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Fee-Free Money Transfers to Ghana from France - Learn How to Make

Fee-Free Money Transfers to Ghana from France - Learn How to Make

24 Nov 2023

Are you tired of losing all your hard-earned money in hefty fees that wire transfers charge? If you are someone who regularly needs to send money from France to Ghana, then you should be extremely wise in choosing the right money transfer firm. Keep reading this blog to learn how you can send remittances to Ghana from France for absolutely free.

All About Remittances to Ghana From France

Remittances to Ghana from France have seen exponential growth in recent years. The growth has been fuelled by the increasing number of Ghanaians relocating to France for better work opportunities. More than a million Ghanaians are living and working abroad to support their families. They send money back home to support their families and contribute to the local economy. Remittances are a regular financial lifeline for many households in Ghana.

Variations in Remittance Amounts

Interestingly, the amounts of remittances vary widely. Some send as little as a few hundred Euros, while others transfer thousands. It often depends on the individual’s economic standing, the size of their family, and the financial needs back home. Some Ghanaians achieve high levels of success in France and can remit substantial amounts.

Challenges in Remittance

Despite the increasing remittances, there remain some challenges. One of the major ones is the high cost of sending money. Some money transfer companies charge high fees, particularly for smaller amounts. This creates a burden for those who can only afford to send small amounts. Efforts are being made globally to reduce these fees and make remittances more affordable. Relatively, online money transfers from France to Ghana are more affordable than traditional bank transfers.

Modes of Sending Money

There are different methods that Ghanaians adopt for sending money back home. Some use traditional methods such as bank transfers, while others use modern methods like online money transfer companies. Some even use informal methods, such as handing cash to a friend or family member who is travelling home. However, the most secure method is to choose a reputable online remittance provider firm, as it is more affordable, convenient, and fast.

Impact on Ghana’s Economy

The remarkable surge in remittances has significantly impacted Ghana’s economy. It has provided a much-needed boost to the economy. According to the World Bank, remittances have outperformed foreign aid in Ghana in terms of volume, as it received 4.7 Billion USD. It has created a reliable source of foreign exchange, helping to stabilise the local currency. Furthermore, the money sent is often used for necessities like food, healthcare, and education, which benefits the community at large.

How to Send Remittances to Ghana for Free?

ACE Money Transfer is a reputable, leading remittance firm that offers top-notch service for transferring funds from France to Ghana. The firm takes immense pride in its attempts to make money transfers back home more affordable. One such attempt is the fee-free service that ACE is offering to its Ghanaian expats in France.

Understanding ACE’s Fee-Free Offer

One feature that sets ACE Money Transfer apart is its affordable service. For the last quarter of 2023, ACE is offering fee-free service for money transfers from France to Ghana. Under this policy, if you decide to send money from France to Ghana, you can smoothly transfer the amount without having to pay any processing fees. This offer was developed to lessen the burden on the users and make the process more cost-effective.

How to Avail Fee-Free Transfers With ACE?

Availing the fee-free service offered by ACE is simple. It can be done effortlessly through the official website or mobile application. After creating an account and verification, you can easily select the destination country (Ghana) and enter the desired transfer amount. The money sent through the ACE platform will reach its destination without incurring any fees.

Implementations of Security Measures by ACE

While ACE Money Transfer offers fee-free transfers, it does not compromise security. The firm utilises top-notch technology to safeguard user transactions. Customer verification, encrypted communications, and secure servers ensure the safety of each transaction you make with ACE.

Benefits of Fee-Free Transfers to Ghana’s Economy

Fee-free money transfers from France to Ghana also give economic benefits by enhancing the value of remittances. The money saved on fees could be used to support the Ghanaian economy, either through direct spending or by investing in local ventures.

Customer Service Excellence at ACE

In addition to its fee-free policy and security measures, ACE Money Transfer is also commended for its exceptional customer service. The customer service team is available to help with any queries or issues related to the transfer.

Making Use of ACE’s Other Features

ACE Money Transfer also offers other features like instant fund transfers, tracking services, and multiple payout options. These features enhance the convenience and reliability of the money transfer process. You can even learn how to send money to Ghana without a bank account through ACE’s blog.

Innovative Approach to Connect Diaspora

By offering a fee-free service, ACE is successfully contributing to Ghana's national development. Through this innovative approach, ACE is encouraging the Ghanaian diaspora to contribute more to their homeland, making a substantial difference financially.

Bottom Line

Remittances play a significant role in Ghana's economy. They provide a lifeline for many families and contribute to the stability of the nation's economy. It is essential to reduce the cost of sending remittances and to provide secure and efficient channels to ensure the continual flow of this important financial resource. That is why ACE is offering a fee-free service for the last quarter of 2023. Sign up on ACE today and send money online to Ghana from France for absolutely free.


How simple is the process to send money through ACE?

It's easy. You have to create an account, enter your destination country and amount along with the details of the recipient and click send. 

How safe is it to send money through ACE Money Transfer?

It is completely safe because ACE uses top-notch technology to ensure the highest level of secure transactions.

Can I apply the fee-free policy to all countries or just Ghana?

The fee-free policy currently applies specifically to transfers from France to Ghana and a few other countries. This offer by ACE does not apply to all countries. 

How often can I send money using the ACE platform?

There is no limit to the number of transactions. However, it is recommended to contact the customer service of your service provider for the amount of the transaction.  

Is the fee-free transfer available for all amounts?

Yes, the fee-free transfer applies to any amount sent from France to Ghana.

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