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From the Philippines to Beyond: Travel Tips for Filipino Nationals in the UK

15 May 2024

A Pilot Guide report puts the number of Filipino migrants working abroad at around 10 million, accounting for around 10% of the country’s total population. Some of them live and work in the UK. They earn a living by managing their expenses and send money online to Philippines from UK. The reason is that they have to support their families financially back home.

The financial contribution of the Filipino diaspora to the country’s economy is significant, with inward remittances reaching $38.05 billion in 2022.

The robust economy of the UK appeals to Filipinos enormously.

But do you know all the essential tips for traveling to the UK?

Let’s begin to know the details and optimize benefits!

Essential Tips to Travel to the United Kingdom from the Philippines

Do you know that apart from your passport, visa and all other essential documents, what else stands between you in the Philippines and your dream trip to the United Kingdom?

Well, it is only a 15-hour long flight!

No… If you have all the essential documents with you, worry not; nothing can stop you from reaching the UK.

But the question is: Do you know about all the requirements, visa types and documents to travel to the UK?

Well, chances are… You might need to know a little bit more than you already do!

Slip, however, your sight through the following – carefully.

Identify the Correct Visa Type

Before embarking on the journey, the first step is to identify what visa type you need. Remember that types of visas differ from each other and have different documents and processing requirements.

For example, the requirements of a work visa to earn a living and send money to Philippines from UK will be different from a standard short-term visa.

Generally, to qualify for a UK work visa, which is a Tier 2 (General Work Visa), you must meet the following few conditions:

·       Work for a UK employer approved by the UK Home Office

·       Have a ‘Certificate of Sponsorship’ (CoS) issued by your employer with details of the role you have been offered in the UK

·       Do a job that is listed as an eligible occupation

·       Be paid the minimum salary whose quantum is subject to your work type and the date on receiving your CoS

Fill Out and Complete the Virtual Application Form

After you have determined the correct visa type, you need to visit the official website to find the online application form and then have to fill in the application form. But remember that it is a long and tedious process warranting your full attention.

Make sure not to miss out on any area when filling in the details, and be meticulous about the process.

Book an Appointment for Your Visa Processing at the Designated Centre

The next step is to choose the correct date to book an appointment at the designated center to process your visa. Prepare thoroughly for your appointment and carry all your documents with you.

You will also be required to pay fees, the amount of which varies from case to case, depending on your visa and application type.

Get and Prepare All Your Essential Documents

After this comes the preparation of all your documents; make sure to prepare all the essential documents you need. You should also keep some additional documents ready and prepared along with the vital records.

Some of the most common documents include:

·       Current passport that is valid for 6 months from the intended travel date

·       Your passport must have two pages for arrival and departure stamps

·       Previous passports for travel history (if any)

·       Photocopies of the front and back of the current and previous visas

·       Bio page of the current visa

·       Valid and expired visas

·       Proof of income

·       Employment certificate

·       Income tax return

·       Proof of your financial capacity and health

·       Bank certificate

·       Employee contract

·       Payslips of the last 6 months

·       Sample itinerary

Prepare for the Appointment Day to Submit Documents

Gather all the documents listed above and prepare for your biometric verification on the day of your appointment. Remember to carry other documents that can augment your case and application.

After submitting the documents, you will be informed of the status of your application.

Considering your application has been accepted, you need to book your flight and arrive in the UK!

Before you move around in the UK, after the entire process explained above, learn to make a living in the UK as an expatriate and then carry on.

Now comes the next phase, in which you have to move around in the UK to explore the country. After all, are you not interested in learning more about the UK from the Philippines by moving around?

Well, you indeed are!

But how do you move around? What options are best for you for this purpose?

Never forget that you are there to earn a living to offer financial support back home through your every money transfer from UK to Philippines. So, find cost-effective commuting options to explore the UK.

What are the most common cost-effective means of commuting to explore the UK?

As mentioned earlier, you can find many commuting options in the UK after you arrive there. You can even drive your car, but remember that it may offer you convenience yet will not be cost-effective. Therefore, consider the following two commuting options in the UK.

Consider Moving Around in Train in the UK

The UK’s national rail service is the best, so use it! Trains in England can take you anywhere in the country. But make sure to book your train well in advance as bookings near the departure date are expensive.

Follow travel etiquette, avoid eye contact, and hold your tickets so that people do not wait behind you. And yes, do not forget the food to enjoy your train ride optimally.

Get Your Oyster Card Well in Advance

An Oyster card is a smart card that you can use to commute through trams, buses, tubes, and so on. To avoid long waits and queues, get a prepaid Oyster card. It also allows you to add more money as you travel more.

Getting an Oyster card is considered the best way to move around the UK and explore the country hassle-free and cost-effectively.

Seek ACE Money Transfer’s Help for Cost-Effective Online Money Transfers Back to The Philippines

If you choose ACE Money Transfer to send money to Philippines from UK you will get several financial benefits.

While you can save money by living a financially simple life in the UK, the firm helps you save on online money transfers. They offer live and market-competitive currency exchange rates and swift and safe delivery of funds conveniently.

Furthermore, the fee you have to pay is low to the extent of being negligible and can be easily compensated for by the live and market-competitive currency exchange rates. The company offers these exchange rates through every online money transfer back to the Philippines from the UK.


What do I have to know before traveling to the UK?

You need to know how to prepare a packing checklist, schedule a trip itinerary wisely, book in advance and search for accommodation online before traveling. You can visit free attractions, plan to stay in central London, save money when and where possible, and so on.

What critical steps must I take to travel to the UK?

The essential steps you have to take for traveling to the UK are to find the correct visa type you need, as there are several visa types you can apply for, fill in the online application form and book an appointment for your visa at the designated center. You can also collect all the essential documents, verify them, submit them at the center and await a response.

What documents do I need to travel to the UK from the Philippines?

The documents you need to travel to the UK from the Philippines are your valid passport with two pages for arrival and departure stamps, previous passports for travel history, income tax returns, and bank statements. It also includes an employment certificate, appointment letter, payslips for the past six months, proof of financial health and capacity to bear your expenses.

How can I move around in the UK cost-effectively to explore the country?

The best way to explore the UK is to travel by train and use the Oyster card. But you must book an appointment well in advance, as the rates go up near the departure dates. You must also follow travel etiquette, take your food on the train to enjoy the ride, and so on.

What is the most cost-effective way to transfer funds online?

The most cost-effective way to transfer funds to the Philippines from the UK is to choose ACE Money Transfer’s online remittance transfer services. The firm offers live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, delivers funds swiftly and with optimal safety and charges a low fee. This fee is only a tiny percentage of the amount being transferred.

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