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How to Adjust to Australian Culture as an Expat?

How to Adjust to Australian Culture as an Expat?

05 Dec 2022

Each year, Australia opens its arms to more than 140,000 immigrants. It is one of the most culturally diverse places on Earth. Over 7.5 million of the population are migrants from different nations who came initially as expats. These expats have upgraded their lifestyles and provided financial support to their families back in their home country. If you are also planning to or have recently moved to Australia seeking better earnings, adjusting to Australian culture and making a global money transfer back home will be two of your most critical concerns, besides many others.

Worry not; this is a guide for all new expats on adjusting to the Australian culture. Keep reading to get the answers to most of your concerns about adjusting to Australian culture as an expatriate.

How to overcome the culture shock of settling into a new place?

Almost 85% of the people who move abroad face a massive culture shock. It is completely normal to feel it when you relocate from one place to another. However, initially, it is tough to deal with. It might come across as challenging to adjust to the local culture. It is even harder to be alone without your family and friends. 

Most people who go through a culture shock experience feelings of discomfort. They find it hard to talk to people due to feelings of loneliness. Common symptoms include mood swings, anger, confusion, anxiety, and lack of sleep. Most people reported that they felt lost. 

In order to overcome these depressing feelings, expatriates should first accept and validate their feelings. After that, here are a few tips you can follow to reduce the magnitude of culture shock.

  • Moving to a new place is highly advisable without any stereotypes in mind. 
  • You should talk to your new friends about your old culture and tell them about different cultures. 
  • Accept cultural differences with an open mind.
  • Talk to seasoned expatriates and learn what helped them overcome culture shock. 
  • Adopt one of the old hobbies you practised in your home country. 

Communicate with friends and family more often.

You must maintain good communication with your loved ones back at home. It would keep your bond intact and unbroken. Tell them about your daily encounters and profession in Australia. This would help you keep an association with respective socio-cultural aspects. Your loved ones will be able to comprehend your lifestyle and support you more in adjusting to the new environment. 

Australia appreciates humour in daily life.

Australians love a comical touch in everyday life. They take life lightly and brush the inconveniences off with laughter. As an expat living in a multicultural society like Australia, you will definitely get into unavoidable clumsy and unusual circumstances. Learn to have the capacity to giggle in such situations. It will prompt you to accept that making mistakes is alright and that learning comes from mistakes.

Once you adapt to Australian culture, it will be easier for you to manage living there as an expatriate. If you live peacefully and happily, you can maintain good physical and mental health, which will support your pursuit of better earning and send money abroad from Australia to your family.

Be prepared for Australian wildlife.

Australia is known for its majestic wildlife. There are about 200,000 to 300,000 different species native to Australia. In fact, 87% of mammal species, 93% of reptile species, and 45% of bird species are only found in Australia and nowhere else in the world. 

This aspect of Australia comes with consequences. On average, 32 people are killed by animals each year in Australia. However, contrary to popular belief, the spider is not the biggest danger you will encounter. The first fatality from a spider bite was reported in 2016. 

Each year for six weeks, magpies would attack the public to protect their young. Bees and wasps also pose a public health risk, as they caused 33% of all venomous hospitalisations from 2000 to 2013. 

The Australian wildlife is truly magnificent in every way. However, you must always keep your eyes open because they are huge in number, and you will most definitely have lots of encounters with them. 

Get used to seafood.

On average, an Australian consumes 12.4kg of seafood per year. AUD 1.2 billion worth of seafood is exported annually from Australia. It is an absolute favourite of Australians. Atlantic salmon, prawns, oysters, tuna and barramundi are among Australia's most popular seafood choices. You will definitely see fish and chips on every occasion. You must develop a taste for it to embrace the Australian culture truly. 

Explore the country as a tourist 

You might get busy with work as soon as you arrive in Australia. This can lower your chances of truly getting to know the beauty of Australia and what miracles it beholds. Adjusting to this new land requires you to fall in love with it first. That is impossible if you are succinct yourself to your work cubicle only.

Get out in nature. Visit the beach. Take more day and weekend trips to get to know Australia, honestly. 

What are money transfer options available in Australia? 

The two most popular ways to send money abroad from Australia are wire transfers and online transfers. 

Why is a wire transfer an outdated practice and should not be used?

If you are a new settler in Australia, you must already have a lot on your plate. You should not be spending extra bucks. Wire transfers are expensive. Each transaction can cost you more than AUD 30. You might also have to pay other hidden charges. Some transfers also require the recipient to pay a receiving fee.

 Wire transfers are time taking. An international wire can take more than 4-5 business days to arrive. This can further be delayed due to bank holidays, time zone differences, and other factors. 

Online Money Transfer is the convenient alternative

Online money transfer is becoming more popular as 2.2 billion people have started using it around the globe. It allows convenience and comfort as you do not have to wait in long lines at the bank. However, you must choose a credible company that is safe and reliable. 

ACE Money Transfer provides the economical and fastest remittance-sending service in Australia

ACE Money Transfer has been serving for two decades to millions of users all across the world for. Here are a few reasons why ACE can be beneficial for you. 

  • Market competitive exchange rates
  • Quick international transactions
  • Unbelievably cheap transfer fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Plenty of promotional offers all year round
  • Safe transactions with top high-tech security

Adjusting to Australian life can be problematic initially, but with good company and tools to ease your life, you can do it in no time. One such tool is ACE Money Transfer which provides fast and economical online money transfer solutions. Sign up on ACE now for free to enjoy smooth international transactions.


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