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Exploring The Rich History And Culture Of Europe After Migrating From Zambia

27 Sep 2023

As soon as you land on a foreign land for whatever purpose, the curiosity to explore the history and culture of the host country runs deep. This is what every single migrant experiences when they reach foreign shores. And this is precisely what the people of Zambia experience, who come to foreign countries, including Europe, to find jobs, earn a living and send money to Zambia back home to offer financial support to their families.

The urge to explore the culture and history increases even if you happen to travel to a city you have hardly been to before in your native country. Imagine how it will feel like to go to a foreign country you have only learnt about virtually or indirectly.

Therefore, do you know how excited you would be to explore the EU upon reaching there? And how would you explore the region? 

Let’s delve deeper together to find out! 

A Quick Look At The Number Of Migrants In Europe

  • According to European Union (EU) Statistics on International Migration, about 1.9 million immigrants came to the EU in 2020.
  • This number was 30% less than the number of migrants in the EU in 2019.
  • On January 1st, 2021, 23.7 million people, accounting for 5.3% of the total 447.2 million people residing in the EU, living in the EU were non-EU citizens.

Now, let’s take a look at the EU’s economy. 

The European Union Economy

  • A World Bank report said that the European Union’s nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $17.18 trillion in 2021.
  • Another report by the World Bank said that the nominal GDP per capita income in the EU in 2021 was $38,411.1.

These figures show that the region has a robust economy and thus invites the job-seeking Zambian migrants and others to come to the EU, find work and then support their families back home financially through money transfer to Zambia. 

Let’s now take a look at a few reasons which attract people from developing countries like Zambia to go there for work and jobs. 

What Are The Few Prime Reasons To Go To The European Union?

You can have several reasons for going to the EU, depending on the purpose of your visit, but the following few make their way into the list of your reasons somehow. 

Travelling Across The EU Is Easy

The EU is a cluster of several countries and travelling to all of them is convenient once you arrive there. Indeed, going to one foreign country is a challenge in terms of meeting the conditions and completing documentation. But this is not so in the EU member states. 

Multiple Work Opportunities

With several countries to visit at your disposal, the higher chances you have of getting jobs in different sectors and fields. For example, one country in the EU may offer jobs in the technology sector, but another will accommodate you in the agriculture sector, and so on. 

Cultural Diversity

Several member states of the EU make the region’s culture extremely colourful and vibrant. Every culture has its festivities you participate in and enjoy. And each festivity pleasantly overlaps the other, enabling you to enjoy endlessly. 

Are you interested in learning how to enjoy your weekends in Europe?

Click the following link to learn:

Best Weekend Activities In Europe For Migrants. 

Diversifies Cuisine

The fact that in the EU, representatives of almost all nationalities are present makes its cuisine diverse. You will find each delicacy in the EU that is indigenous to a far-flung country. 

Innumerable Education Opportunities

Your chances to get a quality education – primary, secondary and higher – increase manifold in the EU. You will find primary education free in one country, and in another country a subsidised higher education, etc. 

Since the degrees of all the EU countries have global recognition, your chances, as a Zambian migrant in the EU, increase to find a job in the EU or outside and earn a living to support your family back home through an online money transfer to Zambia.

Let’s now learn about the culture of the European Union. 

Knowing The European Union Culture

Let’s find out the bits of the EU’s culture together! 

  • Socialism is accepted largely across the EU as the region’s political system.
  • Respect for the climate is the norm. it is vital to recycle stuff and reuse, and reduce the use of plastic, etc. Since this habit of recycling is taught at a young age, it is part of the routine.
  • Measurement is done in metres and centimetres rather than in inches and feet. It makes measurement more fun.
  • Temperatures are calculated in Celsius rather than in Fahrenheit. So, if you are used to Fahrenheit, you might get confused at the start a little.
  • The 24-hour clock is used in the EU, and again, if you are used to the 12-hour clock setting, this cultural bit of the EU might land you in confusion.
  • Most Europeans use WhatsApp as their only messaging app despite having several other messaging apps to communicate at their disposal.
  • Drinking alcohol is okay in public across the EU. You will find people around drinking wine, etc., as a norm rather than an exception.
  • Train travel is integral to European culture because it is safe, easy and reliable.
  • People use cycles to move around as a preferred mode of commuting and as part of the region’s culture.
  • Aireal travel is affordable, and borders are meaningless, allowing you to move across the region conveniently.

Knowing these cultural bits about the EU’s culture will help you settle quickly and enjoy it better. 

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What are the key cultural differences between Zambia and Europe?

Zambian culture is steeped in tradition, emphasising community and familial bonds, while European cultures tend to value individualism and have a diverse range of traditions due to the multitude of countries, each with its unique history and customs. 

Why is the history of Europe significant to Zambian migrants?

Understanding the history of Europe is crucial for Zambian migrants as it aids in better integration, fosters mutual respect and understanding, and helps them navigate the societal and cultural landscape of their new homes more effectively. 

How can Zambian migrants maintain their cultural identity while integrating into European societies?

Zambian migrants can maintain their cultural identity by actively participating in Zambian community events, practising their traditions and customs, teaching their children about their heritage, and also by sharing their culture with their new European neighbours. 

What are the challenges faced by Zambians when migrating to Europe?

Zambians migrating to Europe often face legal, social, and economic challenges, including navigating immigration policies, overcoming language barriers, finding employment, and adjusting to new cultural environments. 

How has the migration from Zambia to Europe evolved over the years?

A: Migration from Zambia to Europe has evolved due to changes in global dynamics, economic conditions, and immigration policies. There has been a diversified reason for migration, including, but not limited to, education, employment opportunities, and political stability. 


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