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Free 1000 DKK for Gambians in Denmark – Learn How to Win

17 Jul 2023

Over 118,000 Gambians live in other countries, which contributes to the country’s 20% of GDP through remittances when they send money to Gambia from abroad. FY21 recorded $773 million in remittances received in the Gambia which shows massive remittance inflows to the country. Despite huge inflows of foreign reserves, the Gambia is one of the most expensive countries to send money to. ACE Money Transfer is a trusted remittance provider that steps up to enable economic money transfers alongside enticing rewards to support Gambian diasporas residing across the world.


Where the firm ensures low-cost money transfers at the best exchange rates for global Gambian expatriates, it has a special incentive for these overseas workers residing in Denmark. Every Gambian diaspora can get a free DKK 1000 cash bonus without involving any complex procedures or lucky draws. 


This exceptional promotion is active for those who invite their friends to use ACE’s services. Keep reading to learn everything about this fascinating offer and other benefits you can get while using ACE Money Transfer.

Why 1000 DKK Free Offer Matters

To understand the gravity of this offer, let's explore the value of 1000 DKK. 1000 DKK is a substantial sum for anyone, especially in a developing country like the Gambia. This could be the seed money you need to nurture your financial needs or manage your household.


The current offer not only provides you with a cushion against low economic situations. You can win the cash reward multiple times to add to the bonus, making up huge amounts that will help you achieve financial stability. And the process to win the bonus is simple.


The Process to Win a Free DKK 1000 Cash Reward

You don’t have to go through any complex registration processes or lucky draws to win this reward. You simply have to be an existing or new ACE Money Transfer customer to win the prize money. 

Refer your friends to use ACE Money Transfer; every three friends using its services to make successful transactions will lead to a free cash bonus in your account. More friends becoming ACE customers means more cash bonuses for you, as the firm has set no limits for any customers on winning these prizes. It’s the time to enjoy the fruit of your true friendship and unlock the hidden potential that can bring you massive rewards

The friends you refer must send money to Gambia online from Denmark using ACE’s services. It’s essential that at least three of the referred friends must become ACE customers and make successful transactions to let you win the reward.


Eligibility Criteria for Winning Prizes

You cannot deny that everyone loves utilizing deals and discount offers. You get some fantastic bonuses that are made for customers looking for low-fee money transfers to the Gambia. The criteria to fall in the category of winning prizes are illustrated as follows: 


  • The transactions that are sourced from Denmark must contain a minimum amount of up to 1500 DKK 
  • At least three of the referred friends must become ACE customers and make successful transactions. 
  • 1000 DKK bonus is offered only for money transfers from Denmark to the Gambia; hence the referred friends must also transfer money from and to the same corridors. 
  • More converted friends will mean more “1000 DKK” bonus every three conversions. So, you have no limits to winning as much money as you wish. 

What Benefits Do You Get When Using ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer is known for its top-notch services that more than 1.3 million customers trust worldwide. There is a bundle of benefits that you get through this platform, but the most prominent among them are as follows: 


Optimised Security Level for Transfer 

ACE Money Transfer offers the most secure money transfers worldwide. With end-to-end data encryption, the user’s privacy protection is ensured. There is zero risk or space for the scammers to enter the room. Meanwhile, the company's team maintains good security for your safety and convenience. 


Minimum Services Charges 

Whenever someone is concerned about sending money, the first thing that is considerable for expatriate workers is minimum service charges. The firm offers the lowest transfer fee with no hidden charges, so its customers can enjoy the most economical money transfers.


Competitive Currency Exchange Rates 

One of the greatest benefits for overseas workers is getting competitive exchange rates when using ACE Money Transfer. Currency conversion rates decide the amount that your beneficiaries will receive, and ACE ensures that your beneficiaries get the most out of whatever you send them from overseas.


Availability of Multiple Currencies

Customers have the privilege to choose from 28 different currencies across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland to send money home. It adds to the convenience and allows you to avoid any type of hassles typically involved in cross-border money transfers.


Fascinatingly Quick Transactions

If your family needs your help urgently, ACE is the best platform since you can send money home from abroad swiftly, 24/7. You don’t have to visit any physical location; just a few taps on your mobile screen using ACE’s mobile app will allow you to transfer funds back home quickly.


Bottom Line 

ACE Money Transfer’s free 1000 DKK for Gambians in Denmark is openThe maximum facilities provided to the people include the company's assurance of funds, prizes, and a safe online money transfer to Gambia. You don’t need to do any complex procedures; just refer your friends to use ACE Money Transfer and win the fascinating bonus.  


The firm has set no limits to the referrals, so you can win the bonus as many times as you want. It can add significantly to your monthly earnings enhancing your financial stability. You can use the bonus for various purposes and improve your life quality as an expatriate. Besides, you can benefit from the most secure transactions and the lowest transfer fees, which will enable you to save more and have a secure monthly budget.


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