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ACE Money Transfer's Salam Bangladesh Campaign is Back with More Rewards This Time

ACE Money Transfer's Salam Bangladesh Campaign is Back with More Rewards This Time

01 Sep 2023

A story of love, sacrifice, and unbreakable relationships is at the centre of every voyage. It is a bond that comes from the heart. ACE Money Transfer has served as a connecting point for members of the Bangladeshi diaspora to their family and friends back home by easing the process of online money transfer to Bangladesh across international boundaries in a seamless manner. Today, the enthusiasm has reached new heights as ACE Money Transfer proudly announces the return of its much-anticipated campaign, "Salam Bangladesh," which aims to honour these relationships with various fascinating rewards for those who send money to Bangladesh. Hold on tight as we dive into the specifics of this fantastic two-month campaign that will bring iPhones and cash awards, as well as joy and innovation, to the lives of both the senders and the recipients.

Celebrating Connections: The Salam Bangladesh Campaign

The Salam Bangladesh Campaign, which will run from September 1, 2023, to October 31, 2023, is designed to win the hearts of Bangladeshi customers and redefine the remittance experience. This campaign is more than just an event; it is a monument to the enduring relationships that define who we are. This ad honours every step of the journey, whether you are the sender, the person who connects hopes and realities, or the recipient, who serves as a light of hope on the other side.

Grand Prizes That Dazzle: iPhone 14 Plus

A jaw-dropping surprise, the much sought-after iPhone 14 Plus is being offered by ACE Money Transfer to individuals who are the senders of remittances. This cutting-edge device, which elegantly combines technology and sophistication, will be up for grabs to one lucky sender from each of the eight countries. It is not just a phone but a symbol of the journey and a reminder that love and invention have no limits to where they can go. Imagine the pleasure of grasping this exquisite work of art, knowing it is a reward for your dedication to cultivating relationships with others.

Cash Prizes Galore for Recipients

However, this is different from where the Salam Bangladesh Campaign concludes. Those who are on the receiving end of remittances also have a unique place in this celebration. For the next 61 days, three lucky winners will be selected each day for a monetary reward of BDT 10,000. It is not simply a reward but an acknowledgement of the grit and resiliency that the recipients exemplify. It is our way of saying "thank you". For being the reason behind the smiles, the perseverance, and the dreams fulfilled.

More Than Prizes: A Tale of Unity and Togetherness

The Salam Bangladesh Campaign is not only about collecting cash gifts but also about strengthening the relationships that bring us together. It serves as a reminder that every remittance made via every money transfer to Bangladesh not only lets you stay connected with your loved ones from abroad but also plays your part in strengthening your country’s economy from across borders. Through the promotion of unity, the celebration of togetherness, and the transformation of everyday activities into happy moments.

Embracing Innovation, Redefining Connection

The Salam Bangladesh Campaign is built around ACE Money Transfer's dedication to innovation as its central tenet. The iPhone 14 Plus, which represents the zenith of technological progress, is analogous to sending remittances in that it is forward-looking, discreet, and significant. It is a sign that goes beyond remittance; it is an investment in the future, in remaining connected, and in embracing the possibilities that technology affords. This is a gesture that extends beyond remittance.

How to Participate

Getting involved in the Salam Bangladesh Campaign is as simple as counting to three. The only thing senders need to do to enter the lucky draws for the iPhone 14 Plus automatically is to keep sending remittances through ACE Money Transfer while the promotion is running. On the other hand, receivers of remittances made through ACE Money Transfer are entered into lucky draws for a chance to win one of three daily cash prizes totalling BDT 10,000.

A Celebration Worth the Wait

A festival that combines feelings, relationships, and the spirit of oneness is being held under the name 'Salam Bangladesh'. It is a gesture that recognises the significance of both the senders and recipient's roles in this process of remittance and acknowledges the efforts both parties have put forth. This ad, which is being brought to life by ACE Money Transfer, reinforces the concept that every remittance shared is a deepened relationship.

Terms and Conditions 


  1. The campaign is open to all Bangladeshi customers who send remittances through ACE Money Transfer and receive from its huge payout partners network in Bangladesh during the campaign period.
  2. Participants with successful transactions will automatically qualify for the lucky draws 
  3. For further Ts&Cs, visit the link below: 

Terms & Conditions of Salam Bangladesh Campaign


  1. Eight (8) iPhone 14 Plus devices will be awarded as grand prizes to randomly selected senders of remittances.
  2. One hundred eighty-three (183) cash prizes of BDT 10,000 each will be given to recipients of remittances. Three recipients will be chosen daily throughout the campaign period.

The Way Forward

The Salam Bangladesh Campaign, which ACE Money Transfer is running, is not merely a promotion; instead, it is an ode to the spirit of the Bangladeshi diaspora, their tales, and the unbreakable connections they maintain with Bangladesh. This campaign is a shining example of inventiveness and excitement since iPhone 14 Plus devices are just waiting to be given to new owners, and cash awards are just waiting to be bestowed onto the winners.

ACE Money Transfer wants you to be a part of this extraordinary celebration, to offer love, and to receive it in the shape of awards that represent the worth of your relationships from September 1, 2023, all the way through October 31, 2023. This opportunity is available to you if you accept their invitation. It is time to welcome the future, rejoice in our ties, and set on a road towards oneness unrestricted by national boundaries. The Salam Bangladesh Campaign is waiting for you, and it will take you on a trip filled with rewards, accolades, and luminous connections. All you have to do is download the app or sign up on the website and send money to Bangladesh online.


What is the 'Salam Bangladesh Campaign' by ACE Money Transfer?

The 'Salam Bangladesh Campaign' is an initiative by ACE Money Transfer to promote and facilitate money transfers to Bangladesh. The campaign aims to offer special deals and incentives for individuals transferring money to Bangladesh through ACE.

How is the new Salam Bangladesh Campaign different from the previous one?

This time, the campaign is back with more rewards and incentives for customers. It’s different from the previous campaigns as it offers prizes for the remittance recipients in Bangladesh as well, this time alongside the prizes for senders. While the core purpose remains the same, ACE Money Transfer has amplified its benefits to provide a better experience and more value to its users.

What are the rewards offered in the new Salam Bangladesh Campaign?

In the new Salam Bangladesh campaign, ACE Money Transfer offers 8 new iPhone 14 Plus for Bangladeshi expats and daily cash rewards of BDT 10,000 each until October 31, 2023.

How can one avail of the rewards from the Salam Bangladesh Campaign?

To avail of the rewards, users typically need to make a transaction sending money to Bangladesh using ACE Money Transfer during the campaign period. Specific details on how to claim the rewards or the eligibility criteria are mentioned in the terms and conditions of the campaign.

Is there a validity period for the Salam Bangladesh Campaign?

Yes, the new Salam Bangladesh Campaign will be active from September 1, 2023, until October 31, 2023. Users are advised to check the campaign's timeline in the article or on the official ACE Money Transfer website to ensure they benefit from the rewards within the campaign's duration.


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