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Banks in Pakistan for Receiving Remittances via ACE Money Transfer

Banks in Pakistan for Receiving Remittances via ACE Money Transfer

09 Dec 2022

Are you an existing ACE Money Transfer customer who needs to know which banks you can send money to via its services? Don’t worry! You can find a complete list of banks in partnership with ACE to offer you the most convenient, economical, and secure online money transfer to Pakistan. Knowing about these banks will help you choose the best option that suits your needs.

ACE Money Transfer has liaised with several financial institutions in Pakistan to ensure convenience, comfort and ease for worldwide Pakistani expatriates. You can find below the list of ACE’s partner banks in Pakistan and why you should choose ACE Money Transfer.

List of Banks Partnering with ACE Money Transfer 

Do you know why ACE Money Transfer has liaised with all the central banks across Pakistan?

Banks are and have always remained financial institutions that everyone comes into contact with at some point in their lives. They deal with banks even if they do not have a checking account and are unbanked.

In addition, all central banks have a vast network of branches and are available in almost every nook and cranny of the country. Therefore, the company has established a deep and professional liaison with the following banks so that the recipients of remittances sent to any of these banks via ACE Money Transfer do not have to undergo hazards in accessing the banks and their services.

  • Bank Al-Falah, with over 800 branches and 800+ ATMs in more than 200 branches across Pakistan
  • MCB Bank, with 1400+ branches across Pakistan and 1450+ ATMs.
  • Allied Bank Limited, with 1,425 branches and 1,500+ ATMs across Pakistan
  • United Bank Limited, with 1,400 branches across Pakistan 
  • JS Bank, with 238 branches in 122 cities across Pakistan
  • National Bank of Pakistan, with 1,450 branches across Pakistan
  • Habib Bank Limited, with 1,650+ branches and 2,100+ ATMs globally, serves 27 million customers across the world
  • Meezan Bank, with 890+ branches across Pakistan
  • Bank of Punjab, with 587 branches across Pakistan
  • Bank Al Habib, with 1,020 branches across Pakistan 
  • Faysal Bank, with 550 branches (including 414 Islamic branches) in over 200 cities across Pakistan

With a vast payout partner network in Pakistan, ACE Money Transfer enables customers across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland to instantly send money to Pakistan online.

Let’s Learn about Pakistani Diaspora and Inbound Remittances

Remittances are a lifeline for millions in Pakistan since several households run on the money people receive from abroad. Here are some quick facts about Pakistani diasporas and remittance inflows that reflect the importance of working and earning abroad.

  • Approximately 9 million Pakistanis are residing in different countries abroad, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development. 
  • Over 4.7 million of the total diaspora reside in the Middle East
  • Pakistani diaspora makes up the 2nd largest community in the UK at about 1.2 million 
  • Pakistan has the 6th largest diaspora in the world, according to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • In 2021 the Pakistani diaspora sent in record remittances worth $33 billion at a considerable growth rate of 26%

Most Pakistanis have migrated outside their homeland seeking better employment or education. Pakistan is the 24th largest economy in the world, with a nominal GDP of $346.3 billion and the 5th largest population, with about 231 million people. Because Pakistanis face many issues concerning the economy and finances, both at individual and collective levels, many people travel to other countries in search of better employment opportunities and send money to Pakistan, preferably through credible online money transfer companies.

One of the fastest-growing and expanding online money transfer companies, ACE Money Transfer has been diligently serving the Pakistani diaspora worldwide ever since its birth earlier this century.

Need for Global Money Transfers and the Role of ACE Money Transfer 

All expatriates from developing countries primarily share their crucial concern: transferring money back home to ensure financial support for their families.

The essential requirement is to find a remittance service provider that conveniently offers smart and efficient services like ACE Money Transfer, the Pakistani diaspora finds, given its wide operational presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

Due to its significant virtual and physical presence, ACE Money Transfer makes it easy and convenient for Pakistani expatriates to access its services and initiate a transaction at any point in time without let or hindrance. Using ACE’s remittance solutions, you can quickly and securely send money to Pakistan from across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland without any delay, 24x7, and on the go.

Pakistan’s Standing in the Remittances Recipients

Of course, the standing of Pakistan cannot be overemphasised in the international remittances industry on two counts. 1) Pakistan has the 6th largest diaspora population in the world, and 2) Pakistan ranks among the top 5 remittance recipient countries.

Remittances in Pakistan are critically important in stabilising the economy of the country and boosting the country’s foreign reserves.

The open and smooth flow of remittances into Pakistan is made possible with online money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer, which has established professional liaisons with several banks to facilitate the process and convenience for their valued customers.

Top reasons to choose ACE Money Transfer for Sending Money to Pakistan

  • Sending money to Pakistan from anywhere in the world through ACE Money Transfer takes a maximum of 7 seconds only.
  • The company offers competitive currency exchange rates by linking those to the international market, where they keep fluctuating. It enables the remitters to choose a time of their linking to initiate a transaction.
  • The company has foolproof and tight security around its online transactions.
  • In most transactions, the company charges no fee or a bare minimum service charge and, at times, launches campaigns to transfer funds free of cost.
  • It has over 375,000 pick-up points across the world
  • Its services are available around the clock with a wide presence across the world
  • The company’s efficient customer care service is accessible 24*7
  • Customers can initiate a transaction either from its international money transfer app on the go or from its official website.

Where many other companies may offer many of the features listed above, the best part of ACE Money Transfer is that you find all the features from one window where the company corresponds to and seamlessly connect with your global money transfer needs at once. If you also want to make every money transfer to Pakistan secure, economic, and swift, join ACE family.


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