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Top Countries with the Best Study Programs for Overseas Indian Students

Top Countries with the Best Study Programs for Overseas Indian Students

09 Dec 2022

With one of the largest foreign student populations in the world, the number of Indian students studying abroad is always rising. A massive number of 32 million Indians live abroad, most of whom are students or overseas workers who earn and send money to India for financial support.

There are several advantages to studying abroad for Indian students. Still, the biggest one is that an education from a prestigious overseas university typically ranks higher with employers than a Bachelor's or Master's degree from an Indian university.

Another one of them is that you can do part-time jobs there and get a good money package for your expenses. You can also send money online to your families.

You can use online money transfer services to send your money to your family back in your home country.

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Studying abroad also gives you a chance to broaden your horizons, develop as a person, and gain valuable cultural knowledge. What is a good country for Indian students to study abroad?

The top 5 countries for Indian students


According to statistics, around 14% of all foreign students in Canada come from India. The Canadian government recently passed immigration laws that give Indian students various advantages while they study abroad, such as providing highly qualified graduates of Canadian universities with permanent residency.

Advantages of studying abroad for Canadian Indian students:

The country that speaks English

Although there are two official languages in Canada—English and French—the majority of the country speaks only English. Since there is no language barrier and you can simply speak with individuals across Canada, this is a benefit for foreigners in general.

High standard of living

Canada enjoys a good standard of living and is one of the safest nations in the world. In fact, Canada was ranked second in the world by Global News in terms of social and economic growth.

Cosmopolitan setting

You will quickly become aware of Canada's extensive multicultural atmosphere if you enrol in a Canadian institution since students from many different countries will surround you. You name it: Americans, Poles, Spanish, and Greeks will be among your classmates. You won't feel as alien in such a diverse community, and you may quickly meet new people.

You can have several part-time work opportunities in Canada, which will help you simultaneously support your life abroad and your family’s financial needs. When you settle in Canada, you can make an instant, secure, and economical online money transfer to India via ACE Money Transfer, which most Indian expatriates trust.


Top advantages for Indian students studying in Germany:

Education costs: free at public institutions

International students are entitled to free tuition at German public institutions for various English-taught degrees, especially at the Master's degree level. It is simple to see why so many international students, including those from India, select Germany as their study abroad location, given that there is just a minimal semester price.

German colleges place a lot of emphasis on research.

Participating in cutting-edge research in your area of study will benefit you if you are interested in studying engineering, technology, or the sciences.

Top universities in Germany provide high-quality instruction, have a vast network of collaborations with national and international research institutions, and have cutting-edge research facilities and labs to support this.


The fact that the visa application procedure has grown more lenient in terms of financial criteria for many Asian students is among the reasons why so many Indian distance learners pick Australia.

Top advantages for Indian students studying in Australia:

Safe country

Due to its extremely low crime rate and ranking as one of the safest nations in the world, Australia is particularly well-liked by both visitors and international students.

A welcoming and multicultural community

In addition to thousands of residents worldwide, Australians are renowned for being incredibly gregarious and pleasant. Being made to feel welcome as a foreign student here is only one of the benefits of studying abroad in Australia.

Excellent employment prospects both at college and after graduation

Indian students studying abroad in Australia are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week, and they are also eligible for a post-study work visa once they have graduated.

In addition, the Australian government launched the Professional Year Program to provide all accounting, IT, and engineering graduates the opportunity to work for a local business.

Once you properly start earning in Australia, you will think about transferring funds back home, which will require a trusted service to save you from different hassles. You can send money to India online from Australia via ACE Money Transfer since it offers the lowest transfer costs, the highest exchange rates, the quickest processing mechanism, and various opportunities to win prizes.

United States of America

Top education is provided by American institutions.

U.S. institutions are among the best in the world, seamlessly fusing academics with research and extracurricular activities, according to any university rating. Universities have a high proportion of student satisfaction due to the various student services they offer, even though the education system in the USA brings an astonishing number of international students.

Indian students have access to scholarships for studying abroad.

Indian students who are studying abroad in the United States have access to several needs- and merit-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships are only given to students who are financially unable to pay for their studies. In contrast, merit-based scholarships require you to demonstrate both academic and extracurricular excellence (such as volunteer work).

Your credentials are acknowledged globally.

Anyone will be impressed by your degree, including future employers, if you complete it or even just a portion of it in the US. Companies will view you as a candidate with a global outlook and a problem solver because US higher education is acknowledged to produce highly educated and bright individuals.


Italy is a popular study-abroad location for Indian students since it offers some of the easiest and most economical possibilities. You will benefit from inexpensive tuition rates and low living expenses compared to many other nations.

Cheapest nation for Indian students to study abroad

Italy is a popular study-abroad destination for Indian students since it provides some of the most convenient and affordable options. You will benefit from inexpensive tuition rates and low living expenses compared to many other nations.

Wonderful student life

Studying abroad in Italy will also be a unique travel and cultural experience because every city in Italy is surrounded by World Heritage Sites. Italy is a popular destination for students and young people since it is vibrant, the streets are crowded with people till late at night, and you can have fun dancing and partying in pubs and clubs.

Experience some of the best cuisines ever

It's tough not to fall in love with Italian cuisine if you're a foodie. You may sample "the real, quality" pizza in Italy and a variety of pasta meals. Not only that, but everyone also enjoys the wonderful and delectable hallmarks of Italian coffee and gelato.

Part-time jobs

Many Indian students have the opportunity to work in Italy part-time with their universities.

Italy provides good packages and allows up to 20 hours to work per week. You can earn money and send money online to your families for a better living.

“Indian students mostly enrol in international colleges because they receive an education that opens up various career options. Any probability of admission to a prestigious university is increased by holding a degree from a recognised international institution.”

How to Choose the Best Destination Country as an Indian Student?

Choosing a destination for your study abroad plans might be challenging. However, prior research about the desired study programs, fee structures, scholarships available, part-time working opportunities, study and work-life balance, career growth opportunities, etc., can help you decide on a country for moving from India. Once you’ve secured admission and started studying, look for some reasonable part-time opportunities to earn and choose ACE Money Transfer to make a secure, smooth, fast, and economical money transfer to India whenever needed.


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