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Cost of Living Chronicles: Managing Finances in Italy and Sending Money Back to India

24 Apr 2024

Are you traveling to Italy and wondering how you will manage your finances and how you will send money to India from Italy? As per the Ministry of External Affairs, more than 200 thousand Indians live in Italy. For such expats, remittances serve as a vital link connecting them with their families. However, Indians living in Italy often face challenges in managing finances and supporting their families back in India.

Therefore, to make the best use of your hard-earned money in Italy, you must plan how to manage your finances effectively. This article will walk you through tips on managing your finances in Italy and sending an increased amount to remittance banks in India.

How to Manage Your Finances in Italy as an Indian Expat

The journey for many Indian expats in Italy is driven by the strong desire to support their loved ones back home. Besides the initial obligation to provide family assistance, Indian expats in Italy ensure their earnings are utilized wisely.

This financial responsibility underscores the importance of effective money management. Here are five essential tips to effectively manage your finances and facilitate remittances to India:  

Set a Monthly Budget

Create a monthly budget detailing all your essential expenses, such as groceries, taxes, transportation, and healthcare, and allocate funds for each category. Save the remaining portion for remittances to your family in India. Adhering to this budget will help you manage your finances efficiently and send money online to India from Italy without any difficulty.  

Choose the Remittance Service Provider Wisely

When selecting a reliable remittance provider, compare exchange rates, service fees, and reliability. Verify the authenticity of various companies and opt for efficient services to ensure successful money transfers. Choosing a trustworthy provider like ACE Money Transfer can lead to substantial savings, enhancing the value of your earnings.  

Plan Transactions Timely  

Effectively plan your remittance to avoid extra charges on public holidays and transaction limitations. In this case, ACE Money Transfer ensures timely transactions at consistent rates, even on public holidays. ACE enables you to send money to India efficiently, particularly for emergencies.       

Utilise Online Exchange Rates

Choose a competitive exchange rate wisely, as it can significantly impact your remittance amount. Opting for fair rates ensures your family in India receives the maximum value of your transferred funds. Regularly monitor exchange rates and utilize online platforms for better rates. 

Stay Updated on Tax Implications

For Indian expats in Italy, navigating international taxation complexities beyond earning and sending money is crucial. Being tax-savvy can maximize earnings, prevent financial strain, and secure your family's future.

Therefore, always consider the tax implications of your remittances in India and Italy. Moreover, stay informed about tax policies, as changes can impact your remittance amounts.

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How to Send Remittance Back to India From Italy

Effective remittance management can enhance your earnings and support your loved ones. Despite the financial hurdles of overseas life in Italy, you must frequently make remittances back home.

Here are three valuable tips to maximize your remittance and ensure that your hard work abroad translates into meaningful financial support for your family.  

Keep an Eye on Promotional Campaigns

Some reputable remittance service providers run time-bound campaigns, offering advantages such as fee-free transfers and entry into lucky draws for exciting prizes like cars, bikes, and phones. However, remember that not all money transfer providers offer such unique benefits. So, look for those providing such promotional campaigns.

Make Investments    

In addition to sending money to India, exploring investment opportunities in Italy can increase your remittance. The country's strong economy and well-informed investments are key to long-term financial success in supporting your family by money transfer from Italy to India and securing your future.

Therefore, consider investing in reputable businesses that can double your money effortlessly. You can also utilize the profits for remittances or future savings to create a sustainable financial strategy.    

Always Avoid Mark-Ups and Hidden Fees

When sending remittances to India, always choose a company with transparent fee structures, as some providers impose hidden fees. These fees are often undisclosed until you initiate the transaction, leading to significant deductions.

Additionally, watch for markups that can reduce the intended amount sent. These tips will help maximize your remittance earnings and simplify your life.    

Look for Financial Planning Services and Track Your Finances

Utilize financial planning services tailored to Indian expatriates in Italy. Seek personalized guidance to secure your family's financial future by engaging with expert advice tailored to your unique circumstances. This proactive approach will ensure the well-being and financial security of your loved ones.

Additionally, you should leverage technology for efficient financial tracking when going abroad. Integrating technology into your financial management ensures that your family's requirements and financial goals are met effectively and concurrently.   

Look for Remote Opportunities

Expanding your income streams is crucial when you're abroad and have to support your family back home. In today's digital landscape, remote work opportunities are abundant and accessible. So, enhance your skills to tap into the remote job market to make an increased online money transfer from Italy to India.

Moreover, cultivating a strong social network is also key for professional growth. You can find avenues for career growth, partnerships, and mentorship by networking. This will also pave the way for financial progress and expand your opportunities for income growth.      

Have a Perfect Balance With ACE Money Transfer     

Indian expatriates usually seek dependable ways to send remittances to India to fulfill their financial responsibilities. To augment these remittances while residing in Italy, consider diversifying your income through part-time or remote employment opportunities. This strategy will enable you to provide greater support to your family.

Moreover, as an Indian expatriate, choosing a reliable remittance provider holds immense importance in managing your financial responsibilities in Italy. Therefore, to have a seamless experience, explore secure and efficient online money transfer service providers for timely and valuable transactions with your loved ones.

ACE Money Transfer provides a holistic remittance solution with features like speed, safety, and 24/7 service access spread across 100 countries and 375,000 payout locations. Utilise ACE to seamlessly send money online to India from Italy and enjoy the convenience of multiple beneficial features.  


How do I make the most of my remittances in Italy?

You can maximize remittances by seeking diverse income sources, exploring investment opportunities, and strategic financial planning for a secure future for your family in India.

How can I stay informed about tax regulations in both India and Italy?   

Stay informed about tax laws in India and Italy through regular updates from trusted financial sources and authorities.

What investment opportunities are available for Indian expatriates in Italy?

Explore investment opportunities in Italy's robust economy and consider investments in reputable businesses for potential financial growth.

How can I find a reliable remittance service provider with better and lower exchange rates?  

Find a reliable remittance provider by comparing exchange rates, fees, and transparency to maximize the value of your transfers.

What steps can I take to prepare for economic uncertainty and financial crises while living in Italy?

Prepare for economic uncertainty in Italy by creating an emergency fund, diversifying income streams, and staying informed about financial planning and management strategies.


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