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Finding Housing and Making a Home in a Foreign Country in 2023 as a Pakistani Expat!

08 Jun 2023

As has been observed, Pakistanis are obsessed with relocating overseas. Whether they're educated or not, the majority of the younger generation wants to travel abroad. Given that the graph of open positions is fast declining and that there is an excessive volume of applications in its counter, they may have greater prospects to further their study and develop a career abroad than they have in Pakistan. Secondly, people are more cautious about relocating abroad because of the currency disparity between Pakistan and other nations. People now prefer earning abroad, intending to send money to Pakistan from overseas as financial support back home.

Let’s look at some common challenges that Pakistanis typically face after relocating abroad and the best ways to find a reasonable residence in foreign lands.

Common Challenges of Living Abroad

Living abroad is thrilling, and you should give it a try. You would experience a happy and enthusiastic first few weeks at your new house. But occasionally, no matter how mentally strong you are, you will experience difficulties while living overseas. A few common challenges are explained below that you must be aware of while moving abroad.

The Language Barrier

Among the most frequent issues with moving to another nation is the language barrier. It would be necessary for you to learn a new language, particularly if you were going to a distant continent.

Fitting In

You are attempting to integrate into the complexities of your new culture, lifestyle, and possibly even workplace in addition to settling in. Moving overseas is also frequently accompanied by concerns about fitting in. You must prepare for your new job and actively learn the traditions and customs.

Culture Shock

Depending on where you are living as an ex-pat, culture shock might hit you in different ways. It also has various effects on each individual. It is yet another typical issue with going abroad. If you are from Pakistan and are relocating to the West for the first time, you could find yourself observing how people dress, the climate, the food, etc.

Worrying about Finances

Among the most frequent issues with moving to a different country is also this one. Earning first of all and then sending money abroad to your family becomes overwhelming. Residence, commuting, education, groceries, and all the necessities of life put a financial strain.

If you have moved abroad for study or employment, your ultimate goal will be earning good and supporting your family back home with a quick money transfer to Pakistan whenever needed. To fulfil these goals, you must first settle and have a reasonable residence abroad; following guidelines might help you do it conveniently.

Managing Living in a Foreign Country

If you're moving abroad and plan to stay or live there for a while, you'll need a location to call home. Read through these suggestions and items to take into account if you aren't sure where to begin your search for a rental home abroad.

Step in Early

When renting, don't put off starting your apartment or home search until the last moment. If you're relocating abroad, you should start looking for a rental at least six months in advance of your departure. It will take some time for you to look around and find a spot that you can call home for a while. If you wait until the last minute, you'll be in a hurry before your relocation, which will already be hectic.

Rent vs Buy

Choosing to either rent or buy a house is one of the key choices you'll need to undertake during the international move process. Even if you are permanently relocating abroad and intend to purchase a property, you should initially rent.

Renting a home enables you to explore various living arrangements and locations while also (often) saving some cash for bigger purchases like a house. Renting is preferable to owning because you won't have to worry about making long-term commitments and can quit at any time. 

What if, after moving overseas, you discover that, for whatever reason, that nation isn't the ideal one for you? You can pick up and leave at the end of your lease rather than being confined to a home you've bought in a nation you despise.

While finding a residence, you may also look for ways to transfer funds back home without incurring high costs. Most overseas Pakistanis prefer to make an economical online money transfer to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer since it offers competitive exchange rates and the lowest transfer costs.

Where to Find Residence?

You must start looking online for a rental as soon as possible. There are trustworthy websites that focus on rental properties. Try using a website that looks for owner-managed apartments and houses or vacation home rentals. However, renting a house without visiting it beforehand might be a stressful experience and result in issues with the quality and furniture. 

Look for English-language publications, and either place an advertisement or peruse the rental listings to see what is available. The English language publications are typically available online, which makes it simple to search for potential rental sites on a map in the same window.

If you can visit your prospective host nation before moving, do some research in person while staying in a hotel in the town you want to reside in. Look around for "For Rent" signs. At least one or two advertisements for rental properties are likely to be posted on signboards at grocery stores, bus stops, or any other public location.

Bottom Line – Money Transfer Should Not Be a Stress!

Many Pakistani immigrants look for work possibilities all over the world so they can give their families pleasant lives. Only by making arrangements for a relatively economical lifestyle abroad, which is only achievable after thorough research, can you ensure better financial assistance at home. The preceding example can give you a general idea of the kinds of charges Pakistani expatriates might incur while living abroad.

In addition to the cost of living, you can cut costs elsewhere by using a cheap money transfer service. You can economise on your urgent requirement by using ACE Money Transfer to send money to Pakistan online at the best exchange rates but at the lowest transfer costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key factors a Pakistani expat should consider when looking for housing in a foreign country?

Key factors to consider include understanding local housing regulations, location with respect to amenities and transportation, safety and security, community and culture, housing costs, and the terms of leasing or buying property. It's also helpful to know whether the area is expat-friendly.

How can a Pakistani expat handle cultural differences and integrate into a new community in a foreign country?

Integrating into a new community requires time and openness. Engage with your neighbours, join local community events, and learn about the local traditions and customs. Language learning is also crucial for communication and understanding the culture.

What resources are available for Pakistani expats to help them find housing in a foreign country?

To find housing in a foreign country, there are several online real estate portals and expat forums that can be helpful. Contacting the local Pakistani embassy or consulate may provide additional resources. Also, networking with other expats, particularly those from Pakistan, can provide useful firsthand experiences and recommendations.

How should Pakistani expats prepare financially for moving and living abroad?

To prepare financially for moving abroad, understanding the cost of living in the new country is vital. This includes housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and taxes. Having a financial cushion for unexpected expenses is also recommended.

What are some tips for making a house feel like home for a Pakistani expat in a foreign country?

Personalising the space with familiar items can make a new house feel like home. This could include traditional Pakistani decor, family photos, or favourite books. Cooking traditional Pakistani meals can also bring a sense of comfort. Additionally, staying connected with family and friends back home can help ease the transition.


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