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ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah are Giving Away Six KIA Sportage Alpha

22 Apr 2022

ACE Money Transfer is holding on tight to its old legacy of rewarding its customers uninterruptedly with exceptional prizes through different campaigns. As a continuation of its professional tradition, ACE has recently launched another episode of its mega campaign in close collaboration with Bank Alfalah (BAFL), one of Pakistan’s biggest banks, to dole out six brand new Kia Sportage Alpha.

Like always, the process to partake and win a prize in this promotion is simple. All the Pakistani diasporas who send money to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer to any Bank Alfalah branch in the country can enter the lucky draw to win one of six brand new KIA Sportage Alpha. On the other hand, your cash pickups from any of the 750+ BAFL branches across 200 cities in Pakistan will also automatically let you enter the competition.

Are you getting anxious to know more about such a thrilling offer? Keep reading!

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah – a Longstanding and Deep Partnership 

The collaborative history between ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah is long and filled with multiple and vibrant colours pointing to different promotions in the past. In many previous campaigns, the lucky winners happened to win cash prizes of multi-millions; whereas, on other occasions, both the institutions have facilitated the expatriates in several different ways. 

These partners have ensured the delivery of optimised services within their respective spheres, both inside and outside the partnership spells these two have had. However, they have reinvigorated the current year’s campaign with massive prizes on offer, which could help you win your dream car! Now, when you make an online money transfer to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer, you support your family’s needs and stand a chance to win a dream car. 

The Campaign’s Insight - Who can Participate in the Lucky Draw?

ACE Money Transfer keeps bringing exciting promotions for its worldwide diasporas separately to ensure complete transparency and fair and equal chances of winning. Its joint promotion with Bank Alfalah is specifically designed for the Pakistani diasporas living and working across the UK, Europe, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia.

Whether you make a single money transfer to Pakistan or more during the campaign duration, you will enter the lucky draw automatically since you don’t require any complex registration process for this promotion. However, you can increase your winning chances in the promotion by making more and more online transactions to Pakistan via ACE’s services.

What’s the Campaign Duration?

This exciting campaign starts on April 1st and will come to a close on the 30th of June 2022, with lucky draws scheduled twice a month. The first lucky draw in this campaign will take place on the 15th of April. The twice-monthly schedule of lucky draws will continue till the end of the campaign. 

So, why wait then? Hurry up and send money to Pakistan online via ACE Money Transfer to stand a chance to win the mega prize of KIA Sportage Alpha in the promotion.

How Many Giveaways of KIA Sportage Alpha are there in the Promotion?

There are a total of six brand new KIA Sportage Alpha on offer for completed and paid money transfers to Pakistan. Each customer can make multiple transactions to ensure optimum participation in the lucky draw; however, one winner will get only one prize, i.e., One KIA Sportage Alpha.

Although the dates for the lucky draws are already locked, they can be changed if required by the two partners, ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah.

For further detail on the campaign and its terms and conditions, click the link below: 

Terms & Conditions for KIA Sportage Alpha Campaign

Why does ACE Money Transfer Partner with Bank Alfalah?

Founded in 1997 by the Abu Dhabi Group, Bank Alfalah continued to become one of Pakistan's leading private commercial banks. Its network is expanded to over 750 branches in more than 200 cities across the country. Since beginning to operate in the banking industry, its best quality services have helped make it an international institution with its presence in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bahrain and UAE, besides Pakistan. 

ACE Money Transfer joined hands with Bank Alfalah considering its quality services to help Pakistani diasporas send money online to Pakistan swiftly and conveniently. The joint venture of the two partners has played a significant role in stimulating remittance inflows to Pakistan while simultaneously supporting customers with exceptional prizes.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer

Registered by the name Aftab Currency Exchange, ACE Money Transfer is a UK-based remittance transfer services provider. The company’s professional excellence spans over two decades with a substantial customer base of millions worldwide. ACE is catering to the financial needs of countless expatriates spread across the world by providing top-notch services in upwards of 100+ countries worldwide.

The safe and quick remittance transfer in exchange for low services charges and competitive currency exchange rates is the reason behind ACE’s expansive customer base and operational presence swelling fast worldwide. If you are looking to find the best way to send money to Pakistan, your search ends with one of the most trusted remittance services, ACE Money Transfer.

The Best Time to Participate in the Lucky Draw is NOW!

The time is running fast. Spring into action this instant and follow the simple steps elaborated above to join the campaign. You never know if your slight movement aligned with the terms and conditions of the campaign could get you one of six brand new KIA Sportage Alpha!


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