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Entertainment Options for Indian Expats in Europe - All You Need to Know

Entertainment Options for Indian Expats in Europe - All You Need to Know

21 Dec 2022

Are you tired of continuous working, monotonous job routines, and just roaming around your workplace in a European country? Don’t worry, as you aren’t alone since millions of other Indians and people from different countries also live as expat workers in Europe like you. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or just looking for something a little more athletic than lounging on the beach all day, we've got you covered. This guide will help you learn about various entertainment options in Europe to make your life abroad exhilarating, alongside guiding you on the best way to send money to India from Europe. Keep reading.

Entertainment Options in Europe – Adventurous Expedition

If you're not the sort to spend your vacation visiting museums or reading, don't worry - Europe has enough to offer the adrenaline seekers out there. There's always a supply of things to do in Europe, from taking an Alpine train in Switzerland to driving down Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way to eating falafel sandwiches in Paris; one lifetime appears insufficient. 

We have compiled a list of the most adventurous entertainment options for expats in Europe that can make long-lasting memories for you.

Canyoning – Not for People with Acrophobia

Have you ever heard of canyoning? It entails abseiling, leaping, and sliding from the top to the bottom of a canyon. Canyoning is not for the faint of heart: you'll have to deal with waterfalls, rapids, and sheer cliffs - all while wearing the appropriate gear and protecting yourself.

Interlaken, Switzerland, is one of Europe's most famous canyoning destinations, with its lofty and narrow valleys. Other excellent locations are Auerklamm in Austria, Verdon in France, and Aosta in Italy. Canyoning vacations span between 2 and 9 days and cost between £338 and £997.

Want to Fly in the Sky? Try Kiteboarding in Spain

Try kiteboarding if you're seeking an intense activity that has it all. Wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skating, and sailing are all incorporated. Tarifa, Spain, has become Europe's kiteboarding and kitesurfing centre, with approximately 300 days of wind and sun per year. Lake Garda in Italy and Leucate in France are other excellent destinations. Kiteboarding costs over £90 per day for groups which is the minimum when you want to venture into the skies.

Environmental Friendly Entertainment - Biking

Europe is incredibly bike-friendly, whether you enjoy peaceful bicycle excursions or rough-terrain mountain riding. Bikes may be leased across the continent, and the largest cities have excellent cycling routes. Explore Amsterdam by bike like the locals. If the urban jungle isn't wild enough, the huge rocky descents of the Alps will satisfy any novice biker.

With these activities, you can improve your physical and mental health to be more productive at your workplace as an Indian expat. Consequently, you can earn better and support your family’s financial needs back home. ACE Money Transfer is there to help you make an instant, economical, and secure online money transfer to India whenever needed.

Let’s continue reading about more entertainment options in Europe that can end your boredom.

Be a Human with Wings Through Paragliding

Paragliding is arguably the closest humans can come to experiencing the sensation of flying like a bird. It's safe, enjoyable, and provides breathtaking panoramic views. It is not considered an extreme activity; many people find paragliding highly soothing in the air. Europe has numerous excellent paragliding locations. Consider Grenoble, France, Huesca, Spain, or Interlaken, Switzerland.

Adrenaline Rush Through the Gushing Waters – Kayaking is your Activity for That!

Kayaking may be as intense as you choose. Kayaking in Europe has something for everyone, from fierce white water to quiet lakes and placid rivers to fascinating coasts. The French Alps have some of the most excellent white water on the continent, but this is one for more experienced kayakers. More peaceful waters may be found in Italy in Lake Garda, or try sea kayaking off the coast of Tuscany on the island of Elba. 


What is a must for your European bucket list? It’s Skydiving!

Nothing like the thrill of leaping out of a plane and freefalling at 120 mph with a parachute sounds entertaining! You'll be spoiled with choice if you want to go skydiving in Europe. There are drop zones all around the continent. Tirol in Austria has stunning mountain vistas, and the picturesque Algarve area in Portugal overlooks the Atlantic. Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Bled, Slovenia is both gorgeous and affordable. This might save you from the need to find a good money transfer service for extra cash for entertainment.

Skiing through the White Serene

Are you looking for an icy location in Europe? You'll be spoiled for options. Europe has some of the most stunning ski resorts in the world, with outstanding snow coverage and services. The obvious choice would be the Alps, but explore lesser-known ski areas such as Bulgaria and Turkey, which are just as good for skiing and considerably less expensive.

Unlock the Sherlock in You by Exploring Escape Rooms

If you prefer a mental challenge to a physical one, consider attending an escape room: a game in which you and your friends must solve riddles to open the door to the room you are in. In Europe, escape rooms are growing increasingly popular. They may be found throughout the continent, mostly in larger cities and certain smaller towns. The Room in Berlin, Sherlocked in Amsterdam, and The Metro in Paris are all notable escape rooms.

But all this entertainment requires funds, even for Indian expats who travel a lot. Travelling may require the need for immense transfer of funds. But what reliable and the authentic source may fulfil that requirement?

After informing you about various entertainment activities in Europe, let’s now quickly learn the best way to send money to India as promised.

What’s the Best Way to Send Money to India?

Among countless options available, it’s never easy to pick up a money transfer method which you can call the best one. Nevertheless, your priorities and requirements can decide which methods suit you best.

If the lowest transfer fees, the highest exchange rates, no hidden costs, fastest and most secure processing are your top priorities, send money to India online via a trusted remittance provider like ACE Money Transfer. You can use ACE Money Transfer’s services blindly to send funds from one place to another in no time, all with the lowest transactional prices and highest exchange rates. So, join now to avail amazing offers through ACE!


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