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How to Find Affordable Housing Options for Your Study Abroad Experience as a Nepalese Student?

27 Sep 2023

International education offers stronger career prospects, especially for those who belong to weak economy countries or developing nations. Around 6.3+ million students are found studying abroad outside their native countries, out of which more than 323,972 are Nepalese international students. Like Nepalese expat workers who work abroad to send money to Nepal, its students also seek better career opportunities abroad through international education to enhance the scope of their earnings. Many students believe that studying abroad opens up more opportunities. Finding affordable student housing abroad is a significant challenge, although being accepted into a foreign university is a matter of relief and pride. For those who are on a tight budget, this is especially true. 

Everything in your new life abroad, in a location you have never been to and with a very different culture, will be unfamiliar to you. However, it is possible to locate and reserve affordable housing while studying abroad with some planning and research. The methods listed below can help you find the best student housing abroad without spending money, depending on your preferences.

Why Do Nepalese Students Move Abroad To Study? 

Most students in Nepal want to study abroad and graduate with a degree that is acknowledged around the world. The sharp rise in students going abroad to continue their education in recent years is proof positive. According to the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology's most recent report, over 323,972 students are pursuing higher education at universities worldwide. The information presented here reflects the current state of the trend in student study abroad.

Nepal's educational system falls short when it comes to providing high-quality education. The course options are also less varied, limiting graduates' access to better and more varied career opportunities. It has become more challenging for students to apply their education professionally due to the emphasis on theoretical aspects of learning. 

Tips To Find Affordable Housing Options Abroad

When you decide to move abroad to study or work purposes, the first and foremost critical thing to consider is to arrange a reasonable housing option, which may not affect your budget and earnings. Here are a few workable tips for you to manage residence abroad that are not too expensive for you as a Nepalese overseas student.

Begin Your Search Early

Once they reach their destination, students frequently look for housing. Although nothing is wrong with it, starting your search as early as possible can significantly impact your ability to locate the most reasonable student housing. You can get ideas for what to look for by conducting a quick internet search on the different kinds of student housing offered in the nation where your university is located. 

Along with online research, getting referrals from other international students can be a huge help. Joining forums or groups on social media will help you learn about your options when looking for cheap student housing abroad.

You may also like to read about the top benefits of Studying Abroad - All You Need to Know.

It's a good idea to inquire directly with your university about the available options for student housing. Sometimes, a university representative can make a better suggestion, saving you time from searching. Be careful not to rush your decision-making process because if you take your time and do more research, you might find better deals.

Check The Location

Location is crucial when looking for inexpensive housing. Selecting a location close to your college or university is crucial. You'll save time and money on transportation as a result. The cost of residing in a prestigious area can be high. Think about relocating to a less expensive area and taking public transport to your university. And there is good news for you: you can send money to Nepal online from any location globally through ACE. 

Decide on Your Budget

Knowing your budget should come before doing anything else. Long-term time savings will result from doing this, especially if you are unfamiliar with your destination. Additionally, once you've determined your spending limit, it will be much simpler to look for student housing that fits both your needs and your budget because you'll be aware of the price range you should concentrate on.

Find A Shared Space To Stay

Housing costs can be significantly reduced by choosing shared housing. You can cut the cost of rent and utilities by living in a flat or room with other students. Usually, housing boards are available at universities where you can find other students looking for roommates. You can also look for shared housing on websites like Craigslist or Facebook groups.

Maintaining Safety

Reasonable rent should be accessible. However, you might want to look for a better and safer place if your chosen student housing isn't well-secured. It's simple to be seduced by cheaper lodging if you're on a tight budget. However, it would help if you prioritised your safety when looking for off-campus housing because you are in a foreign country.

Although doing so frequently entails paying more rent, selecting a less expensive location with inadequate security is preferable. Speak with some locals to gain insight and find out the best prices to ensure your chosen lodging is secure. Also, you can find the best ways to make a money transfer to Nepal safely to help your loved ones during your study abroad.

Choose The Price That Meets Your Needs

Finding inexpensive student housing abroad requires careful consideration. The most affordable options are frequently university dorms, but you might not get the necessary privacy. Most students find it significant because they want to study quietly and don't want to deal with multiple roommates.

On the other hand, choosing catered student housing is an excellent idea if you want to save money because meals are included. You can avoid eating out more often if you select this type of student housing. Therefore, regardless of cost, choose the worthwhile option that will bring you peace of mind, provided that it meets your needs.

Studying abroad is a thrilling experience, but it can also raise some issues, such as the need for student housing. However, there is no need to worry because there is always the ideal lodging that will suit your needs and budget. To achieve the best outcomes, adhere to the above advice.

Bottom Line 

Consider important factors like safety, convenience, closeness to your university or public transportation, and affordability. Before settling on a housing option, conducting in-depth research and evaluating each is essential. Additionally, if you're working a second job to support your family financially, pick a secure service provider to transfer funds. Making a swift, secure, and economical online money transfer to Nepal via ACE Money Transfer can be the best choice you can make while studying and earning abroad as an overseas Nepalese.


Where should I begin searching for affordable housing options as a Nepalese student?

Contact the housing office or international student office at the university where you will be studying to get suggestions and resources for your search. Investigate online resources, regional classified ads, student forums, and social media pages specific to the study location.

To find housing recommendations or potential roommates, how can I get in touch with other Nepalese students studying abroad?

Joining online forums or communities for Nepalese students can be a great way to meet Nepalese students who are already studying abroad. They may offer insightful advice and housing suggestions or even end up as potential roommates.

Which country is the least expensive for Nepali students to study in?

Nepalese students are increasingly choosing Canada as their study-abroad destination because of its reputation for offering high-quality instruction at a reasonable cost and for providing the safest environment possible for studying abroad.

What kind of accommodations are there for students from other countries?

International students can typically choose between three different types of housing: homestays, apartments, and dorms.

Can I work part-time to earn while studying abroad?

You can work part-time while studying abroad only if you have valid permission from the institution you are studying in. Most countries allow students to benefit from part-time earnings after completing their study hours. However, it’s recommended to check with your desired country’s and the target institution’s regulations for part-time jobs.

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