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ACE Money Transfer stands with India in the Pandemic

25 May 2021

India is facing a deadly second Covid-19 wave. The information and images coming out of the country are heart-breaking; the healthcare system has collapsed, and oxygen is short in supply. As India fights the pandemic, ACE Money Transfer is stepping up to let Indians know that we stand with India in this dark hour.

In this regard, ACE Money Transfer has announced to charge zero fees for Indians who send money to India.

Apply the code ACEIND21 to get 0 Fee on Every Transfer to India

This no transfer-fee and the use of the ACE app will help many send or receive money online without the need to expose themselves to the harmful virus physically.

The announcement, valid till the 13th of June 2021, comes as the worsening situation is brought to light by international media houses reporting the critical condition of the South Asian nation. Notably, families with women and children are facing the brunt of the COVID-19 as elders of households fall victim to the fatal virus.

ACE Money Transfer is always committed to the well-being of its clientele. With things spiralling uncontrollably, ACE desires to play its part in helping to mitigate the rising infection & fatality rates. With all the extraordinary measures in place, we hope that the situation improves to minimize the loss of precious lives.

The offer is a gesture of solidarity with Indians worldwide as the pandemic rages in India. Our hearts are with the people of India in this difficult time, and we pray India comes out more robust, better, and steadier than before. 

We want to let all our clients and customers know that ACE Money Transfer has always been at the forefront of challenges, and this is our way of saying “Thank you & stay safe.”

ACE Money Transfer is a leading remittance services provider headquartered in the UK that operates worldwide. It has an extensive network of partners in the UK, Australia, and Europe. Since 2002, ACE built a long-lasting relationship of trust and reliability with its customers and is always devoted to clientele service.

ACE strives to provide world-class service with a digital platform based on the latest state-of-the-art technology with millions of customers globally. Secure, safe, and swift, ACE Money Transfer is the only choice for millions who trust us with their hard-earned money.


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