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A Guide to the Best Food and Drinks in Italy for Indian Diasporas

A Guide to the Best Food and Drinks in Italy for Indian Diasporas

23 Oct 2023

Did you know that Indians make up roughly 0.2% of the Italian population? Approximately 2.10 lac Indians are residing in Italy. This is good news for new Indian expats who are about to start their journey in Italy. Most Indians opt for technological fields in Italy and send money to India for their families to provide financial support. In such a draining career, it is important to take refreshing breaks to energize and fuel up for the hard work awaiting.


Indulge in Italian Cuisine for a Change of Taste

Italian cuisine is well-known for its pasta, pizza, and risotto, which are also popular among Indian diasporas. Many Italian restaurants in Italy include vegetarian and vegan dishes, which is ideal for those who prefer plant-based diets.

Naples is a must-see city for pizza lovers, as it is famous for its Neapolitan-style pizza. With its myriad pasta dishes and sauces, Rome is the place to be for pasta lovers. These food tours will lower your work stress and enhance your ex-pat experience to a whole another level.

The Best Drinks for Indian Expats to Try in Italy

When it comes to beverages, the Italians are well known for their coffee, wine, and aperitivo. Coffee culture pervades Italian life, and Italians take their coffee very seriously. A visit to a local coffee shop is an absolute necessity for Indian diasporas who want to enjoy the authentic taste of coffee.

Italy is also well-known for its wine, and many wineries offer excursions and tastings, it's a terrific opportunity to enjoy a drink while learning about Italian culture. Aperitivo is a pre-dinner drink that is generally provided with food. A true Italian never misses out on this drink.

Etiquette for Food and Drink in Italy

Italian dining culture is rich and diverse, and it's crucial to understand the dos and don'ts of eating and drinking in Italy. Table manners are vital because speaking loudly or making noise while eating is considered impolite. Tipping is not required in Italy. However, it is common practice to give a small tip if you are pleased with the service. Dress standards differ according to every restaurant, but it's usually a good idea to dress formally when dining out. It is considered rude to be on the phone while eating with someone, even if you are only making a quick money transfer to India for your family.

Here are some additional trends and commonalities when it comes to food and drinks in Italy.

Cappuccino Trend for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the ideal time to enjoy a cappuccino, according to Italians. It is worth noting that this is the only time Italians consume this sort of beverage. To be a true local, pair your cappuccino with a croissant or 'morning pastry, also known as puff pastry. You can fill it up with anything you like, from cream to apple jam.

Unless you want a plain glass of milk, don't order a 'latte'; it's not a well-known drink in Italy, and it puzzles most baristas.

What to Do with That Midday Hunger?

It's summer, it's hot, and you're roaming around the small streets of an art city, craving an iced coffee and going into the first bar to order it, don't do it.

This is because iced coffee is uncommon in Italy; instead, order a 'crema di caffè'. Crema di caffè is a perfect little hunger buster during the day when you crave something light in the scorching Italian heat. It's made with espresso coffee, cream, and icing sugar and will provide you with the energy you need to keep going with your business.

Now, What About Lunch?

Finding a restaurant on the spur of the moment is difficult. It is recommended to do your research beforehand to avoid wasting money. Here are some tips worth noting.

  • Examine the menus on display and their prices.
  • Check the hours of operation as most restaurants open at 12.30 for lunch and at 7/7.30 for dinner. When compared to England or Spain, Italians eat later.
  • If you see items like Alfredo chicken pasta or pepperoni pizza on the menu, get out as soon as possible. Try grandma's fettuccine, pizza with a high, thick crust, and a delicious rare steak while in Italy.
  • If a restaurant appears to be busy, this does not automatically imply that it is superior.

How Indian Diasporas in Italy Can Benefit from ACE Money Transfer

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Wrap Up

Indian diasporas should explore the greatest food and drinks in Italy. There are plenty of delicious Italian foods and drinks to sample.

By providing a trustworthy and quick means to send money, ACE Money Transfer can also enable Indian diasporas in Italy to stay connected with their loved ones back home. So, whether you're a foodie or a coffee connoisseur, Italy has something for everyone, and 

ACE Money Transfer can assist you in staying connected with your roots while you embrace the delicacies of your new homeland.

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What are some must-try Italian dishes for Indian diaspora travelers?

Answer: Must-try Italian dishes include classic pasta varieties like spaghetti and lasagna, authentic Italian pizza, and risotto, and traditional desserts such as tiramisu and panna cotta.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options available in Italian cuisine for Indian diaspora travelers?

Answer: Yes, Italian cuisine offers numerous vegetarian and vegan options. You can enjoy dishes like Margherita pizza, eggplant Parmesan (Melanzane alla Parmigiana), and pasta with tomato-based sauces. Many Italian restaurants are accommodating to dietary preferences.

What are the popular Italian drinks and beverages that Indian diaspora travelers should sample?

Answer: Italian beverages to sample include espresso, cappuccino, and the famous Aperol Spritz. Don't forget to try Italian wines, as Italy is renowned for its wine production.

How can Indian diaspora travelers find authentic Italian restaurants in Italy?

Answer: To find authentic Italian restaurants, look for places frequented by locals, ask for recommendations from locals or other travelers, read reviews on travel websites, and explore neighborhoods away from tourist hotspots. Seeking out family-run trattorias and osterias is often a good bet.

What dining etiquette should Indian diaspora travelers be aware of when dining in Italy?

Answer: When dining in Italy, remember to greet with "Buon appetito" before the meal, use a fork and knife for most dishes, and avoid discussing controversial topics at the dining table. Tipping is not as common or as high as in some other countries, but it's appreciated.

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