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Choosing the Right Remittance Services for Ghanaian Expats in the UK

29 May 2024

Did you know that the UK hosts a vibrant community of 9.5 million expats from around the globe?

Ghanaians also make up a large portion of that community. They work in different sectors and frequently send money to Ghana to support their loved ones back home. However, in this digital age, most Ghanaian expats need clarification regarding the choice of remittance provider. Keep reading this blog to learn how to choose the exemplary remittance service to ensure a smooth and convenient transfer back home.

Understanding Your Remittance Needs

There is a plethora of options when it comes to remittance providers. But before choosing the one, you should know what matters the most to you when sending funds back home.

Speed of Transfer

Time is often of great essence. Whether you're supporting a family in an emergency or just ensuring timely bill payment, how quickly your funds reach Ghana can make all the difference.

Fees and Exchange Rates

The less you spend on transaction fees and the more favorable the exchange rate, the more money ends up in the pockets of your loved ones. This is non-negotiable, and you should only choose the provider that gives you market-competitive exchange rates.

Convenience and Access

In our fast-paced lives, the ease of sending money and the ability of your family back in Ghana to access it with minimal hassle is the most important

Reliability and Security

You want peace of mind knowing your money is sailing on secure channels, arriving safely at its intended port. You don’t want to get into online scams and frauds and lose all your hard-earned money.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Right Remittance Service

In a world where digital services are essential, the traditional methods of sending remittances are being rapidly overtaken by innovative online solutions. Among these, one service has all the vital features to stand out for Ghanaian expats: ACE Money Transfer. Considering all the important points, it is now time to choose the one service that offers it all.

Why ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer is the leading remittance-sending service with millions of users globally. ACE offers the reliability that every expat looks for when they wish to online money transfer to Ghana.

Quick and Transparent Transactions

Speed and transparency are where ACE truly excels. Transactions are swift, and you’re kept in the loop at every step. No more sleepless nights wondering if your money has reached its destination.

Favorable Rates and Low Fees

ACE understands the value of your hard-earned money. It offers competitive exchange rates and low fees to ensure the maximum amount reaches your family in Ghana.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

With ACE, be rest assured that convenience will be your bestfriend. The user-friendly online platform and mobile app mean you can send money from anywhere at any time. Your family back home in Ghana can receive the funds through various accessible options, making their lives easier.

Customer Service That Cares

In the unlikely event you hit a snag, ACE’s customer service is there to help you at any time. ACE understands the emotional and financial stakes involved and works diligently to resolve any issues.

Exploring Other Avenues

While ACE Money Transfer stands out, it’s wise to have a broad horizon and explore other options. Depending on your specific needs, other services might have particular features that appeal to you.

Direct Bank Transfers

Direct bank transfers might be a go-to for some, especially if high transfer limits are a priority. However, be mindful of the speed of transfer and exchange rates, which can vary. Moreover, bank transfers cost high transaction fees, even for a simple send money to Ghana from UK.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are gaining popularity because of their ease of access and convenience offer immediate transfers and are incredibly user-friendly. However, ensure your recipient in Ghana has access to the necessary technology because otherwise, it will be useless.

Traditional Money Transfer Services

These services, with their physical offices, might offer a sense of familiarity. They can be helpful if your recipients prefer to pick up cash in person. Yet, this comfort might come at the cost of higher fees and slower transfer times. Traditional money transfer services can sometimes take weeks or months to deliver the funds.

To ensure that every penny you send carries your love and care, it is essential to choose your provider smartly. In this journey, ACE Money Transfer can help you with all the necessary features, including favorable rates, stellar security, and unrivaled convenience. Explore, compare, and most importantly, choose a service that resonates with your unique needs and those of your family in Ghana. You need to ensure that the hard-earned money doesn’t just reach your loved ones in Ghana and does so with speed, security, and a smile. Sign up on ACE Money Transfer today to enjoy your first free money transfer to Ghana.


Can I track my transfer in real-time with ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer provides real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor your transaction from initiation to completion.

Are there daily or monthly limits on how much money I can send to Ghana?

Limits can vary based on your chosen service and your transaction history.

How do exchange rates offered by remittance services compare to bank rates?

Remittance services often offer more competitive rates than banks, as they negotiate bulk rates and pass the savings on to customers.

Is sending money from the UK to Ghana using a mobile app possible?

Yes, many remittance services, including ACE Money Transfer, offer user-friendly mobile apps that let you send money on the go.

How do I choose between a cash pickup and a bank deposit when sending money to Ghana?

Consider the recipient's convenience and accessibility. Cash pickups are instant but require travel, while bank deposits might need a waiting period but offer direct access to funds.

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