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Best Weekend Activities for Expatriates in Europe

Best Weekend Activities for Expatriates in Europe

16 Sep 2022

Can you measure the fascination of going to a western country to find a job or higher education? In particular, when you hail from a developing country with a struggling economy like Ghana, it is difficult to quantify your excitement for visiting just one country in the West. Owing to rampant poverty and shortage of jobs, the people of developing countries like Ghana go to developed countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc., for better employment opportunities with better wages. These Ghanaian expatriates then send money to Ghana for financial support to the families.

There are many other benefits that you can have, like having a chance to travel, study a different culture, interact with people from diverse backgrounds and make friends, etc. These are the benefits you can have from visiting just one country. Imagine the immensity of benefits of visiting several countries at once!

Europe is one of the regions in the world whose visa allows you to land in one country, followed by your almost free movement across Europe to its several member states. And as stated above, when one country has so much to offer, what package will it be if provided by a bunch of countries – all of them developed?

A brief background about Ghana and the Reason its People Move Overseas

With an inflation rate of around 9.7% and an unemployment rate of 11.9%, the people of Ghana struggle to find jobs and work opportunities to sustain a decent living. Ghana is the world’s 75th largest economy with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $74.26 billion and 72nd with a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of $186.682.

The scarcity of jobs pushes the people of Ghana into poverty, and they try to travel to the European countries in search of employment and find work there, given the thriving economy of Europe. These Ghanaian expatriates earn remittances and send money to Ghana for their families’ financial support.

Where you find work easily in most European countries, you can have innumerable opportunities to entertain yourself on the weekends after long and tiring weeks filled with workload and busy-to-bone schedules. These entertaining avenues multiply as the number of countries increases.

Let’s now look at the European economy to see how it is such an enormous appeal for job-seeking expatriates from low- to middle-income countries like Ghana.

European economy – a cursory look

  • Europe has a nominal GDP of $22.9 trillion
  • It has a $26.7 trillion PPP
  • Its population is 748 million spread across 50 countries 
  • Its GDP growth rate is estimated to be around 2.4%
  • It has a GDP per capita income of $27,330
  • It has an unemployment rate of 10%, which is expected given its size and population
  • 7 of the European countries have a nominal GDP of over 1 trillion USD

An economy this robust, solid and thriving has to generate immense appeal for the people of the developing countries in terms of offering jobs. Several Ghanaians live and work across Europe and regularly send money to Ghana online to support their families back home.

Now, look at some of the best weekend activities you can have across Europe as an expatriate.

Best weekend activities in Europe

When you can have an extended range of entertaining activities while being confined to one country you cannot cover, the number of such activities will increase if you can travel across many countries. Here’s the list of activities you will find entertaining across Europe.

Horse riding in Turkey

The name Cappadocia meaning the land of beautiful horses was given to the city by the Persians due to its wild mountain ponies and breathtaking landscape. It makes it perfect for an extraordinary horseback adventure. Riders of intermediate level and above have up to 6 hours daily in the saddle. Riders can camp every night and dine traditionally.

Long-distance treks in the Balkans

It is a 1,000km walking and cycling trail called the Via Dinarica. It was launched two years ago and ran through Slovenia’s Dinaric Alps in the north to Macedonia through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania.

It offers three options: the high mountain white trail, the green trail (ideal for cyclists) and the blue route along the Dalmatian coast.

Wildlife adventure in Spain

The Iberian Lynx is only founded in two places now. One is the coastal Donana national park south of Seville and the Andujar national park north of Andalucia. You can have plenty of adventure in both parks, from 4*4 safaris and guided hikes.

Visiting these parks will teach you about conservation and allow you to see mouflon wild sheep and Spanish imperial eagles.

Cycling in Romania

Transylvania offers one of Europe’s great wildernesses and fascinating history with ancient forests, high mountains and villages UNESCO has protected. The best part is that life has not changed there much.

A 90-mile cycling trip through this fascinating terrain is a must for you as an expatriate in Europe to relieve the pressure of earning remittances for online money transfers to Ghana to your families.

Sea Kakaking in Estonia

Estonia’s Baltic coast has about 1,500 islands. Many of these Soviet Union used in the 1950s for military testing have now become wildlife havens. Paddling between the islands is a fascinating experience and a unique adventure. Some of the trips also offer Scuba diving. It is about a two-day tour whose refreshments will stay in your mind for a long time.

Mountain hiking in Slovakia 

You will have plenty of mountain hiking opportunities in Europe. Switzerland alone has over 30,000 miles of hiking trails. However, Slovakia’s High Tatra running along Poland’s border, offers scenic walks of over 2,500 meters in about 26km.

Viewing rocky peaks, sparkling lakes, and lush valleys is a feast for your exhausted thigh muscles.

Canyoning in Corsica

The GR20 trail is one of the toughest in Europe. On this French island, you will have an excellent canyoning adventure tailored to your needs. The tour length depends on you, but you can have stay and hotel accommodation facilities available there.

Diving and trekking in Iceland

Iceland offers all an adventure, including wild volcanic landscapes, glaciers and hot springs. You will have an incredible experience underwater while diving between the North American and Eurasian plates in the Silfra fissures.

Road trip in Norway

A road trip in summer in Norway is a fantastic holiday adventure with mountains, fjords, distant villages and quiet coastal roads. The road trip will be about 430 miles long, and your enjoyment increases if you pack a tent and arrange camping along the way.

Ice climbing in Switzerland

In the Swiss Alps, you can have an exhilarating winter adventure in ice climbing and mountaineering. It is an adventure made for those comfortable in the cold. It is better to experience mountaineering, but there is a six-night Ice Climbing Skills option for beginners.
Taking up any of the activities explained above across Europe will relieve you from your tiring routines as professionals. It will rejuvenate you. This will help you work more efficiently and effectively, energising you more to earn better and support your families financially through international money transfers. You can use ACE Money Transfer to make a secure online money transfer to Ghana from any location across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.


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