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Best Way to Send Money to Gambia from Europe - A Quick Guide

Best Way to Send Money to Gambia from Europe - A Quick Guide

20 Jan 2023

When you live far away from your family and are the only breadwinner, it gets pretty tricky for you to manage everything. On top of that, it gets more challenging if you do not find the proper way to send money to your family. Like many other expats from low-to-middle-income countries, around 65,000 Gambians live in Europe, most of whom earn and send money to Gambia for financial support. Finding the best method to transfer funds remains a critical concern for every expat worker.

Several methods to transfer money from Europe to the Gambia are available for expats, which makes it challenging to find the best one for you. ACE Money Transfer is one of the most trusted names that most Gambian expatriates use to transfer their hard-earned money back home. It is a leading money transfer service that allows individuals to send money to various countries worldwide, including The Gambia. This blog will explore why ACE Money Transfer is the best option for sending money to The Gambia from Europe in 2023.

What makes ACE Money Transfer the Best Way to Send Money to the Gambia from Europe?

Here are the reasons to choose ACE’s remittance solutions when sending money to your loved ones in the Gambia.

Competitive Exchange Rates in the Market

ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates, which means you can get more money to your recipient in The Gambia for the same amount you send from Europe or elsewhere. Finding a reasonable exchange rate can be crucial to send a significant amount since it will decide whether your beneficiary gets the desired amount.

The Fastest and Most Reliable Channel of Remittance

ACE Money Transfer provides fast and reliable services for millions of expats across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland to send money online to 100+ countries. The funds can be delivered to the recipient within minutes, and you can track your transaction's status online, so you always know where your money is. It is particularly important if you need to send money for an emergency or urgent situation.

The Most Secure Platform to Transfer Funds Globally

ACE Money Transfer ensures completely secure services with wholly end-to-end data encryption for enhanced privacy of user information. The company uses advanced security measures to protect your personal and financial information and ensures that your money arrives safely to the recipient. It means you can have peace of mind knowing that your money is in good hands. It’s one of the most secure digital money transfer solutions, so you can trust ACE’s remittance services to send money to Gambia online from Europe.

User-Friendly and Convenient Method to Make Global Transactions

User-friendly and smooth website and mobile application allow you to make instant and convenient money transfers. ACE Money Transfer mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, making it very convenient to send money, as you can do it from anywhere, at any time.

Several Opportunities to Win Enticing Rewards

ACE Money Transfer believes in customer satisfaction, which the firm ensures by providing top-notch service quality and opportunities for customers to win exciting prizes simultaneously. The firm’s ongoing promotion for Gambian customers offers 5 free Umrah packages, which they can win simply by transferring money to the Gambia via ACE Money Transfer to be received at any Yonna Forex branch in the country until the 31st of January 2023.

Different Modes of Payment for Transferring Money via ACE Money Transfer

There are, of course, different ways to send money back home. ACE Money Transfer monitors its customers' transactions to improve their services. Let's look at how you can easily make an instant and secure online money transfer to Gambia and let the beneficiaries receive it quickly.

Cash Pick Up

If your beneficiary in the Gambia finds a Cash Pickup convenient, ACE Money Transfer has the following locations in the country for you. Cash Pick Up is a common option for those without bank accounts.

  • Any Branch of Yonna Forex
  • Barrys/AB/FIG/J FIN Bureau De Change via NAFA
  • GT Bank/Trust/MEGA/FBN Bank via NAFA
  • Chapman/EJ/MJ Finance/AMM Bureau via NAFA
  • AM&A/Huruna/Easy Financial/JBM Financial via NAFA
  • Mbakey/AFIA/F&M Family/AFRO/JAM BUREAU via NAFA

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer has ever been the most common and traditional money transfer method for those who like to use formal channels. You can transfer money to your loved ones from Europe via ACE Money Transfer to all of the Gambia’s commercial banks. ACE’s services are available for expats 24x7 as long as they have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC, with a working internet. You don’t have to worry, even if it’s a weekend or a bank holiday, since you can transfer money any day of the week using ACE’s services. However, it’s also important to know that the recipients in the Gambia can use internet banking to use funds on holidays and weekends. They need to visit the bank branches for cash pickup according to the respective bank’s working days and hours.

The Best Way to Send Money Home from Europe

You might not even realise it, but while transferring your money through banks, the bank cuts money from your account for that transfer. So, it can get costly sometimes. But with ACE, all you have to do is register, and there will be no fee on your first money transfer.

ACE is the best and the most inexpensive option, with the market's highest GBP/GMD exchange rate. Transferring your money through ACE will save you much more than other transfer services.

ACE Money Transfer has made money transferring easy for you by enhancing its features for present-day use. It not just makes your work easier but also speeds it up. You can send money online by taking advantage of ACE's simple yet vast services with the safest remittance transfer means. ACE Money Transfer provides its services to over 100 countries connecting families. You can easily send your money to the Gambia via ACE’s services, typically arriving a few seconds after it is sent to the recipient. 

Bottom Line

Choose ACE’s remittance solutions if you need to make an instant and secure money transfer to Gambia from Europe. You can do it just by sitting at home by registering yourself with ACE first, and then you can enjoy moving your money as it makes its customers the priority. On top of that, it's the most protected money transfer service, which is regulated by all the central financial authorities and governing institutions.


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