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How to get a UK driving licence?

How to get a UK driving licence?

23 Dec 2021

Wondering how to get a driver’s license in the UK? Here are a few pointers for you!


 The United Kingdom is one of the few countries worldwide with a lot to offer to people from the outside world. Its high-quality education and the potential to offer employment opportunities attract both students and expatriates. Expats may find employment according to their education, experience, skillset or a combination of these factors. 

Once settled, these expats send money to Pakistan and other counties through banks or a few viable online money transfer companies worldwide, such as ACE Money Transfer. 


Of course, it is important to have a driving license if you wish to move around in your vehicle. With stricter laws, regulations, and implementation, the need to have one increases manifold in a foreign land.

A few easy steps to obtain a driver’s license in the UK are listed below. Let’s take a look.

Apply for a provisional driving license:- As a first step, you will need to acquire a provisional driving license. This will help you learn to drive in the UK legally and formally. Let’s see the steps to apply.

Age:- At the age of 15 years and nine months, you can apply for a provisional driving license. But, if you go by the books, you must be 17 years old before you can drive a car with a provisional license, but even then, the presence of an elder is a must as a supervisor.

How to apply:- You can either apply online, which will cost you 34 GBP or by post, which will cost you 43 GBP. You can pay through your credit or debit card if you apply online or through a cheque or a postal order, in case you apply by post. 
Requirements for online application:- Here are the requirements for placing an online application.

  • Your valid passport that is not older than five years;
  • Identity documents;
  • Address of where you have resided for the past three years completely;
  • Your National Insurance Number. You can find this on your National Insurance Card or HMRC documents; and
  • Details of the card for application fees.

Requirements for application by post:- You will be required to fill the D1 form if you want to apply by post. This D1 form can be gotten from the designated post office branches or online. You will then fill the form, attach the documents we will list shortly, and send them to the following two addresses.

  • DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD. For all the documents from the UK; and 
  • DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AF. For documents from outside the UK.

The documents needed for an application by post are:

  • Your identity is like a valid passport;
  • Colour passport size photograph; and 
  • A cheque or postal order along with the documents. Application with cash will be rejected.


It will take about two weeks for your provisional driving license to be ready for collection. After that, you will be eligible to learn driving with a reputable and registered instructor who is 21 years of age and holds a full driving license for three years. 

Book your driving lessons:- After acquiring your provisional driving license, you will book a registered driving school for practical driving lessons. But, before you do that, make sure you have ascertained your exact needs for these lessons be it learning a manual or an automatic vehicle.

Book theory test:- At this point, you are required to learn the theory of driving. It is divided into two parts, one of which is the MCQs and the other is the hazard perception test. The main goal of this theory is to ensure the drivers know the Highway Code and the protocol to drive. It is a mandatory test. You can undertake this test online. 


Book the final driving test: After all of the above, you can either book it online or on the telephone when you feel you are now prepared for the final driving test. But, bear in mind that the competent authority to give you the go-ahead for the final driving test is your instructor, who will first train you through mock tests. On passing this final test, you will be able to change your green provisional driver’s license with a red full UK driver’s license. 

The cost:- You can book this final test for 62 GBP on weekdays where there are fewer cars on roads or 75 GBP on weekends where there is a rush on the roads. 


Documents required:- You are required to bring the following documents with you on the day of your final driving test.

  • Your provisional driver’s license;
  • A car. People can bring their vehicles if those fulfil the pre-set criterion; and 
  • Your theory test certificate.


Conclusion:- This article has thrown light on all the important steps you need to take to acquire a driver’s license in the UK. All the conditions and the required documents have also been mentioned in detail. If you meet all of these conditions, you are all set to apply for your license in the UK. 









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