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Beyond Borders, Not Beyond Protection: Essential Online Safety Tips for Pakistani Expats in Ireland

24 May 2024

Do you want to resolve your online security issues while making a money transfer from Ireland to Pakistan? Let’s take you to it! Ireland is a powerful country with a robust economy. Each year, thousands of immigrants move to Ireland for various purposes. In 2022, 107,800 immigrants came to Ireland. According to the 2022 census, approximately 94,434 people were Indian, Bengali, or Pakistani. It shows that a large group of Pakistanis are living in Ireland as an expat. 

Expats struggle hard to earn a good income to make their survival possible in Ireland while helping their families in Pakistan through remittance. Experiencing life in a different country is challenging, and the most critical factor in this digital age is ensuring your online safety. You may want to know what online safety means. Online safety means protecting your identity from getting stolen over the internet. The fear of online theft and fraud has become common in recent years. Trusting on any online service was more than risking your life. This guide presents you with more online safety tips for Pakistani expats. 

Best Online Safety Tips for Pakistani Expats in Ireland

Expats in Ireland often neglect the importance of online security. One of the most common cybercrimes in Ireland is fraud. When individuals try to send money to Pakistan from Ireland, many scammers use their identity to misuse their finances. According to a report, 6% of Irish people lost money due to online fraud. These frauds were in the form of online shopping frauds and stealing information and identity. Following are the ways to protect yourself from cybercrime in Ireland:

Use a Unique and Strong Password

Your password is your lock to protect all your essential things and items. Always use a strong password. Your password must include upper and lowercase alphabets, numbers, or special characters. Remember to keep a different password for every account and app. So, if your single account is hacked, others are safe. Also, keep a unique password with you every time.

Secure your Internet Connection

Securing a connection means using personal WiFi or a VPN when surfing the internet. Use personalized Wifi and avoid relying on the public internet. Keep your hotspot private from everyone and vice versa. Always take a second step to meet your internet needs. You can use mobile sim data but without sharing its password with others. Access to your internet can give others access to your devices and data. Similarly, if you use public data, your data can easily be stolen.

Keep your Personal Information Hidden

Avoid sharing your personal information with anyone, especially when making an online money transfer from Ireland to Pakistan. Trusting people is good, but overtesting can directly cause you to suffer from challenges. Never share your identity documents, passwords, and electronic devices with anyone. Avoid talking about your bank balance publicly.

Avoid Clicking on Unnecessary Links

Often, attractive messages catch your attention while using social media apps. They can be in the form of expensive prices, discounts, or things to excite you. Avoid clicking on such links or pop-up messages until you know their authenticity. Sometimes, such links are associated with data hacking techniques. So, when you click the link or button, access to your device is shared with a third person, who can cause trouble.

Don't Respond to Unknown Messages

Avoid responding to unknown calls, messages, and emails. Messages and emails are two of the most common forms of cybercrime. Hackers attach corrupted files or links with emails, so you lose all your data when you click. Be vigilant while living in Ireland and try to check the validity of the emails or messages. Sometimes, calls from some legal and official company numbers ask for your details, but they are scammers.

Install Fraud Detectors

While staying cautious and alert, you must take precautions to maintain online safety while making an instant money transfer from Ireland to Pakistan. So,  try to install fraud detectors and use advanced security tools such as 2 Factor-Authnetication for all your financial apps. It enables fingerprint and face detection on your devices and installs antivirus software to detect viruses and increase your security layers.

Use Registered Remittance Services

Another online safety tip is to stay careful while choosing remittance transfer services. Expats must deal with finances through remittance services for many reasons and multiple times. Ensure you are using legal and registered remittance services to prevent online fraud. ACE Money Transfer is one of the leading remittance transfer services that ensure the safety and protection of your personal information. A secure remittance service means a safe identity.

How do we ensure the authenticity of secure online remittance services?

You can ensure the authenticity of an online remittance service by checking its reviews, searching for it on social media apps, and using official websites. ACE Money Transfer is a legal remittance service because its websites and reviews reflect authenticity. Also, ACE is one of the cheapest ways to send money to Pakistan from Ireland, and it ensures that customer security is their responsibility. ACE has more than one million satisfied customers. Through the following steps, you can ensure the authenticity of a service.

  • Research the company thoroughly and look for its protocol and URL.
  • Verify that the remittance service provider is licensed or not.
  • Ensure the remittance service provider provides clear and accessible contact information, including a physical address, phone number, and email address. This is because only genuine services offer all the details. Even if you doubt a single factor, don't rely on it.
  • Look for transparency regarding fees, exchange rates, and transaction fees.
  • Contact customer services and mention your queries until you get a satisfying answer.

Security matters a lot. Whether you live in Pakistan or Ireland, you must be careful and adopt steps to maintain your online security. Online security means suffering from identity fraud or cybercrime. Online safety is crucial for expats because they deal with dual identities. Start preparing for your online safety by keeping strong and unique passwords. Avoid using public Wi-Fi and sharing devices with others. Also, keep your essentials like credit cards, passwords, and identity documents hidden and safe. Avoid sharing your personal information on public accounts and adopt safety measures like installing antivirus software, fraud detection programs, and enabling biometrics. 


For further assistance, you can read the Importance of Online Safety when Transferring Money to Pakistan from Overseas.

Avoid the Traps: Cyber Safety in the Age of Internet Scams

Staying safe should be your priority. A slight negligence in security measures can cause you to lose massive amounts of money or become a factor in fraud or identity theft. In recent years, the cybercrime rate in Ireland has been high. There were millions of cases of unauthorized use of information. The problem here is how someone gets access to your data. When you use unknown website links or click on spam emails, the hidden viruses become active, and hackers get all your information. Once your information is leaked, you will be in huge trouble. 

Avoid sharing your personal information or account details with anyone. Say no to those asking for an internet hotspot or a sharing device. Enable 2FA and viruses to stay safe. While using any remittance service, ensure its authenticity by checking its reviews and license number. Use legal remittance services and look for the best way to send money online to Pakistan from Ireland to prevent fraudulent activities and money laundering cases. Always ensure the use of the right websites, even for shopping or watching a movie, to stay safe.


What is online safety?

Online safety means preventing cybercrime and protecting personal information. It means guarding against cyberattacks, identity theft, phishing scams, malware, and other digital crimes.

How can online safety be maintained while living in Ireland?

Protecting your personal information can help you maintain online security. Use strong passwords, secure networks, detectors and antivirus software. Moreover, check the authenticity of websites before using them.

What are common security threats for Pakistani expats in Ireland?

Payment identity fraud and phishing scams are common threats. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain online security to prevent other cybercrimes.

How to protect personal information?

Use strong passwords to enable face detection, encryption, and fingerprint locks. Turn on 2FA and avoid sharing your personal information with anyone to protect it.

What are the safe ways to send money online to Pakitan from Ireland?

Banks and legally registered remittance services are the best, safest ways to send money to Pakistan from Ireland. You can check the authenticity of a service by looking at reviews and ratings.


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