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5 Top Affordable Cities for Bangladeshi Immigrants in Italy

23 May 2024

Are you looking for an affordable city in your dream country to save and transfer money to Bangladesh? Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and everyone wants to come, live, and enjoy its serenity. Bangladeshi immigrants who wish to settle in Italy look for affordable cities. They might fear less beauty or benefits, but things are different. Even in the top-most affordable towns of Italy, you can enjoy the same perks. Over 150,000 Bangladeshis live in Italy in significant cities like Lazio, Lombardy, Veneto, Rome, Milan, and Venice.

Italy has more than 8,000 cities and towns. Rome is the largest city, with 2.75 million people. It is an affordable city with numerous life opportunities. Living costs also depend on your lifestyle. You can enjoy an affordable budget if you control your financial activities and choose alternatives for brands. Bangladeshi immigrants can find a city in Italy that meets their budget and lifestyle preferences. In this article, you will look at the most affordable cities in Italy with opportunities for personal growth and success.

Explore Italy: 5 Most Affordable Cities to Settle In 

The living costs in Italy vary from city to city. The cost of living for a single person is 857.4€ per m2. This living cost includes all daily life expenses of food, clothing, and shelter, yet it does not include the rent for the house. The rents of apartments are high in price. A single month's rent for accommodation in Italy is 770.04 € for a single room. Individuals with good salaries can easily manage their lives in Italy while helping their families through an instant online money transfer:

Palermo- The Artistic Haven

Palermo, located on the island of Sicily, is captivated by its beauty. The streets are full of historic and cultural views. It's a peaceful place with scenic beauty. It has a Mediterranean climate, where you can enjoy the winter and summer seasons. Also, you will find sunshine almost for the whole year in Palermo. It is one of the cheapest cities in Italy, with a living cost of $987.

Moreover, you can enjoy all the benefits of city life in Palermo. It has excellent schools, universities, and healthcare centers, giving access to all basic needs of life. In Palermo, you can find all types of food, including Sicilian specialties, Italian variants, and international cuisine.

Bari- The Historical Wonders

Bari is another affordable option for Bangladeshi expats, with a living cost of $1060. Though Bari is not a famous or tourism-oriented country, you can easily make your living in Bari. It is much cheaper than other cities in Italy, like Rome and Milan. And you can meet all your daily life needs while living in Bari.

Life in Bari is simple yet attractive. It also has Mediterranean climates with dry summers and mild winters. It also has the largest university in the south, “The University of Bari ''. Bari is well-connected with public transport, which makes your journey easy. While living in Bari, you can save a lot of money and can make online money transfers from Italy to Bangladesh to help your loved ones back home.

Caltanissetta- A Sicilian Gem

Caltanissetta is also on Silica land, and the best thing about this country is that the rent is less than 5 euros per month. It is one of the most affordable cities to live in Italy.  The living cost in Caltanissetta is €600 per month. Caltanissetta has a rich history with breathtaking landscapes where immigrants can find peace working.

Caltanissetta is a culturally enriching city with deep cultural roots. It offers a quality life because educational institutes, hospitals, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants are easily accessible. The city produces fresh seafood and regional specialties such as Pasta. It has a good manufacturing industry, but the modern job market is not extensive.

Naples- Hub of Delicious Food

Naples is the largest city in Italy, with a diverse job market across multiple sectors. It is affordable because of its industrial areas. It has robust industries and job markets with numerous job opportunities. The cost of living is $1400. You can easily manage your life in Naples. You can explore and have unique experiences because it is a tourism-oriented city.

It is much more affordable than other populated and larger cities. You can easily access everything by finding alternative products and services for expensive things. You can buy stuff from giant superstores or local markets according to your budget. Also, you can easily connect to financial institutions and look for the cheapest way to send money to Bangladesh from Italy.

Lecce-The Florence of the South

Lecce is one of the oldest cities, with more than 200 years of history. It is a historic city with old architecture and beauty. It is also affordable, as the cost of living in Lecce is $1398. The living rate becomes more affordable in winter, as in extreme weather, accommodation prices go down due to less tourism.

Lecce is a developed city with all modern life necessities readily available. Lecce offers a range of affordable housing options, including apartments and houses. Moreover, its budget-friendly market allows you to manage your expenses easily.

Affordable Ways to Live a Life as a Bangladeshi Immigrant in Italy

Planning an immigrant life is always full of worry. Most individuals need to become more familiar with the cost of living in Italy. It's because of the enormous currency difference between Bangladesh and Italy. Before moving to Italy, read the latest implications for Bangladeshi remittances. Careful planning and research on affordable cities, financial institutes, and healthcare centers can make them more manageable.

  • Look for affordable accommodations in Italy.
  • Secure your healthcare insurance to prevent extra charges for your medical treatment.
  • Also, if you use a private vehicle, get insurance for it so the institute will pay for the loss.
  • Look for affordable remittance transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. It is one of the safe and affordable services. It offers compatible exchange rates at low service charges for sending money online to Bangladesh from Italy.

Finding an affordable living in Italy is not a tough job. Italy is the 10th largest country in the world, where you can easily find all the living options. Although some of its countries have higher living costs, immigrants who want to start their own lives can find affordable options, too. Cities like Bari, Caltanissetta, Naples. Lecce and Palermo are developed countries with affordable lifestyles. You can adjust the budget according to your income because every alternative service is cheap. Caltanissetta is best if you are worried about renting or buying cheap houses and apartments. It offers a peaceful life at a low living cost.

Italy: Where Affordable Living Meets Rich Opportunities

Everyone who plans to move abroad looks for ways to secure money so they can send money online to Bangladesh from Italy. There are almost 8000 cities/towns in Italy. Each has different living costs according to the facilitates and industrial revolution. The highly populated areas and larger cities like Rome are expensive. This is due to competitive life standards. People with a stable income source look to improve their standards, and society becomes competitive. But, you can still find low, competitive, affordable areas where everything is accessible at low prices.

Cities with affordable rates don't mean that they lack resources or it's a city of poor people.  Moreover, high economic activities, less dense, and low tourists are affordable. Cities with stronger economies may have higher wages and more job opportunities, making it easier for residents to afford their expenses. Less densely populated cities often have lower housing costs and less resource competition, leading to a more affordable lifestyle. Cities like Lecce and Naples allow you to live a standard life at a low price so you can grow more and send money to Bangladesh from Italy. Moreover, you can also explore the industries and job markets in Bari and Palermo to increase your source of income and settle yourself in Italy!


What are the top 5 affordable cities in Italy?

Bari, Caltanissetta, Naples, Lecce, and Palermo are some of the most affordable cities. However, affordability can vary depending on expenses and annual income.

What are affordable ways to send money to Bangladesh from Italy?

Digital banking and online remittance transfer services like ACE Money Transfer are affordable ways to send money to Bangladesh. ACE offers the first fee-free transaction to Bangladesh.

What is the average living cost in Italy?

The average living cost for a family of four in Italy is $3,245.5 (2,993.0€). Moreover, your daily expenses and income matter a lot.

How can Bangladeshi immigrants live an affordable life in Italy?

Reduce extra expenses by buying bulk from local markets instead of superstores, getting insurance, and living in an affordable area.

What are affordable accommodations in Italy?

Municipalities like Caltanissetta offer affordable accommodation in Italy. Its rent is less than 5 euros per m2. Also, you can quickly get an apartment or house for rent or sale in Caltanissetta.

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