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Emergency Money Transfers: Sending Help Quickly and Reliably to Ghana from France

08 Mar 2024

If you are worried about making an emergency money transfer from France to Ghana, this blog is for you. The significant distance between you and your family in Ghana might be  worrisome during the hours of need. But now you can make easy, quick, and reliable money transfers to Ghana from France anytime. Distance is no longer an issue because remittance transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer are here to facilitate you.  

Individuals living overseas often face homesickness and feel disconnected from their families. Transferring money to help your family fulfill their needs can remove this distance and maintain the sense of association between you and your relatives. It becomes challenging to be a helping hand for your family because of the time difference and high service charges for transactions. 

But worry not because now you can send money to Ghana quickly. There are many ways of making instant transactions to help your people, such as bank transfers, online transactions, digital wallets, and remittance transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer. The following are the ways to make quick remittance transfers to make your presence in your family visible during an emergency.   

Methods to Make Quick and Reliable Money Transfers

Almost 2.5% of the Ghanaian population is living abroad and looking for ways to make instant money transfers to Ghana. Approximately 2.8  billion people use online payment methods for quick international money transfers. The online method is one of the fastest ways to transfer money. Explore the following ways to send money to your family:

Online Payments   

An online payment method is one of the most convenient ways to make quick money transfers from one country to another. Many online platforms offer online methods to facilitate online transactions. In the case of an emergency at your home, you can make quick transactions within a minute.  

Bank Transfers

You can also make quick money transfers through your bank accounts. Bank usually takes one or two working days to transfer money. Moreover, you can use your bank's mobile application to make convenient transactions. So, you can choose the nearest bank branch or complete an online transaction. Many remittance transfer services also allow you to make transactions through banks.    

Remittance Transfer Companies 

Many remittance transfer companies, like ACE Money Transfer, support instant international transactions. It allows you to send money online to Ghana within a few seconds through an online payment method.  

Debit Card Payments

Making transactions through a debit card or credit is one of the fastest ways of sending money internationally. It just takes a few minutes to transfer money, no matter how far between the countries. You can connect to any remittance transfer service and send payments through your credit or debit card. 

How ACE Money Transfer Facilitates Emergency Money Transfer to Ghana 

As a Ghanaian expat, handling emergencies in Ghana while living in France might be difficult for you. It might be impossible to visit Ghana suddenly, but you can show your presence to your loved ones by providing them with financial aid. Learn how to send Fee-Free Money Transfers to Ghana from France. 


ACE Money Transfer is a client-oriented network that ensures every requirement is filled on time. ACE facilitates emergency transactions in the following ways.

Mobile Application

ACE Money Transfer has introduced its mobile application that supports the fastest and most reliable money transactions to Ghana from France. It offers multiple ways of transferring money, such as through banks, online transactions, and card payments. You can choose a way that suits you the best.  

Reasonable Exchange Rates

Exchange rates matter a lot to send money to Ghana from France. Currency rates keep on changing and may cost you double the amount. In an emergency, tackling high exchange rates and managing financial aid for your family might be challenging. ACE offers reasonable exchange rates so you can make timely transactions without the hassle of high exchange rates. 

Unlimited Transactions

Some companies offer limited transactions, which can cause anxiety for expatriates in the case of an emergency. ACE offers unlimited transactions per day. You can make as many transactions as possible to help your family in Ghana financially. 

Low Service Charges

Service charges can be a barrier while dealing with emergency money transfers. Managing a vast amount to send as an emergency fund to your family might be challenging while handling higher service charges due to considerable distance. ACE Money Transfer allows you to send money at low charges. Also, you can make the first fee-free transaction from France to Ghana.  

Fastest Transaction

ACE is a top-notch remittance transferring company that facilitates the fastest transactions. It hardly takes a day to send money to Ghana through ACE using bank transfers. Whereas if you choose an online medium to transfer money through ACE, it will take only a few minutes.  

No Time Restrictions  

As a Ghanaian expat, you may need more time restrictions to send money online to Ghana from France. You may need to send money at any time of the day, but only a few money transaction services are available 24/7. Banks follow a proper time and day schedule, whereas ACE has no time restrictions. You can transfer money even on Sundays at any part of the day.   


In this era of technology, distance can never be a barrier to sending money to Ghana from France. There are many modern ways of sending remittances. You can choose as per your needs. Many expats use digital wallets, mobile applications, debit and credit cards, and bank transfers to make money transfers. Always look for a way that ensures the fastest yet safest way of transferring money to your desired location.

ACE Money Transfer offers a quick remittance transfer method. It provides a reliable transaction by removing all the obstacles like high exchange rates, high service charges, time restrictions, and limited transactions. You can make emergency transfers through the mobile application of ACE because it supports modern and quick ways of transaction.   

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As a Ghanaian expat, you need not be worried about your homeland. It can be difficult for you to be in Ghana with your family at a time of need, but you can be a helping hand while living in Ghana. Online money transfer methods have made life easier for expats and their families. Now, you can complete transactions from France to Ghana at any time. You can choose a convenient transaction method of your choice. Wire transactions, bank transactions, mobile applications, and digital wallets support on-time money transactions.

ACE Money Transfer provides many facilitates to overcome the financial gap between you and your family. You can send money to Ghana from France in minutes through a few taps on your mobile screen. You may need to send money to your family for various purposes like paying tuition fees, bills, taxes, or providing urgent financial assistance. Delays in deadlines can create huge issues, so choose a method that offers quick and reliable transactions to meet the deadlines of your financial matters.


How do you deal with emergency money transfers to Ghana from France?

Choose a reliable remittance transfer method to send money to Ghana instantly. Online methods are the most convenient, and many remittance transfer services, such as ACE Money Transfer, offer online international transactions.

How does ACE Money Transfer support emergency money transfers to Ghana?

ACE offers a low exchange rate, first fee-free transaction, low-cost service chargers, 24/7 services, and the fastest transaction to Ghana to deal with your emergency funds.

What can be the barriers to instant money transfer to Ghana?

High transaction charges, high exchange rates, limited transactions, and time limitations can hinder sending money from France to Ghana.

What are the new methods of transferring money?

Wire transactions, mobile applications, credit and debit card transactions, digital wallets, remittance transfer services, and online companies are the new methods for transferring money internationally.

How much time is required to send money to Ghana from France?

Depending upon the transaction medium, it usually takes 1-2 working days if you make transactions through a bank. However, if you choose a modern service for online money transfer from France to Ghana, sending money to Ghana from France will take a few minutes or less.

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