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Bridging Distances: ACE Money Transfer Now Serving South African Expatriates

27 Sep 2023

ACE Money Transfer has been a reputable entity in the realm of international money transfers, connecting lives and fostering happiness across borders. It has effectively been the bridge between various countries, allowing people to send and receive money with ease and security. It’s good news for over 2 million South African diasporas and expatriates that you can now send money to South Africa via ACE Money Transfer as the company has launched its services there recently. Let’s help you learn how you can benefit from the top-notch services of ACE Money Transfer by joining the family of existing 1.3+ million satisfied customers of the company. 

ACE Money Transfer’s Journey Expanding to South Africa

South Africa, with its vibrant and diverse populace, has a considerable number of its citizens working abroad. ACE recognises the need to serve this demographic by facilitating smooth financial transactions between them and their families back home.

South Africa typically receives $11 - $13 billion annually in remittances on average, which makes up almost 4% of its total GDP. The total number of its migrants has consistently increased during the past few years, reaching over 2 million residing across 30+ countries worldwide.

ACE Money Transfer is known for its global expansion and for making its services readily accessible for global expatriates. The company has already been serving expatriates from low-to-middle-income countries settled across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and Scandinavian countries. Enabling its services for South African diasporas will surely help them benefit from seamless remittances at competitive exchange rates, low transfer costs, security, speed, and convenience.

The Rationale Behind Serving South African Expatriates

The decision to cater to South African expatriates is driven by the understanding of the crucial role remittances play in the economy and the well-being of the families of expatriates. It’s about empowering people by making financial services accessible and efficient.

Impact on South African Expatriates

This expansion is set to alleviate the financial strains experienced by South African expatriates. The convenience and reliability of ACE's services will provide a sense of financial security and closeness despite the physical distance. Making a quick and secure money transfer to South Africa from abroad is no longer a problem when ACE Money Transfer is there to serve.

How ACE Money Transfer Works

ACE has streamlined the process of sending money, focusing on user-friendliness and simplicity. Let’s give you a brief overview of how ACE Money Transfer works to foster streamlined, secure, fast, convenient, and economical money transfers.

Creating an Account

It starts with creating an account on their platform, a process designed to be swift and hassle-free, requiring minimal information and ensuring user privacy and data security.

Sending Money

Once the account is set up, users can send money through various payment methods, ensuring flexibility and convenience. The system intuitively guides users through each step, making the experience smooth and pleasant.

Receiving Money

Receiving money through ACE is just as easy and can be done through direct bank deposits in all commercial banks of South Africa, catering to the different preferences and needs of the recipients.

Fees and Exchange Rates

The new customers are welcomed with a Fee-Free money transfer by the company. As it has recently launched its services in South Africa, millions of South African expats can send money without incurring any fees from abroad. ACE boasts competitive fees and favourable exchange rates, ensuring users get value for their money. Transparency is paramount, with all fees and rates clearly stated, avoiding any unexpected surprises.

Benefits of Using ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is one of the top remittance providers renowned for benefitting customers through every possible means. Let’s give you an overview of the key benefits you get when you send money to South Africa online via ACE’s mobile app or website.

Speed and Convenience

In a world driven by the need for instant gratification, ACE promises quick transactions and various options for sending and receiving money, making it the go-to service for many.

Security and Trust

With robust security protocols and a steadfast commitment to user trust, ACE ensures all transactions are secure, and all user information is safeguarded, building a foundation of reliability and trust with its users.

Customer Service

ACE prioritises customer satisfaction with a dedicated customer service team ready to assist and resolve any issues, reinforcing its commitment to creating positive experiences for its users.

Background of ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer, established in the early 2000s, has steadfastly grown into a reliable and widespread service recognised for its swift and secure transactions. ACE's commitment is to create meaningful connections between people separated by geographical distances through its convenient financial services.

ACE’s Global Reach

Having penetrated various markets, ACE provides an extensive network of more than 375,000 payout partner locations spread across 100+ countries worldwide, connecting millions globally, ensuring everyone can access their services, and now it’s extending its expertise to South African Expatriates.

Join the ACE Family and Start Sending Your Love to South Africa from Overseas

ACE Money Transfer’s expansion to serve South African expatriates is not just about transferring money; it's about bridging distances and bringing families closer. It is about creating a world where geographical boundaries do not hinder love, support, and connection. With its user-friendly, secure, and swift services to make an instant online money transfer to South Africa from overseas, ACE is set to transform the financial landscape for South Africans abroad, creating a ripple of positive impact.


Is ACE Money Transfer available in other countries besides South Africa?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer serves several countries globally. You can send money from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and Scandinavian countries to more than 100 remittance-receiving countries.

How secure is using ACE Money Transfer for sending money?

ACE employs robust security measures to ensure the security of transactions and user information. It’s an FCA-regulated remittance provider that processes payments through end-to-end data encryption and keeps users’ privacy and information completely secure.

Are there hidden fees when using ACE for money transfers?

No, ACE values transparency, and all fees are clearly stated before completing a transaction. You can check the transfer costs and live exchange rates on its website and mobile app when creating a global money transfer.

How quick are the transactions through ACE Money Transfer?

ACE typically offers speedy transactions, with many being completed within hours. It’s recommended to check the transfer time based on your destination and the recipient country before you initiate a transaction since transfer times vary depending on the region.

Can money be received in different currencies through ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE provides options for receiving money in various currencies depending on the recipient's location and preference.

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