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Exploring Beyond Borders: Australia's Cultural Guide for Bangladeshi Expatriates

Exploring Beyond Borders: Australia's Cultural Guide for Bangladeshi Expatriates

02 Oct 2023

Are you one of the 51,000+ Bangladeshi living in Australia for better education or work purposes? As an overseas worker, your primary goal might be earning well to send money to Bangladesh from Australia to your loved ones so they can live in peace. This captivating odyssey is an ever-evolving chapter of growth, where differences become bridges and the foreign land becomes a realm of endless possibilities. But do you know that immersing in the new culture is as equally critical for you as finding the best possible methods for your funds transfers?

Australia is one of the most diverse lands in the world. Almost 20% of the total population speaks a language other than English at home. Navigating the cultural amalgamations can be very tiring, but worry not because we’ve got you covered. This cultural guide offers unique insights for Bangladesh expats so they may bridge connections between both worlds and fit in seamlessly while trusting ACE to manage their money transfer to Bangladesh for loved ones.

Navigating the Australian Culture

The following guidelines can help you significantly in understanding the Australian multicultural lifestyle and get accustomed to a new expat life there quickly.

Understanding the "Aussie" Way

A Bangladeshi expat will feel delightful by adapting to the unique Australian way of greeting. Australia is considered the land of mateship. Here, handshakes and warm smiles are very common, but the iconic “G-day” greeting, which is a friendly abbreviation of good-day, is the cultural norm.

It is a laid-back and informal approach to greeting, but the sooner you embrace it, the more you will feel at home.

Mastering the Art of Barbecue

Australia's love affair with barbecues, affectionately known as "Barbies," is a quintessential part of the culture. Indulge in this true Aussie tradition where family and friends gather around sizzling grills to enjoy deliciously overdone meats.

For a twist, bring your culinary flair to the barbecues and introduce your delectable Bangladeshi flavours from home to create a delightful fusion of cultures. Aussies are very welcoming of different cultures, and they will appreciate your contribution.

Embracing the Outdoors and Enjoying Australia's Stunning Natural Beauty

Australia is home to breathtaking natural beauty, which is waiting to be explored. From awe-inspiring coastal landscapes to vast outback terrains, it has everything. Take a break from your expat life and explore diverse outdoor opportunities, such as hiking through lush rainforests, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, or surfing along world-famous beaches. Embrace the vastness of this magnificent land and let the wonders of nature enrich your Australian experience. Remember, ACE works even in the remotest corners of Australia for a quick money transfer from Australia to Bangladesh.

Sporting Fever and Passion for Cricket and Footy

Most Australians don’t just consider sports as regular games; they are a way of life. Cricket and Australian Rules Football, commonly known as "footy," hold a special place in the nation's heart. Take some time out to attend a cricket match at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground or cheer for your favourite footy team at a stadium. This will give you an unforgettable glimpse into the fervent passion Australians have for sports.

Weekend Escapes for Aussies

Weekends in Australia are the perfect time for exploration and adventure. You will be amazed to see how different the Australian infrastructure is from Bangladesh. You can take advantage of the country's well-connected road network to visit iconic destinations.

Go on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road to witness the Twelve Apostles' majestic rock formations. You can also visit the Red Centre to marvel at the breathtaking Uluru, a sacred Aboriginal site steeped in history and spirituality.

Navigating Work and Finance

Employment Culture and Networking Norms

You should keep a proactive approach when seeking professional growth in Australia and exploring the job market. Transform your resume according to local standards and highlight transferable skills while leveraging online job portals to discover opportunities in your field.

Networking is the crucial key to getting noticed in Australia. Attend industry events, seminars, and workshops to connect with professionals who can offer valuable insights and potential job leads to newcomers. Australian workplace is quite diverse, and your background can be your asset in contributing to a thriving multicultural environment.

Remember that better networking and quick adjustment to the Australian multicultural lifestyle will help you work better and earn as you desire. After you start making reasonable amounts, you can send money to Bangladesh online from Australia through ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website, benefitting from the lowest transfer cost and competitive exchange rates.

Building Your Professional Network

Do not consider networking as only a buzzword in Australia; it's a gateway to career advancement. The usual culture is to engage with professional associations, join online forums, and participate in community events to expand the network.

Australians appreciate true friendships, so make an effort to establish genuine connections with coworkers and mentors. As a Bangladeshi expat, your different perspective will improve conversations and collaborations, leading to new chances and personal growth.

Managing Finances and Remittances

Understanding the Australian Banking System

Just like every other expat, you will need to send money to Bangladesh often. So, familiarise yourself with Australia's banking system to manage your finances seamlessly. It is recommended to have a local bank account to access various services and facilitate day-to-day transactions.

Australia's comprehensive financial infrastructure ensures easy accessibility and security, which allows new expats to confidently take control of their finances.

Sending Money to Bangladesh: Reliable Remittance Services from ACE Money Transfer

Staying in touch with loved ones in Bangladesh is a remedy for homesickness. ACE Money Transfer offers a simple method for remittances and guarantees that your assistance reaches your family as soon as possible.

Financial Planning for a Successful Expatriate Life

Living abroad offers great prospects, but you can lose track of your finances in the blink of an eye. Make a budget that accounts for your income and expenses, including housing, utilities, transportation, and recreational activities.

Embrace the Australian way of life while remaining frugal so you do not end up losing all your money. To make the most of your expatriate experience without jeopardising your financial stability, look for discounts, explore economical dining options, and attend free community events. Learn more about the costs of living in Australia for expats here

Final Thoughts

Understanding the Australian way of life is no less than a voyage of growth and discovery. As Australia becomes your home away from home, embrace the wonderful experience of cultural fusion and personal growth.

Trust ACE Money Transfer for secure and convenient financial solutions that will allow you to stay connected with your roots in Bangladesh throughout your journey. Sign up today and enjoy a free online money transfer from Australia to Bangladesh.


How can I honour my Bangladeshi roots while also embracing Australian culture?

Become a part of the Bangladeshi community and attend events to build a synthesis of customs that will enrich your cultural experience.

Are there any Bengali-speaking communities for expatriates in Australia?

Yes, various Bengali-speaking groups in big cities offer a feeling of belonging and support to the expat community.

What popular Bangladeshi delicacies are found in Australia?

Bangladeshi restaurants in Australian cities serve many traditional foods such as biryani and hilsa seafood.

How do I deal with homesickness when living in Australia?

Stay in contact with loved ones via video conversations and engage in Bangladeshi cultural events to foster a sense of belonging.

Are there ways to celebrate Bangladeshi festivals in Australia?

Yes, various Bangladeshi cultural organisations host festivals like Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year) and Eid which brings communities together.

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