challenges?

Why is it that the excitement of working abroad does not help you much to stay away from mental health issues?

Well, these are important questions whose answers are necessary for you to know as a Bangladeshi expatriate because compromised mental health can hurt you and your job which is the last thing you want while working abroad. Right?

But don’t you worry! 

Because this blog will help you with maintaining sound mental health while living abroad. Let’s start.


Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental wellness is a state in which you enjoy good mental health. It is more than just being happy and staying away from depression that you may face because of being away from your family and friends.

Good mental health means you feel balanced, are socially connected, and are prepared to take on life’s challenges.

You can maintain good mental health through a healthy diet, sound sleep, and staying active.

Let’s look at a few advantages of sound mental health.


Benefits of Good Mental Health

A few benefits of having good mental health are as follows:

  • It enhances your capacity to handle life’s stresses
  • You establish a positive view of yourself
  • Quality of your relationships improves
  • Your productivity improves
  • Your overall quality of life improves with good mental health

Before knowing the tips to maintain sound mental health, let’s look at the reasons that prompt migration from Bangladesh to fully understand the entire concept.

Major Reasons for Leaving Bangladesh

Although Bangladesh is one of the fast-developing countries in the region, its people still face several challenges most of which are financial. Therefore, Bangladeshis travel abroad to earn a living and help their families financially through a money transfer to Bangladesh

Some other reasons for leaving Bangladesh are discussed briefly below.

Bad Air Quality

It may sound strange but you know that the air quality in several cities of Bangladesh is poor, causing severe health hazards. Therefore, people go to countries with cleaner environments to avoid diseases which bad air causes.


Limited Career Opportunities

Despite fairing economically better than other countries in the region, Bangladeshis have limited career opportunities. It births unemployment leading to poverty, as the country cannot provide for its people.

But worry not because you can find jobs and work opportunities HERE.


Bangladeshi Economy and Inward Remittances

  • The World Bank said that Bangladesh’s nominal GDP in 2021 was $416.26 billion.
  • The country’s GDP per capita income in 2021 was $2,457.9, the World Bank said.
  • According to Statista, Bangladeshi migrants sent $21.5 billion in inward remittances in 2022.

It becomes obvious why Bangladeshis travel abroad if seen in the light of the reasons, explained above. And in such a distressful scenario having good mental health is, well, a big question mark.

Let’s look at how you can maintain sound mental health as a Bangladeshi migrant.


Prime Tips for Sound Mental Health

Remember that you earn a living in another country to send money to Bangladesh online for your family’s financial support. It depends on how you perform at the workplace. And if you cannot perform optimally, due to mental health issues, you run the risk of losing your job. Right? So, read the following tips with rapt attention.

Make Connections

Try to spend time with people around you. The chances of making new connections increase only if you spend more and more time with new people.

It will also bring down your stress levels.


Balance Your Work and Life

Properly set the boundaries between your work and life. Give priority to what is important and strike the right balance between your life and work. Make a schedule for do’s and don’ts and follow it. 


Get Adequate Sleep and Exercise

Try to have sound sleep and manage time to work out and exercise and exhaust yourself. Remember that sound sleep is a sure result of physical exertion.


Seek Advice

It is better to seek advice from the experts in certain matters. For example, if you want to find residence abroad, make sure to seek advice from those who are into the business and have already done so.


Treat Your Mind Like Your Body

What would you do with a twinge in your shoulder or pain in your stomach? See a doctor. Right? Similarly, try to treat your mind in the same manner if you face problems with your mental health.


Avoid Time Online

Spend time with your friends and family through calls, but make sure to schedule it all. And otherwise, avoid using social media platforms as much as possible.


Accept Depression

Staying in a state of denial about your depression will harm you more. So, try to accept that during your stay abroad, you will face depression and anxiety which is pretty normal.


Adopt a Realistic Approach

Make sure to pin hope that is feasible and practical. Because hoping for things that are hard to accomplish or achieve will only add to your depression and disappointment.


Concluding the Discussion

You feel depressed when it comes to your online money transfer to Bangladesh due to fees and exchange rates which can slash your money by a big margin. But ACE Money Transfer helps you with your mental relaxation in this context by giving you competitive and live rates, speed, safety, and much more for a meagre amount as fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do people working abroad still face mental health issues?

Ans. Living abroad itself is something that challenges your mental health. But there are other factors too such as homesickness, cultural shock, loneliness, and issues concerning work.

Why does the excitement of working abroad not prevent mental health issues?

Ans. It is because the excitement in the beginning is pretty motivating but it does not last long. As soon as it wears thin, you are exposed to the harsh realities of life as a whole and that of the more challenging expatriate life.

Why is sound mental health essential for migrants?

Ans. Mental well-being is essential because it helps you overcome life’s stresses, have a positive attitude about yourself, establish healthier relationships, increase productivity and improve overall life quality.

Why do Bangladeshis travel abroad?

Ans. Bangladeshis travel abroad in a bid to find better work opportunities, exit poverty, explore cultures, seek better education and avoid health hazards caused by poor air quality in several cities.

How to maintain mental well-being as a Bangladeshi migrant?

Ans. A few simple tips can help you maintain good mental health such as making new connections, staying in touch with family, avoiding social media platforms, accepting depression, treating your mind like your body, and regular exercise.


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