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Managing Your Finances as an Overseas Pakistani During Times of Crisis: Tips for Economic Uncertainty

18 Jan 2024

Managing your funds in a crisis as a Pakistani living abroad may be quite difficult. Uncertainty may lead to tension and worry, regardless of whether it is a worldwide epidemic, a recession, or political instability. However, you may easily get through these trying times with careful preparation and wise money management. Sending money home to Pakistan is one of the most significant components of managing your finances. In this article, let's go over some advice on managing your funds in difficult times and sending money to Pakistan.

Opening a bank account in Pakistan

Maintaining a bank account in Pakistan is one of the most important things an abroad Pakistani can do to manage their finances. This will make it simple for you to send and receive money from Pakistan, as well as pay your bills and shop throughout the country. Additionally, having a bank account in Pakistan gives you access to local resources for handling finances during emergencies, which can be helpful.

There are several types of bank accounts accessible in Pakistan, including:

Current Account

A current account is a type of bank account that enables unlimited deposits and withdrawals. This sort of account is appropriate for companies or people who want regular money access.

Savings Account

An interest-bearing bank account is what is known as a savings account. The best kind of account for people who wish to put money away for the future is one like this.

Account for Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit account offers greater interest rates than a savings account. 

To open a Bank Account in Pakistan

In Pakistan, opening a bank account is a simple procedure. The following documentation is required to create a bank account:

  1. Passport in good standing or a National Identity Card
  2. Evidence of residency, such as a rent agreement or utility bill
  3. Amount of the initial deposit (varies per bank)

Utilise services for online money transfers

Online banking and money transfer to Pakistan services have grown in popularity and convenience for Pakistanis living abroad as a result of technological advancements. These services make it simple to transfer money to and from Pakistan without having to go to a bank or money transfer location in person. This can help you save time and money and lessen the chance of theft or loss.

ACE Money Transfer provides secure and quick international money transfer services worldwide. People can send and receive money to Pakistan easily because of the company's extensive network of partners and agents in different nations worldwide.

Security and Safety

Security and safety should be the priority when selecting an online money transfer to send money to Pakistan. You must verify that the platform you select has strong security measures in place to safeguard your personal data and financial information. Ace Money Transfer offers two-factor authentication in addition to using cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard clients' financial information.

Exchange rates and costs

The costs charged by the online money transfer operator are yet another important issue to take into account. When compared to conventional banks and other money transfer companies, Ace Money Transfer provides reasonable costs and favorable exchange rates. To be sure you're getting the greatest price, check costs and exchange rates with different service providers.

Avoiding Fraud and Scams

Last but not least, you must be cautious of fraud and scams while selecting an online money transfer option. Always ensure you're utilizing a trusted and authorized site, such as ACE  Money Transfer. Be skeptical of calls, emails, or messages that ask you for personal or financial information without your consent.

Invest in Pakistan

An effective approach to diversify your portfolio and maybe generate income is by making investments in Pakistan. Pakistanis living abroad have a variety of possibilities, including mutual funds, equities, and real estate. To reduce the risk of financial loss, conducting thorough research and getting expert counsel before investing is important.

Create an emergency fund

A savings account designated for unanticipated expenditures or crises is known as an emergency fund. Things like job loss, medical costs, or house maintenance may fall under this category. You may better manage your finances in times of need by setting up an emergency fund, which can keep you from incurring high-interest debt or having to pull money out of long-term assets.

Budget plans and tracking

You can better manage your finances and prevent overspending by making a budget and keeping track of your expenses. This is important since income and spending might change during unpredictable economic times. To keep track of your spending and find places where you may minimize expenditures, think about using apps and budgeting tools.

Seek out expert guidance

Being a Pakistani living abroad may make managing your finances difficult and difficult, particularly in times of crisis. Think about getting expert guidance from a tax specialist, accountant, or financial advisor. They can assist you in navigating the difficulties of handling your money, reducing your tax obligations, and maximizing investment results.

Be ready to act in an emergency

Anytime an emergency arises, being prepared might help you avoid suffering financially. This entails putting plans in place to deal with unforeseen costs as well as insurance for your house, car, and health. A power of attorney should also be in place if you become ill or experience another circumstance preventing you from managing your finances. Having savings to send money online to Pakistan to your loved ones and families.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it takes proper planning and preparation to manage your finances as a Pakistani living abroad during difficult times. keeping a bank account in Pakistan, utilizing online banking and money transfer services, thinking about investing there, keeping an eye on exchange rates, setting up an emergency fund, tracking spending, getting expert guidance, and being ready for crises.


What steps can Overseas Pakistanis take to prepare for economic uncertainty and financial crises while living abroad?

Start by building an emergency fund that can cover at least three to six months of living expenses. Diversify your investments to reduce risk and consider allocating a portion of your savings to assets like gold or foreign currencies, which can act as a hedge during crises.

How can Overseas Pakistanis protect their investments and assets during economic downturns or crises?

Regularly monitor your investment portfolio and consider reallocating assets based on changing economic conditions. Consult with a financial advisor to ensure your investments align with your long-term financial goals. Diversifying across different asset classes can help mitigate risks.

What are some strategies for reducing expenses and maintaining a stable financial situation during tough economic times?

Create a budget to track income and expenses, and look for areas where you can cut discretionary spending. Consider refinancing high-interest debt to lower monthly payments, and explore opportunities to increase income through part-time work or freelancing.

Are there specific financial products or services that Overseas Pakistanis should consider to protect against financial instability during crises?

Insurance products, such as health and income protection insurance, can provide a safety net during emergencies. Additionally, consider setting up a power of attorney or designating a trusted family member in Pakistan to manage your finances if needed during a crisis.

How can Overseas Pakistanis stay informed about the economic situation in Pakistan and abroad to make informed financial decisions?

Stay updated through reputable financial news sources and consider joining expat communities or forums where you can exchange information and experiences with others facing similar challenges. Engaging with local banks and financial institutions can also provide insights into financial options and currency exchange strategies.

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