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Global Connections: Building Lasting Friendships and Networks as a Pakistani Student in Australia

26 Jan 2024

Embarking on a study abroad journey in Australia offers Pakistani students a unique opportunity to expand their horizons, gain invaluable knowledge, send money to Pakistan from Australia, and forge meaningful connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

However, building lasting friendships and networks in a new cultural environment can present unfamiliar challenges. 

This comprehensive guide provides Pakistani students with practical strategies and insights to navigate this exciting and transformative stage, fostering lifelong connections and enriching their Australian experience.

Speaking in Terms of Numbers

The number of Pakistani students studying in Australia has been steadily increasing, with nearly 5,000 more students enrolled in 2023 (27,000+) compared to 2020 (22,000+). 

This trend is likely due to factors such as Australia's high-quality education system, relatively affordable cost of living, welcoming and multicultural environment, and strong employment opportunities for graduates.

Understanding the Cultural Landscape

Recognizing cultural differences is key to navigating for Pakistani students in Australia.


Communication styles

Australians tend to be direct and informal, while Pakistani communication styles may emphasize respect and formality.

Social norms

Punctuality and respecting personal space are highly valued in Australian culture, which may differ from Pakistani social norms.

University life

Australian universities encourage independent learning and active participation, which might require adaptation for students accustomed to a more structured learning environment.

Overcoming Language Barriers

You might need to learn a foreign language to ask for any information, say, how to do an instant money transfer to Pakistan from Australia. Pakistani students need to learn the English language and gain an understanding of the Australian accent.

English proficiency

Improving English language skills through courses, online resources, and conversations with native speakers is crucial for effective communication and integration.

Embrace cultural nuances

Learn and appreciate Australian slang, humor, and cultural references to bridge communication gaps and build deeper connections.

Seek help

Utilise university language support services and connect with fellow Pakistani students who can offer guidance and understanding.

Building Lasting Friendships

One should make meaningful friends that stay till the end. Follow this principle not just in Australia but everywhere. Stepping outside the comfort zone is necessary for this purpose.

Engage in campus activities

Join clubs, societies, or sports teams based on your interests to meet individuals with shared passions.

Participate in university events 

Attend cultural celebrations, sporting events, and social gatherings to immerse yourself in Australian life and make new friends.

Be approachable and open to conversation

Initiate conversations with classmates, neighbors, and fellow students at cafes, libraries, or public spaces.

Cultivating Meaningful Connections

Invest time and effort as building genuine friendships takes time and effort. Be proactive in nurturing relationships and showing genuine interest in others' lives.

Practice active listening

Pay attention to others, ask insightful questions, and offer support and encouragement.

Celebrate diversity

Embrace cultural differences and learn from each other's backgrounds and perspectives.

Expanding the Network in Australia

Look for opportunities in university,  industry, professional, and personal space to expand the network 

Internships and volunteer work

Seek internship or volunteer opportunities in your field of study to gain practical experience, connect with professionals, and expand your network.

Attend industry events

Participate in conferences, workshops, and networking events relevant to your career aspirations.

Utilize online platforms

Get in touch with professionals in your niche through online platforms such as LinkedIn.

Building a Global Community

Along with making friends, you may aim to build global connections for international exposure. This exposure leads you to find secure and online ways for money transfers from Australia to Pakistan as well. 

Join Pakistani student associations

Connect with fellow Pakistani students on campus and participate in cultural events and activities.

Seek out multicultural communities

Explore diverse communities in Australia to broaden your perspective and build connections with people from different backgrounds.

Embrace technology

Utilise social media platforms to stay connected with friends and family back home and build relationships with international students in Australia.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students in Australia

Pakistani students have access to various scholarships to study in Australia, including:

1. Australian Government Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships

Endeavour Scholarships

Destination Australia Scholarships

2. Pakistani Government Scholarships

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarships

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Scholarships

3. University-specific Scholarships

Offered by many Australian universities

Based on academic achievement, leadership potential, or specific fields of study

4. NGO Scholarships

Offered by various organizations

Often focus on specific areas of study

Additional Tips for Success

As a bonus, find some more tips for success in Australia.


Maintain a positive attitude

Be open-minded, embrace new experiences, and don't hesitate to ask for help when needed.

Remember your roots

Stay connected to your Pakistani heritage and celebrate your culture with fellow students.

Seek guidance and support

Utilise university support services, connect with mentors, and build a strong support network of friends and family.

Way Forward

Building lasting friendships and networks as a Pakistani student in Australia requires effort, cultural awareness, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. 

By embracing cultural differences, actively engaging with others, and utilizing available resources, Pakistani students can build meaningful connections, create a supportive network, and enrich their Australian study abroad experience. 

Remember, ACE Money Transfer, with its recent app updates and enhanced features, provides a convenient and secure way to send money online to Pakistan from Australia while you enjoy your adventure. 

Don't hesitate to download the app and experience the ease and security of sending money with ACE. 

Let your journey in Australia be marked by invaluable friendships, expanding networks, and lifelong memories.


How can I overcome cultural differences and build meaningful friendships with Australians?

Embrace cultural exchange: Learn about Australian humor, slang, and social norms to better understand their communication style.

Practice active listening: Pay attention, ask insightful questions, and show genuine interest in their lives and perspectives.

Be patient and open-minded: Building trust and understanding takes time. Be patient with potential communication gaps and celebrate cultural differences.

I'm worried about my English language skills hindering my ability to connect with others. What should I do? 

Embrace language learning: Enroll in courses, find language partners, and utilize online resources to improve your fluency and communication skills.

Seek support: University language centers and Pakistani student associations can offer valuable assistance in language development.

Focus on non-verbal communication: Utilize gestures, facial expressions, and body language to enhance your communication, even if vocabulary is limited.

Where can I find other Pakistani students to connect with and build a community?

Join Pakistani student associations: These organizations offer social events, cultural celebrations, and support networks for Pakistani students.

Utilize online platforms: Facebook groups and online forums dedicated to Pakistani students in Australia can provide valuable connections.

Engage with Pakistani communities: Explore local Pakistani mosques, cultural centers, or restaurants to meet fellow Pakistanis and build a support system.

How can I expand my professional network beyond campus and connect with Australian professionals?

Attend industry events: Participate in conferences, workshops, and networking events relevant to your field to meet professionals and learn about career opportunities.

Utilize online platforms: Get in touch with the working class on LinkedIn and other platforms to expand your network and explore potential collaborations.

Seek internship and volunteer opportunities: These experiences offer valuable work experience, professional network development, and insights into Australian work culture.

How can I stay connected with loved ones and support networks back home in Pakistan?

Utilise technology: Stay connected through video calls, messaging apps, and social media platforms.

Send regular updates: Share your experiences and challenges with your loved ones to maintain close relationships.

Consider sending money back home: Utilize a reliable money transfer service like ACE Money Transfer to support your family and loved ones in Pakistan.

Remember, ACE Money Transfer offers a convenient and secure way to send funds to Pakistan while you study in Australia. Download the app to experience the ease and security of sending money with ACE.

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