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Do You Need A Bank Account To Transfer Money To Romania From Italy? Everything You Need To Know

Do You Need A Bank Account To Transfer Money To Romania From Italy? Everything You Need To Know

25 Nov 2022

When you need to send money to Romania quickly to friends or family, using a bank account transfer might be the first option that comes to mind. However, many people don't have a bank account for many reasons.

Fortunately, there are other quick and secure ways to send money to your loved ones. There are numerous simple tools available for sending money. So that you can relax and be sure that your friends and family will receive the money, let's discuss how to send money without a bank account.

Why Do You Need To Send Money To Romania From Italy?

With more than 1.2 million Romanian citizens living in Italy, Romania is the top country of origin for immigrants, according to a study. 24,000 businesses run by Romanians in Italy are also added to that list. According to the most recent data from this source, the movement of people and goods between the two nations is at an all-time high, with Italy accounting for 10.5% of Romania's total foreign trade.

There are more and more reasons why you need to transfer money as the ties between the two nations strengthen. To pay for speciality items as you begin working in Italy, you might need to send money there.

Alternatively, you might need to send money home to help with family costs or with home maintenance. A money transfer service is all you need to complete the task. Utilising quick and dependable money transfer services, you can send money. Your friends and family can all benefit from the close ties that exist between these two nations if you use a reputable money transfer service.

Best Ways To Transfer Money To Romania From Italy

When you make a money transfer to Romania, there are many options, which can be very confusing. Additionally, there is constant fluctuation in the euro to RON exchange rate. To choose the best exchange rate amidst this volatility while giving you access to the best offers and promotions, you should compare money transfer companies.

Money transfer services between Italy and Romania have never been more crucial due to the record-breaking trade figures between the two nations, which involve an increasing number of people and businesses. More people will require dependable means of sending and receiving money for goods, services, and gifts as a result of the improving ties between Italy and Romania.

Money transfers ensure your money gets where you need it on time, without unnecessary fees or delays, whether you need to send money to your partner, buy necessities for family members, or simply wire a gift to a loved one. With the help of ACE Money Transfer, sending money from Romania to Italy is simple.

It's not difficult to send money to Romania online. You can check the most recent exchange rates for Euro (EUR) to Leu (RON) using ACE Money Transfer’s user-friendly mobile app or website. Additionally, you can track your transfer to determine the precise time your payment will be received.

Another crucial aspect to think about is how your family members are given their money. Your preferred delivery method can be chosen using the app. Even though the world is going digital, cash is still occasionally necessary: If your parents or other family members require cash right away, they can pick it up at one of the many ACE locations spread out across Romania.

If you frequently need to send large payments, such as to your spouse, or to cover utilities and other significant costs, you can decide to have your money transferred directly into the recipient's bank account. Additionally, each transfer is assigned a tracking number, or an MTCN, allowing you to track its progress and confirm that it will arrive at its destination promptly.

Staying In Touch More Than Ever

Romania and Italy are already connected to one another by a common language, close proximity to one another geographically, and growing trade. However, the money exchange between the two nations will only become more significant as the upward trend in trade and exchange between Italy and Romania continues to grow. A money transfer service is a good choice for sending money because it offers a dependable, quick way to get your money to the people and locations you need it to.

Best Exchange Rates 

The best time to make your next transfer from Italy to Romania may seem difficult to plan because of how volatile foreign exchange rates are. Another thing that makes things more difficult is the variety of options available to you, including your bank, reputable money transfer organisations, various remittance startups and companies, and multi-currency bank accounts. 

The ideal situation would be if there were an automated way to keep up with the constantly shifting remittance landscape by registering with ACE Money Transfer, which will inform you of the rates, one way to avoid the manual work of searching and comparing providers for your EUR to Romanian Leu money transfers. They put in the effort to make things simple for their clients, which is entirely free.

As many trustworthy companies offer money transfer services, and ACE is the best of them all, it is possible to make an online money transfer to Romania without having a bank account. 

Bottom Line 

Family always comes first, so sending money to Romania with ACE Money Transfer saves you time and money and gives you peace of mind. Upon the transaction's completion, make sure to confirm that your recipient in Romania has received the funds by calling them. Besides the lowest transfer fees and the highest exchange rates, making a secure and quick online money transfer to Romania from Italy through ACE’s remittance solutions brings you several chances of various lucky draws to win exciting prizes. So, switch to ACE and benefit from state-of-the-art technology and matchless services from anywhere across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.


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