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Best Foods in Australia for Moroccan Expats

Best Foods in Australia for Moroccan Expats

05 Dec 2022

Living away from home and family can be challenging. Like many other countries, the people of Morocco seek better living and earning opportunities abroad. Australia is one of the top choices for these people, with more than 300,000 Moroccans living here. Do you also live in Australia to work, earn, and send money to Morocco for your family and loved ones? If yes, you might face challenges like homesickness and missing local foods in Australia. Try merging into the new region by trying their foods.

It is hard to adjust to a new setting without appreciating its local cuisine. Suppose you are an expat and a foodie, then good for you because Australian cuisine is inspired by so many different countries like Britain, China, Italy, etc. Aussies amalgamated their unique touch with these cuisines to create magic.

It is time to put your Moroccan taste buds aside and try the scrumptious Australian delicacies to indeed dwell in the Australian culture. 

Top Foods to try in Australia

Moroccan expats planning to travel to Australia have plenty of options to fulfil their appetite in the foreign land. Here are some must-try Australian foods.

Meat Pies – the flaky goodness

As an expat, you will attend many social events, parties, and sporting matches. In addition to meeting new people and doing your regular networking, you will see some hot and flaky packages on the menu of every event. These are non-other than the famous meat pies. 

You must develop your taste buds for these meat pies, as no event is complete without them. They are readily available at every other bakery or service station. There are many knockoffs to this delicacy as well. Beef curry pie and chicken and leek pie are two equally delicious alternatives to try if meat is not your thing. Pies are generally very famous all around Australia.

Tim Tams – the most popular Australian snack

As an expat living in Australia, you must have a good knowledge of the admired Australian snacks. Tim tams are sold worldwide due to their popularity and addictiveness. They are chocolate malted biscuits perfect for an evening snack with a glass of milk. 

Fish and Chips – not only a UK thing

Fish and chips come in plenty of variety in Australia. All communities widely enjoy it on all occasions. Australians like to eat their fish and chips with a lemon wedge and chicken salt, preferably by the beach. Some popular choices include the dish barramundi and calamari rings. 

Fairy Bread – Dream of every child

One thing you will see at every birthday party is fairy bread. Kids love it because of its majestic presentation. Fairy bread is simple and has only three ingredients; white bread, butter, and a heavy load of rainbow sprinkles. 

Chicken Parmigiana – The Australian comfort food

Chicken parmigiana might be an Italian-inspired delicacy, but it is an absolute rock star at almost every other Aussie pub. It is made of chicken schnitzel covered in tomato sauce with ham and melted cheese. It is mainly served with French fries and a side salad. Chicken parmigiana is the everyday comfort food for Aussies.

Don't worry if you think Australian foods might be expensive and can’t afford to try modern cuisine. You can make savings if you wisely manage your finances while living in Australia as an expatriate worker. One of the best strategies is to make an online money transfer to Morocco via a trusted service provider like ACE Money Transfer. You’ll get the lowest transfer and the highest exchange rates, enabling you to save on transfer costs while sending more money home simultaneously.

Pavlova – Australia’s national dessert

Your Moroccan taste buds will forget about baklava once you give Pavlova a try. It is filled with soft cream, and the crust is crispy meringue. Lastly, it is topped with sweetened whipped cream, and for that final dash, it is loaded with seasonal fruits like kiwi, banana, strawberries, and passionfruit. 

Vegemite – snack spread for vegetarians

Every tourist that visits Australia is told to try vegemite. As an expat, you must as well. You might hate it or love it; there is no in-between. Vegemite is a dark spread made with yeast, vegetables, and spices. The popular way to eat it is by spreading it on toast or bread. Beware, the flavour is intense!

Kangaroo meat – A limited Australian delicacy

You will probably only get kangaroo meat in the world as quickly as you get it in Australia. For most Muslim Moroccan expats, it is entirely halal to consume kangaroo meat. Kangaroo meat is very healthy because it is fibrous and contains no fat. 

The need for money transfers for Moroccan expats in Australia

After completely embracing the Australian culture through trying their foods and socialising with the locals, Moroccan expats are ready for the ultimate settlement. However, they still have families back home that require regular financial assistance. This creates an excellent need for a reliable global money transfer service through which funds can be easily transferred.

How to send money to Morocco quickly?

One of the significant concerns of Moroccan expats is that their funds don’t reach them on time. Sometimes, there is a delay of days. ACE Money Transfer is the solution. It provides cheap and easy international transactions to hundred-plus receiving corridors within a day. The top-notch security software of ACE protects your funds. The app is user-friendly with an easy-to-understand interface. 

When you are done tasting the goodness of Australia, don’t forget to send money to Morocco online for your loved ones. Sign up on ACE today for free to enjoy unlimited international transactions.


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