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Baggage Tips and Tricks: Packing Efficiently for Extended Overseas Trips to Canada from Senegal

Baggage Tips and Tricks: Packing Efficiently for Extended Overseas Trips to Canada from Senegal

27 Oct 2023

It is difficult to estimate the number of Senegalese migrants in Canada, but rough estimates suggest that 25,000 to 40,000 Senegalese migrants live and work in Canada, and from there, they send money to Senegal to offer financial support to their families back home.

A report by the Centre for International Governance Innovation said that over 120,000 migrants from Southern African countries live in Canada, and Senegal is one of the Southern African countries.

Another report by Springer Link said that the Senegalese diaspora worldwide is around 1 million. They make significant financial contributions to the economy of Senegal through inward remittances, which amounted to $2.5 billion in 2022, a World Bank report said.

It is not that you travel to Canada or any other developed country, for that matter, to stay in one place and move around nominally. You have to move around to explore your host country, which requires you to move around easily and conveniently.

Do you know what enables you to travel with ease and convenience?

Well, it is about carrying smart baggage.

It is important to know because being unaware of it can cause you to create travelling challenges for yourself unknowingly.

In Focus

As a Senegalese migrant in Canada, you are unsure where you will get a job or happen to work. Right? Although in today’s tech-driven world, getting employed online, or at least confirming where you will be employed, is relatively easy, it is not the norm and rule.

Particularly when you belong to a country like Senegal, you may well have to navigate your way to getting employed in Canada to earn a living so that you can send money online to Senegal from Canada to offer financial support to your family back home.

For this, you might have to travel from one place to another within Canada. If you carry a lot of baggage with you, moving around will be a grave challenge for you. Don’t you think?

It takes, therefore, some tips and tricks to apply to ensure that you pack smartly and travel light.

This blog brings into focus the tricks and tips that will help you pack smartly, carry little baggage, and travel around easily.

The Pressing Need

The need for travelling light with smart baggage cannot be overemphasised because a) it allows you to move around easily, b) travelling becomes cost-effective, and c) your attention and focus remain where they should be, which in this case is to work in Canada.

Saving money is the first thing on your mind when you travel abroad to find a job. Right? One of the biggest financial leakages you can suffer when you travel to a foreign country is the payments you have to make for carrying ponderous baggage.

Think about it.

It may appear a small expense, but when seen in the context of your financial struggles that have prompted you to travel abroad to find a job, it is no small expense.

Furthermore, the bigger challenge and additional confusion is when you have other viable ways to slash this specific expense.

Let’s now learn about the tricks and tips to pack smartly and travel lightly abroad.

Tips to Pack Smartly and Carry Light Baggage

Remember that you are going to Canada from Senegal to find a job and earn a living so that you can send money to Senegal from Canada to offer financial aid back home. It is, in most cases, not that you are travelling there on a luxury trip.

So, your core financial objective is and should be to save money. The way you pack your baggage can play a significant role in it.

Before proceeding, take a look at some simple and easy tips for saving money as an expatriate.

Here’s how you can ensure smart and efficient packing.

Know Your Personality

The first step is to know and understand your personality. Some people pack just a day or two before travelling. And others like to prepare weeks ago. Both personality types can have a deep impact on what you pack and how. So, understand your personality fully.

Know Your Destination Completely

You must know your destination fully beforehand and even before starting to pack because different countries require different things. Therefore, not knowing your destination properly can lead you to carry stuff you just do not need in, for example, Canada.

Make a Check List – A Detailed One

It is essential to note down the things and stuff you essentially need to carry with you regardless of your time of travelling. You will gradually recall the essentials to carry. Doing so in haste has the potential to make you forget about certain extremely important things and stuff.

Keep Minimum Clothes and Footwear

You are not going to a country where you cannot find clothes and shoes. Right? So, keep limited clothes and shoes with you and purchase more, according to your needs, after arrival.

Roll Your Clothes Up

A trick to create more space in the bags is to roll up your clothes instead of just wrapping and folding them in a typical manner. You can find many videos teaching you this simple trick to follow.

These simple and easy tricks can help you carry little baggage packed smartly.

Benefits of Carrying Small Baggage

Well, the first benefit is that you will not have to incur costs that typically come with travelling with heavy luggage. The money thus saved can be added to the financial support you wish to send back to your family through multiple ways to send money to Senegal.

A few other advantages are listed below.

Top Befits of Carrying Small Luggage

Apart from the financial benefits listed above, you can get the following few other advantages.

  • You can save extra luggage fee
  • You will not be worrying about your baggage and how to carry it
  • You can keep most of your belongings with you while travelling
  • Small baggage is easy to pack and unpack
  • Small luggage helps you move around easily
  • You no longer have to endure the physical fatigue of having to carry heavy bags
  • Hopping onto the flights becomes quick and fast
  • You can be out of the airport soon after getting immigration clearance

These are some of the advantages of travelling with smart luggage.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

As mentioned earlier, your core financial objective is to save money, be it by carrying light luggage or by the way you send money online to Senegal from Canada. Right? The tips stated above will help you save money during travelling, whereas choosing ACE Money Transfer for your money transfers will help you save and send more as the firm offers speed, safety, live and market-competitive exchange rates, and much more from just one-stop and in exchange for a low fee.


Why do I have to travel to Canada from Senegal?

You have to travel to Canada from Senegal because Canada has a robust economy with a thriving and expansive job market. So, it becomes easy for you to get employed there in any professional field.

Why should I carry little luggage?

You should carry little luggage with you because it will help you move around easily as you might have to travel a lot initially to find a job in Canada, or elsewhere, for that matter.

How should I pack my stuff smartly?

You can pack your stuff smartly if a) you know the destination country, b) you know your personality, c) you note down the stuff before packing, d) you use a bag with compartments, e) you roll your clothes and instead of folding and wrapping and f) keep your clothes and footwear minimum.

What are the prime benefits of carrying small luggage?

The prime benefits of carrying small luggage include less worry, a slash on costs, keeping most of your belongings with you, no physical fatigue of carrying heavy bags and luggage, getting onto the flights is easy and quick, and it saves your time as you come out of the airport as soon as you are cleared by the immigration counter. 

How does smart baggage facilitate my travelling?

Small luggage packed smartly facilitates travelling because it saves time and money. It also shortens your time at the airports. Your travelling becomes quick and convenient. Smart luggage is also a technique to travel light and without worries.



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