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Enhancing Customer Experience for Remittances to the Philippines from the UK

15 May 2024

In 2022, remittances to the Philippines comprised 8.9% of the country's GDP. This inflow of money plays a vital role in supporting the country's economic stability and progress. Sending money home to loved ones is essential for expats, but dealing with the challenges of international money transfers can be overwhelming.

Forget the confusion and frustration; it's time for a remittance revolution. With ACE Money Transfer, you can now send money to Philippines from UK in the blink of an eye. At ACE Money Transfer, we make sure that you can send money to your loved ones with love and transparency. Continue reading to learn how to have a good time with ACE while making money transfers. 

Priorities for Superior Customer Experience

Regarding different ways to send money to your loved ones, Filipino communities in the UK deserve the best customer experience. ACE is here to save your day. Here's how we are making a difference from the other money transfer service providers:

Services Customized for Every Need

We understand that everyone has their preferences. For those who prefer traditional methods, we offer bank deposits partnered with central Philippine banks. We also provide cash pick-up options at different locations across the Philippines. You can also make mobile transfers through ACE Money Transfer mobile app. 

No Hidden Fees

We do not have any hidden costs, as we understand that trust is the most important thing. We provide a clear breakdown of all fees and exchange rates upfront so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Run Special Promotions and Campaigns

We actively run special promotions and campaigns. We offer a range of rewards, such as exclusive discounts, prizes, and free trials, to enhance your experience with our service. 

Supporting the Digital Age

Filipinos in the UK love technology. For this, we offer a user-friendly online platform that allows you to make instant online money transfers from UK to Philippines within a few clicks.

We also have a mobile app for sending money online on the go. This helps you quickly make transfers in your busy schedules. It also allows real-time tracking of your transfers, offering peace of mind.

Multiple Delivery Options

We understand convenience matters for your recipient, too. Choose between sending money directly to a bank account in the Philippines or for cash pick-up at a convenient location nationwide. We provide it all. 

Security, You Can Trust!

Your privacy is our priority. We have top-notch security measures to protect your transactions and data. Our data protection protocols guarantee your information is safe and secure.

Understanding the Filipino Community in the UK

The Filipino community in the UK is a vibrant and growing population, estimated to be around 200,000 strong. Many Filipinos come to the UK to seek a chance to build a brighter future for themselves and their families back home. They not only serve the UK but also serve their motherland by sending their hard-earned money home.  

The Importance of Remittances

For many Filipinos living and working in the UK, money transfers to home are not just an option they can choose from. It is an essential part of their lives. These remittances are a lifeline for families in the Philippines.

They help cover everything from necessities like food and education to healthcare and even start small businesses. They contribute to the Philippine economy, making up a substantial portion of its GDP.

Challenges Faced by Existing Customers

Making a money transfer from UK to Philippines can be frustrating based on your choices. Here are some of the common challenges faced by Filipinos:

  • Convenience
  • Transparency 
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Security Concerns

How to Choose the Best Money Transfer Service?

Here are some essential factors to keep in mind when selecting a money transfer service for transferring money from the UK to the Philippines:

Cost and Speed

Seek out providers that offer favorable exchange rates with minimal additional charges. Some may have set charges, while others offer a fee based on a percentage.

Take into account how fast you need to deliver the money. Different services have varying delivery times, with some offering same-day delivery and others taking a few business days.

Look for Ease of Use

Select a service that offers a variety of payment options to fulfill your needs, such as bank transfer, debit card, credit card, or mobile wallet. The service should also offer a convenient online platform or mobile app for easy money transfers and effortless tracking.

Choose a Verified Service

Verify if a well-established financial authority regulates the service. Check out online reviews to gain insight into other users' experiences.

What Sets ACE Money Transfer Apart?

ACE's enhanced remittance services for Filipino expats in the UK make transferring money more manageable. ACE Money Transfer is available in your region and conveniently makes transfers to the Philippines. ACE Money Transfer even allows you to easily add a different payment method if the current choices do not align with your requirements.

If you're looking to send money to a country that ACE doesn't currently support, you can request that country be included in their network. ACE Money Transfer's exchange rates and fees are lower than those of other services, which shows ACE's commitment to addressing the needs of its customers.

Why Wait? Send Money to the Philippines with Ease Now!

Our main goal is to provide a customer-focused experience for sending money to the Philippines. Our top priority is to provide you with a convenient, transparent, and secure service to send money to the Philippines from the UK. Many online money transfer options are available to cater to your specific requirements. Start sending money with our service today and see how you can have an even better experience.


Why are online and mobile platforms important?

Online and mobile platforms offer 24/7 accessibility and a smooth process, making money transfers convenient and efficient.

What delivery options are available?

Multiple options are available depending on the service. Some options include bank deposits to Philippine banks or cash pick-up locations across the Philippines.

How much does it cost to send money?

Fees vary depending on the service and transfer amount. Look for transparent fee structures to compare costs accurately.

Is it safe to send money online?

Sending money online with reputable services is generally safe if they use strong security measures for your safety.


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