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Salam Bangladesh ACE Money Transfer brings Ramadan Surprises.

22 Apr 2022

As an expatriate, sending money online is one of your routine activities. The expatriates from Bangladesh residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland send money to Bangladesh regularly through ACE Money Transfer, to their families to offer financial support to their families. It is indeed a surprise if you happen to get a chance to win some exciting prizes due to doing something you usually do as a routine. 

ACE Money Transfer has always considered the hardships of the expatriates living away from their families and has thus tried to facilitate the customers by offering prizes through different campaigns and lucky draws. ACE keeps rewarding its valued customers for using the legal and lawful channels for online money transfers. The company has a long history of launching such campaigns. One such campaign is the current one, “Salam Bangladesh”, another chapter of ACE’s legacy of multiple such campaigns, offering three iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB) and one brand new Honda Livo Bike. 

The Exciting Campaign

As part of this current campaign, you can have a chance to win one of the three iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB) that are on offer and one Honda Livo Bike through the lucky draws in the campaign. These lucky draws are scheduled at different intervals during Ramadan 2022.

The campaign is valid for the entire month of Ramadan and will come to a close as soon as the holy month ends. During this period, making an online money transfer to Bangladesh from abroad can help you win any of these exciting prizes.

Campaign Details

Here are the campaign's details, which can help you become part of it with increased winning chances.

Campaign Duration

This year’s Salam Bangladesh campaign is valid from the first of Ramadan till the last day of the holy month for the customers of ACE Money Transfer, barring its employees.

Campaign Validity

The campaign is valid for all the completed and paid transfers to Bangladesh from the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Switzerland through ACE’s services.

Eligibility for the Lucky Draw(s)

All the transactions involving cash pick up, wallet and bank deposits made during the campaign duration are eligible for the lucky draw(s).

Getting iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB)

Three Bangladeshi expatriates from the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Switzerland who send money to Bangladesh online using ACE Money Transfer will qualify to win one of the three latest models of iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB) each.

Getting a Honda Livo Bike

The recipient of remittances sent to Bangladesh from abroad will qualify to win the latest model of the Honda Livo bike. 

Draw Schedule and Prize

One lucky draw is scheduled every week of the holy month of Ramadan. In the first three draws, three iPhones will be given to the lucky winners, whereas, in the last lucky draw (4th), the Honda Livo bike will be given to the winner.

Venue for the Lucky Draws 

All the lucky draws will be conducted at the office of ACE Money Transfer. If it so desires, the company reserves the right to broadcast the campaign live on its widely-followed Facebook page. 

Schedule for the Lucky Draws

  • Friday, April 8th, 2022. First lucky draw for an iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB)
  • Friday, April 15th, 2022. Second lucky draw for an iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB).
  • Friday, April 22nd, 2022. Third lucky draw for an iPhone 13 Pro (256 GB). 
  • The fourth lucky draw will be for a Honda Livo bike and is scheduled after Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. 

Receiving the Bike 

Remitter can simply nominate anyone to receive the bike on their behalf in Bangladesh. 

Tax Liabilities as a result of a Winning the Prize

The winners alone will be responsible for fulfilling any tax liabilities after winning the prize through this promotion, Salam Bangladesh. ACE Money Transfer is not responsible in this regard whatsoever.

Brightening Chances for Multiple Entries into Draws 

You can ensure multiple entries into the lucky draw by making as many transactions as possible during the campaign duration.

Informing Winners

Winners will be informed through calls and emails. If a winner is out of reach for seven days, a re-draw will be conducted to nominate another lucky winner. The company reserves the right to use winners’ information for promotional, marketing or inspirational purposes. 

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer is one of the rapidly growing online remittances transfer companies globally. It has its operational presence in 350,000+ locations in over 100 countries worldwide and renders top-notch remittance transfer services to its valued customers. 

As a Bangladeshi expatriate, you already undertake international money transfers. But, through this campaign, simply nudge your money transfer to Bangladesh in the ways explained above and stand a fair chance to win the exciting prizes listed above. So, are you ready to win one of the three iPhone 13 Pro and a Honda Livo Bike through your best way to send money to Bangladesh online? Make every moment count and hurry up to grab the opportunity lest it slips off your fist!


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