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Top 10 Things That You Shouldn't Miss Out In The UK As An Expatriate

Top 10 Things That You Shouldn't Miss Out In The UK As An Expatriate

16 Sep 2022

What are the critical dimensions to take care of while going to another country as an expatriate? Your answer would probably revolve around jobs and how easily you would settle down in a foreign country as an expatriate. The strong economy of the UK has always attracted the people of developing countries like India. The Indian expatriates travel to the UK for better job opportunities and earn and send money to India from the UK for their families’ financial support.

A brief background about why people move overseas

Many reasons make life difficult for the residents of developing countries like India. These include poverty, lack of healthcare facilities, adequate job opportunities and proper education. In addition to all of it, the burgeoning population has always been a dilemma for developing countries. 

The ever-increasing population keeps straining the country's limited resources, pushing people further down the poverty line. Therefore, some suffering people manage to travel to the countries like the UK to find better work opportunities. The economy of the UK is solid and accommodative, providing multiple opportunities to those seeking jobs. 

The expatriates then earn remittances and send money to India to help their families break away from the shackles of poverty and financial stagnation.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the facts about the economy of the UK.

UK’s economy – quick facts

  • It is the 5th largest economy in the world, with a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $3.376 trillion.
  • It is the 8th largest, with a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of $3.752 trillion.
  • It is the 25th largest economy by GDP per capita income and constitutes 3.3% of the global GDP
  • Its GDP growth rate is estimated to be 4.2% in 2022
  • Its GDP per capita income is $49,761
  • Its PPP per capita income is $55,301
  • The unemployment rate in the UK is about 3.8%, only

With such robust economic figures, it is natural for the people of countries with limited resources and struggling economies to try their luck in the UK regarding work and jobs.

After ascertaining the reasons for travelling to the UK, let’s look at the critical things you should not miss out on in the UK as an expatriate.

Important things to consider in the UK

The answer to the question this blog opens with is that there are many dimensions, including jobs, stay, healthcare, etc.

Let’s study them all separately.

Find residence

The first thing you shall do in the UK as an expatriate is finding a residence. It is suitable for you if you have arranged it already through your travel agent of the company that arranged your visit. But, if you want to rent a flat, remember that the rents vary significantly across the country.

Register with authorities

Depending on your visa type, make sure that you register with the local authorities without delay. A visit to a police station near your residence, your visa, and all other necessary documents are appropriate. As a result, you will receive a Police Registration Certificate (PRC). Always remember that delaying this process can lead to a hefty fine. You’ll primarily need these things while using a remittance service in the UK to send money to India online.

Arrange healthcare coverage

Arrange your healthcare coverage as soon as you arrive in the UK. The UK’s healthcare coverage is called the National Health Service (NHS). It is mostly free but is also under-resourced. Your wait for the treatment can be lengthy. However, you can arrange private healthcare also. Besides, arrange your insurance, including car and home insurance, etc.

Open a bank account in the UK.

Financial transactions are integral to living. In this era, digital and online transactions are a must. Therefore, to make these transactions smooth and easy, open a bank account in any UK bank. Many banks facilitate online account opening, too, but visiting the nearest branch will make the process quick and easy. 

Buy a UK SIM card

Getting a local number in the UK is essential for connecting with locals easily. Besides, it will let you stay connected with your family back home quickly and cheaply. A local SIM card in the UK will make life easier for you, particularly if your current network doesn’t offer free roaming across the UK.

Find work

Some of the travellers already have secured a job pre-arrival. But many have to find jobs after arrival. There is no scarcity of jobs in the UK, but you will find the highest concentration of positions in big cities like London or Manchester, etc. Besides, never forget to tailor your CV according to the local job market demands and requirements. It will make your job hunt effective. Of course, you’ll need to get employed as soon as possible to earn good and support your family’s financial needs back home. After earning, you must look for a suitable service provider to make a money transfer to India whenever needed.

Sort out your commuting

Arrange your transport, which will largely depend on where you live. Getting public transportation is easy and feasible, but the declining public transport infrastructure will make you think otherwise. You might want to opt for driving. And if you decide to move, ensure you are on the left and right side of the road and the right side of the law!

Connect your residence

You need to get the connections for utilities like gas, internet, and electricity sorted out to connect with the outside world. You will be required to open an account with the local water provider. Many rented houses already have these connections sorted out, but many will not. Therefore, make sure to arrange them if they have not been yet.

Enrol children at school

Study the UK’s schooling system to find the best options for moving to the UK with children. You can arrange a meeting with the local municipal authorities to find out more. State schools in the UK are the cheap schooling option but keep in mind that the education standards vary across the country. Alternatively, you can also check the private schools to enrol your kids.

Move around and enjoy the UK.

Worry not if you get tired and bored of your struggle to settle down in the UK! There are some exciting things to do in the UK and several places to visit, including museums, parks, hiking through the picturesque countryside, etc. In short, a brief visit to these places in the UK will help you get rid of your boredom right away.
Worrying about the jobs and making an online money transfer to India should not be your only concern as an expatriate. Many online money transfer companies provide the best international money transfer services worldwide. ACE Money Transfer is one of the best remittance services based out of the UK, with an operational presence across 100+ countries. The critical point is to take a holistic view of your visit as an expatriate with the help of all the points explained significantly here.


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