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How To Avoid Overdraft Fees On Your Bank Account As A Senegalese Expat?

27 Sep 2023

Do you know about what can negatively impact your hard-earned money abroad as an expat worker? Multiple factors can reduce the value of your remittances, where overdraft banking fees are at the top of the list. Like expats from other developing countries living in foreign lands, Senegalese expats who work abroad to earn and send money to Senegal need to understand all aspects of bank overdrafts. Numerous banks provide overdraft protection, a service that covers overdrafts from your checking account to help you avoid having your transactions declined. In other words, even if you don't have enough funds in your account to cover a transaction, your overdraft protection will let it go through, and you'll need to add more funds.

An overdraft fee is what a bank or other financial institution charges you when you make a transaction that exceeds the available balance in your account. This happens when you have a negative balance in your account because you have spent more money than you have coming in. Usually, overdraft charges are imposed as a punishment for overdrawing your account and to make up the difference.

In the past, there have been some expensive fees associated with overdraft protection, but many banks now provide this service in a way that is more advantageous to customers.

Points To Understand About Overdraft Fees On Your Bank Account

What you should know about overdraft fees on your bank account is summarised in the following points:


When you make a transaction that exceeds the available balance in your account, such as a debit card purchase, a cheque payment, or an electronic payment, overdraft fees apply.

Account Fee

The cost varies according to the bank and the particular account terms. It can be a set fee (such as $35 per occurrence) or a daily or monthly fee.

Overdraft Capacity

You might be able to overdraw your account in some banks up to a certain amount. The bank frequently sets this limit based on your credit history, payment history, and relationship with the bank.

Authorisation Options

For transactions that would otherwise result in an overdraft, banks may offer overdraft protection services that allow them to pay for the transaction. Connect your account to a line of credit, a savings account, or some other funding source to do this. A fee or interest charge may be associated with overdraft protection.

Opting In or Out

For you to sign up for overdraft programs in some countries, banks may need your express permission. You must select "opt-in" or "opt-out" of overdraft services. By declining transactions that could cause an overdraft, the bank will not impose a fee but will instead decline them if you opt out.

Fees Paid Overall

You might be assessed an overdraft fee for each money transfer to Senegal that causes your account to go overdrawn. Costs accumulated as a result could be pretty high.


Banks are frequently required to let you know when your account has gone overdrawn and to inform you of the fees involved. They might also give instructions on depositing money to make up for the negative balance.

Credit Impact

Although overdraft fees do not immediately impact your credit score, credit bureaus may report this to them, adversely affecting your creditworthiness if you don't pay them and the overdraft balance.

Tips To Avoid Overdraft Fees

Following workable tips can help you avoid overdrafts and ensure the maximum value of your remittances to be received by your loved ones back in Senegal.

Opt Out Of Overdraft Protection

However, there is one thing you can control: choosing to decline overdraft protection. When you opt out, your provider can no longer pay for one-time ATM or debit card transactions or impose overdraft fees. It may, without your consent, cover checks and recurring debit transactions.

Banks will refuse a transaction if there isn't enough money in a customer's account if they don't have overdraft protection for that particular customer. 

If a customer has overdraft coverage enabled, debit card transactions are typically subject to overdraft fees rather than NSF fees because, even though there are insufficient funds in the customer's account, the transaction is still processed because the bank temporarily pays it. There are so many offers to choose from for Senegalese expats who make an online money transfer to Senegal. by ACE Money Transfer. 

When An Overdraft Occurs, Quickly Deposit Or Transfer Funds

Some banks may charge you multiple overdraft fees if you repeatedly make transactions that overdraw your account. Overdraft fees can be more than $30 per instance. However, you might still be able to avoid a charge if you are aware that a low balance has just resulted in an overdraft. 

Find out if your service provider has a grace period, daily cut-off time, or deadline for you to add funds to your account to bring it back to a positive balance to avoid fees. Even if you are late, adding funds to the account as soon as possible can help you avoid additional charges like a long-term overdraft fee or a fee for a persistently negative balance.

Financial Planning And Budgeting

To effectively manage your income and expenses, create a budget. Keep tabs on your spending, put the most important bills first, and steer clear of impulsive purchases. Doing this lets you keep your account balance positive and avert overdraft fees. Get insights into the best budgeting techniques for expat workers - everything to know.

Make Contact With Your Bank

Speak with your bank if you anticipate a temporary financial hardship or encounter unanticipated situations, such as a delay in receiving funds. Inquire about potential solutions or short-term fee waivers after outlining your situation.

Understand the Policies of Your Bank.

Learn about your bank's overdraft fees, minimum balance requirements, and account maintenance procedures. Know the steps you can take to prevent overdraft fees and any associated costs.

You experience an overdraft when you don't have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but your financial institution makes up the shortfall. It then typically assesses a fee and deducts the payment from your upcoming deposit. The good news is that most overdraft fees are avoidable if you take certain precautions. 

Bottom Line

While mistakes do happen, if you frequently overdraw your checking account, it might be time to reconsider your spending patterns. This can be a significant first step towards achieving financial health. According to ACE Money Transfer, everyone should have the security that comes with financial stability, which offers the best ways to send money to Senegal online.


What Is Overdraft Protection's Primary Negative Aspect?

Overdraft protection can help you avoid having your debit card transactions rejected and having your checks and online payments returned. There are some drawbacks, though, that should be taken into account.

  • Fees are frequently associated with using overdraft protection.
  • When you let your account go into overdraft, you are spending money you don't have and will eventually need replacement.
  • Extended overdraft fees might be charged for overdrawn funds that aren't promptly replaced.
  • You risk having your account restricted if you don't pay off your overdraft promptly.

Do Overdrafts Affect Your Credit?

Overdrawing your account rarely affects your credit. Your credit may be impacted in other ways, though. First, if you don't pay back your overdraft, the bank might eventually send the remaining balance to a collections agency. Your credit would suffer because the debt would appear on your credit report. 

Do bank overdrafts count as assets or liabilities?

It always depends on your point of view as to whether a bank overdraft is an asset or a liability: for the bank issuing the bank overdraft, it's an asset; for the business using the bank overdraft, it's a liability.

Is A Bank Overdraft Considered A Loan?

An individual with a bank account may use a bank overdraft as a short-term financing tool. It is not a pure loan like traditional loans, such as personal, business, home, etc.

What Are The Types Of Bank Overdrafts?

Bank overdraft accounts come in two different varieties. Authorized Bank Overdraft in which the account holder and the bank have an agreement in place for this kind of overdraft account. Unauthorised Bank Overdraft: This kind of overdraft happens when a bank account holder exceeds his available balance without prior authorisation, without making any kind of agreement with the bank, or when there has been an agreement made in the past, but the overdraft limit has been reached.

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