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Do You Need A Bank Account To Send Money To Turkey From Overseas?

Do You Need A Bank Account To Send Money To Turkey From Overseas?

22 Nov 2022

When making a money transfer to Turkey from abroad, you might think about just sending money to the recipient's bank account, but many expats don't have bank accounts. The good news is that even without a bank account, you can transfer money to Turkey in one of the quickest, cheapest, and most straightforward ways.

If you're looking for ways to be more liquid so you can transfer money to others quickly, consider consulting a financial advisor. They can also help with your entire financial situation. Let's find out right away how sending money to Turkey from abroad, with or without a bank account, works.

Sending Money to Turkey Made Simple

Most people continue using conventional methods to transfer money like the kerb market. However, advanced digitised solutions have made sending money across borders pretty simple, fast, and secure, followed by numerous benefits. Keep reading to find out the best way to send money to Turkey from abroad.

Turkish Remittances

Turkey is one of the top locations for international money transfers because there are Turks who reside and work in 170 of the world's 193 nations. For Turkish expats who want to send money home to their friends and families, finding a trustworthy and reasonably priced money transfer service is essential to ensuring that their loved ones get the most out of the money sent.

How To Send Money To Turkey?

You can send money to Turkey in several ways, and the one you choose will determine how quickly and how much it will cost you. You could use a high street bank's remittance service, but these can be pricey, meaning that less money will actually reach your friends and family in Turkey when the transfer is made. 

For both the sender and the recipient, it is quicker and more convenient to send money to Turkey using online platforms and apps because they are much cheaper, offer instant transfers, and do not require standing in line. ACE Money Transfer is a faster and less expensive way to send money to Turkey from the UK or any other location. Users can securely and conveniently send money to their loved ones in Turkey by using the user-friendly ACE international money transfer app. 

Turkey is one of the most popular locations for money transfers on the ACE platform, with more than a million users. Thanks to ACE, which enables you to send money directly to credit or debit cards or bank accounts, you now have more choices when it comes to sending money to Turkey. 

Any online money transfer service usually has a straightforward process for making transfers. Here's how to send money to Turkey online:

  • Open a profile. To verify your identity, you must provide information such as your name, phone number, and country of residence.
  • Look for the transfer page. On the home page, search for a button that says "Send Money." You'll reach the money transfer page if you click on it.
  • Complete the transfer details. You must enter the recipient's address, the currency you'll use to send the money, and the delivery method.
  • Include information about the recipient. This information includes the name, address, bank information, and purpose of the payment for the recipient.
  • Verify your chosen payment method. You can send money using a bank transfer, a credit/debit card, or internet banking.
  • The money transfer service will handle the rest after your confirmation of the transfer. The transfer can also be followed up on via email or in-app notifications.

How Much Time Does It Take To Send Money To Turkey?

The time it takes to send money to Turkey will vary based on your choice of service provider, the method you use to send the money, and the method you want your recipient to use to receive it. The company that can send money to your recipient in Turkey the quickest among the top providers is ACE, which can do so in an instant or two. OFX is the company that transfers money to Turkey in the shortest amount of time from Malaysian Ringgit, taking 1-3 days.

If you don't have a bank account, you can transfer money to their branches in Turkey or to branches of specific Turkish banks using online money transfers. All money transfers operate in the same way: for a fee, the service sends money to a specified recipient. 

These services are prompt and useful. You should under no circumstances send money through ACE Money Transfer to anyone you do not know personally. If you adhere to this straightforward rule, all of your transactions will be completely secure.

Bottom Line 

If you have a user account with one of the online money transfer services, you can send and receive money using their website or their iOS and Android apps. Some, however, are simpler to use than others. One of the best and simplest methods for making an online money transfer to Turkey is through ACE international money transfer.


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