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Win iPhone 12 Pro & Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Every Week!!

Win iPhone 12 Pro & Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Every Week!!

07 Nov 2020

ACE Money Transfer & Trusty brings a stunning offer for its valued customers. Now you can win iPhone 12 pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra every week. Just do as many transactions you can and participate in this amazing offer to win the most advanced mobile phones in the market. 

The offer has been designed by the combined venture of ACE Money transfer and Trustly, who believe in meeting with customer’s satisfaction as an ultimate part of their mission.

You can become part of this offer through online money transfer remitted from partner bank branches in various countries including; Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Now you can send money to Pakistan from Germany, Spain or Belgium & get a chance to participate in this amazing offer. 

More Transactions, More Chances to Win!!

Our customers can also have a chance of multiple entries to increase their chances of winning smartphones, but it should be kept in mind that only paid transactions will be considered eligible for becoming part of this amazing offer.

The offer being non‐transferable cannot be simply reverted and uncashed, moreover it's valid till February 14, 2021., however, the mentioned dates are subject to change at ACE discretion.

After the commencement of the offer entry session, the lucky draw will begin for the affiliated customer. the lucky draw will be conducted every week in which the lucky winners will win gift prizes of iPhone and Galaxy note on a weekly basis.

The winners will be traced via a direct phone call for the confirmation of their destination for delivery. moreover, the lucky winners will also be announced directly on the website for confirmation and promotion purposes.

So, what’s holding you back from availing of this sound offer? aren’t you going to turn your normal transactions of routine basis into something more amusing and surprising?

Ready to Check Your Luck?

let’s become part of this amazing offer with ACE and Trustly, who believe in nothing less than proficiency in the transaction services provision and customer's benefit in terms of linked benefits.
This mutual effort between ACE Money Transfer and Trustly is just to bring our customers in the aforementioned foreign countries, the ease of transferring money without worrying about any kind of transaction doubts, currency frauds, delayed transfers, and check payments alongside the chance of winning amazing prizes.

So, are you interested in Winning Handsome Prizes with The Ease of Money Transfer Process?

ACE money transfer and Trustly have built their repute for a long term of almost two decades. Our valued customers are accustomed to the convenient, safe, secure, rapid, and reliable money transfer process across various countries in the world. Thus, mutual trustworthiness has enabled us to bring something exciting to our customer's end.

The detailed terms and conditions about money transfer and prizes could be followed on the official website linked with the offer. So, don’t miss the opportunity of easing out your money transfer problem alongside availing the chance to win exciting prizes of the latest gadgets and dream smartphones.


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