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All You Need to Know About Getting an Australian Work Visa

All You Need to Know About Getting an Australian Work Visa

14 Jan 2023

Every one in ten workers in Australia is on a work visa. These expats hailing from different parts of the world frequently send money back to their home countries as remittances. Around AUD 8 billion worth of remittances is sent annually from Australia, making it the 11th largest remittance-sending country. 

Australia is a favourite amongst expats due to its high wages and quality of life. If you want to experience life in Australia, your first step is to apply for a visa. Here is a detailed guide on Australian work visas. 

The Different Types of Australian Work Visas

There are many different types of work visas that the Australian government offers. You must pick the suitable one for your application.

What is an Australian work visa?

A work visa is a sort of permit allowing an individual to work in the country without legal restrictions. Either you get a temporary work visa or a permanent work visa. The duration of your time in Australia depends on the type of visa. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Work Visas?

Here are some requirements to apply for all types of work visas in Australia. 

  • Be language proficient, i.e., fluent in English. 
  • Meet character and health requirements.
  • Have sufficient funds to sustain life in Australia.
  • No previous criminal record.

Temporary Work Visas for Non-Australians 

This visa allows you to work in Australia for a very brief time. Four common temporary work visas include the following.

Working Holiday Visa

This is the ideal visa for youngsters. You can work in Australia through this visa while funding your holiday there. The age limit is 18-30. You must belong to one of the eligible countries for this visa.

This visa remains valid for 12 months only. 

Skilled Regional Provisional Visa

This visa is for skilled individuals. They can reside and work in regional Australia with their family for 5 years. The advantage of this visa is that you can apply for permanent residency only after 3 years. 

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

In times of labour shortages, skilled migrants can travel and provide their assistance. The time duration of this visa is between 1 to 4 years. You need an approved sponsor to secure this visa. You will also be asked to complete the assessment of the required skills. After acquiring the temporary skill shortage visa, you can work, earn better, and send money online to your loved ones back home via a trusted remittance service, ACE Money Transfer.

Here is a list of documents that will be required for the TSS visa

  • Identification documents and a valid passport. 
  • Marriage documents (if any)
  • Documents proving your experience, skills, and qualifications (These might include references from previous employers, certificates, awards, and degrees.) 
  • Proof of Australian health insurance or enough funds to buy one.
  • Police clearance certificates as evidence of good character.
  • Payslip or proof that the visa fee has been paid. 

The application procedure for TSSV is lengthy. Your sponsor will apply for sponsorship, and once it gets approved, you will be nominated for the work visa. Your sponsor will have to pay a levy fund; after that, you can start the visa application procedure. 

You can expect a cost of AUD1290 for the TSSV visa. 

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

This type of permanent visa allows skilled workers to work and live in Australia through sponsorship. To obtain this visa, you must have the relevant qualification and work experience. You must also be younger than 50 years to apply for the visa. 

This working visa costs AUD 4045. These charges can be changed, or some additional fees might apply.

This visa has three streams

  • Temporary residence transition stream

It allows the visa applicant to apply for permanent residence. However, the nominated individual must meet the market salary and conditions of employment in order to be eligible.

  • Direct entry stream

It allows applicants to apply for permanent residence if they do not meet the temporary residence transition stream requirements. The applicant must have a minimum of 3 years of experience to be eligible. 

  • Labour agreement stream

This is an accord between the Australian government and business owners to sponsor foreign labour.

How to Transfer Money Cheaply to Your Family while Working in Australia?

Have you passed the initial stage of visa application and worrying about how you will support your family while living away from them?

If your family is financially dependent on you, then this move can be challenging. However, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of global money transfer options in Australia. You can either opt for wire transfers or online money transfers. Although wire transfers are safe, they are costly and time taking. A wire can take up to 4-5 business days to reach the recipient. 

Another safe option is online money transfer. 75% of consumers around the globe rely on mobile wallets due to their affordability and convenience. However, the trick is to choose the right company. 

Which App is Reliable for International Transactions from Australia?

ACE Money Transfer has been the leading remittance-sending service since 2002. It has provided users with a convenient option to transfer funds with only a click. No more waiting long hours in lines just for a single and easy task is required.

ACE Money Transfer is unique from its competitors due to its affordability and transparency. The transaction fee is almost equivalent to zero. There are no hidden charges. You can also exchange currency at the most market-competitive exchange rates. The speed of ACE is also unbelievable. Your funds will cross borders within a day, making ACE ideal for emergencies. 

Applying for an Australian visa requires in-depth focus and the accuracy of documents. Once you live and work in Australia, use ACE Money Transfer to send money abroad at the cheapest rates. Sign up now for free to enjoy unlimited international transactions


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