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What Is The Best Way To Send Money To Nigeria From Europe?

02 Dec 2022

Are you an expat Nigerian looking for the best methods to send money to Nigeria from Europe? A lot of things can change between your life in Nigeria and Europe. Making a new start in a foreign country always requires time and adjustments, whether because of the people, the food, or the chilly European climate. You might be surprised to learn that, according to the European government, Nigerians have a much easier time integrating into the labour market than other nationalities. 

Additionally, by moving to Europe to work, you will be able to take advantage of Europeans' friendly attitudes and behaviour toward Nigerians. The new regulations help you by providing language classes and employment training, enabling you to improve your financial situation and provide for your family back home.

What Is Driving Nigerians To Europe?

A recent survey found that two-thirds of Nigerian young people intend to leave the country in the following three years. Over and above the average of 52% for all of Africa, more people under the age of 25 in Nigeria dream of leaving for a new life. Many factors are fueling young Nigerians' desire to start over abroad.

  • Climate change has a disproportionately negative impact on the continent of Africa.
  • The economic crisis 
  • In Nigeria, the risk of being kidnapped and held for ransom is so high that many people are reluctant to go outside at night. Instability and unrest have resulted from this.

If you're considering moving abroad in search of a better life and more opportunities, or if you've already taken the step, you may wonder how to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria quickly and securely. Online money transfers can be your best option with very few transfer fees.

Online Money Transfer Is The Best Ways To Transfer Money To Nigeria

The best way to send money back home may be necessary to you if you're considering moving from Nigeria to Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Even if you currently reside in one of these countries or elsewhere, you may be curious about the best way to send money to Nigeria. Undeniable top of the list is ACE online money transfer. Here is why.

It Is The Cheapest Of All

Typically, there is a charge for sending money abroad. Online services like ACE Money Transfer are typically less expensive, while banks usually charge the highest fees. The low prices to send money to Nigeria are available for many reasons. In addition, you manage the procedure online on your own rather than working with a bank professional. It also helps you save money.

Does Not Charge Hidden Transaction Fees

Additionally, the absence of additional costs makes ACE online money transfer the ideal option for sending money to Nigeria. In actuality, there are no transaction costs. The expenses are instead factored into the exchange rate. You receive the rate that you see on their site and app.

The expenses of many money transfer services are not disclosed upfront. They frequently deceive customers by offering transfers to Nigeria at a low cost, just to add unexpected fees in the end.

Fastest Way to Send Money to Nigeria

Online money transfer is the most effective way to make an online money transfer to Nigeria, but low prices aren't the only factor. It happens very quickly as well. The recipient of your payment usually receives it within a half-hour when you use ACE Money Transfer.

Comparatively speaking, that is a short period compared to other payment methods. It can take weeks to send money through the mail, and there is a chance that it will get lost in transit. In addition to the recipient's bank's potential hold on the funds making the process take even longer, bank transfers frequently take several business days to process.


You should keep safety in mind while searching for the best money transfer method. Safety is the primary concern of ACE Money Transfer. A bank-level level of security is used for every transaction's encryption. Consequently, since all of the information is encoded, hackers can't intercept the transfer.

If you're considering using a fintech money transfer service to send global money transfers to Nigeria, you might be concerned about security. You won't need to be concerned when working with ACE because their services are based on dependability and trust. They encrypt your payment information and personal data to protect you from unauthorised transactions. They offer a completely safe and secure platform for sending money to Nigeria.

Bottom Line 

Suppose you want to transfer funds back home to your family in Nigeria from Europe. In that case, you must consider the transfer cost, speed, security, convenience, and above all, the exchange rates so that you can send the desired amount. ACE Money Transfer is one of the most trusted remittance services that enables you to send money to Nigeria online at the lowest cost, the highest exchange rates, unbreakable security, and a user-friendly mobile app. So, enjoy all these benefits in one window and Sign-up with ACE Money Transfer now.


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