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5 Tips for Cheap Money Transfers to Bangladesh from the UK

30 Jan 2024

What causes you to worry about making a money transfer to Bangladesh from UK? If you are working in the UK as a Bangladeshi expat, this article is for you. You might have migrated to the UK to seek better opportunities available there. Living overseas looks so dreamy, but you might have become a victim of homesickness. The only way to overcome loneliness is to fill the financial gap between you and your family.                  

The UK is a land of diverse culture and heritage, reflecting centuries of rich history of various communities. It's a place where anyone can feel at home and explore his identity by bringing the best in their lives. Every year, a significant number of expats move to the UK to make better life opportunities. According to the 2021 census, almost 70,000 Bangladeshis are living in the UK.        

To drive the economy of your home in Bangladesh, you may need to send your family monthly or annual remittances. Service charges for remittance may affect the number of receivers. Choose a company that offers a discount and is reliable to make safe and easy transactions.  

Consider the following tips to make a low-cost transfer to Bangladesh from the UK.

5 Ways to Make Cheap Remittance Transfer to Bangladesh from the UK

To make your remittance cost-effective, ensure a competitive remittance transfer company. Consider the following points to make a low-cost remittance:   

Competitive Exchange Rates

Before making any transaction to Bangladesh, ensure competitive exchange rates. You have to convert pounds into Bangladesh currency to send money to Bangladesh from UK. The conversion of currency may cause an increment or decrease in the amount. Currency rates keep on fluctuating because they depend on the economy of the country. Keep yourself updated about the exchange rates and make transactions when the rates are low.     

Low Transaction Fee     

Make a list of the remittance transfer companies and compare their rates. Choose the company with the low transaction fee. The transaction fee depends upon the amount of money you want to transfer. The low transfer fee will facilitate your remittance, and you can save a lot of money from getting wasted.  

Reliable Remittance Service

It is crucial to choose a reliable remittance transfer service because it can help you save your money. Companies like ACE Money Transfer ensure that every hard-earned penny reaches its destination safely. Choose a company by comparing all the aspects and trust the company with more benefits. If you want to learn more, then read how to avoid common mistakes when sending money to Bangladesh from overseas.            

Discount Offers

Multiple remittance transfer services offer discounts and bonuses on special occasions like Christmas, Eid, and New Year and on good Fridays and Sundays. These discounts help reduce the service charges and make remittance cost-effective. Try to make the most of your remittance in the period of discounts and promos. 

Transparent Fee Structure 

Look for companies that have transparent fee structures. You may find some companies that keep hidden charges. They show lower rates on websites but, while transacting money, ask for more money. Protect yourself from such scams and thefts. It may cause you to pay more. A company with a transparent fee structure can facilitate cost-effective remittance transfer to Bangladesh.

Methods to Make Low-Cost Money Transfers  

There are many ways to make an instant money transfer to Bangladesh from UK cheaply. You can make transactions through online websites, companies, or bank transfers. The following are the best methods to make low-cost money transfers.            

Bank Transfers

You can make money transfers to Bangladesh from the UK through banks. You need to create a bank account in the UK and must have the recipient account details. It is an effective and cost-friendly way of sending money to Bangladesh. Moreover, banks usually charge less for international transactions.    

Remittance Services

Many international remittance service providers help expatriates connect with their families by sending money. Service providers like ACE Money Transfer offer top-notch services to meet the needs of senders and receivers. A reliable remittance transfer company offers reasonable exchange rates and helps you in making low-cost remittances.  

Online Transaction   

Rather than sending money orders, use online transaction methods to facilitate your remittance. Online transactions help you keep track of your process. It provides you with details of all the transactions. You can make multiple transactions just through a single click. Many companies encourage online transactions through websites or mobile applications. You can make online transactions to Bangladesh through the following ways:

Credit Card

Sending remittances through credit cards is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways. Choose a reputable service, enter the recipient's details, select Bangladesh as the destination, and provide your credit card information. It will connect you directly to the recipient's account.


Ecospend is one of the most reliable ways of sending money. It is authentic and the fastest mode of sending money, especially from the UK to Bangladesh. ACE Money Transfer offers eco-spend for Bangladeshi expats residing in the UK.

Debit Card

You can also make hassle-free online money transfers to Bangladesh from UK through a debit card. The process is the same as that of credit cards. Choose a medium of transaction, provide the necessary details, and transfer the money. It is the fastest way of transmitting remittances from the UK to Bangladesh.   

Apple Pay

Just like Google Pay, Apple Pay facilitates the fastest remittance transaction. You can send money online to Bangladesh through Apple Pay. Provide the necessary details, enter your Apple ID, and confirm the payment by using your Apple Pay credentials, such as Touch ID or Face ID.  

Every expat living overseas wishes to have a way to make cost-effective remittances to their country. Millions of expats leave their countries to look for a better future to make strong earnings. They also have to fulfill the responsibilities of their families, for which they need to send remittances back home. They need to pay high service charges and taxes to send money to their native countries.     

Choosing a reliable service provider can reduce the cost of transacting money. In this way, the recipient will get more than desired money. Always choose a company with reasonable exchange rates, low charges, and transparent fee structures. Check for the authenticity of the service and take advantage of occasional discounts and benefits to make consistent remittance transactions.  

Bottom Line

Thousands of Bangladeshis are living in the UK and finding cost-effective ways to send remittances. An expat may have to send remittance for many purposes, such as to tackle emergencies, support education, drive the economy, and fulfill the necessities of their families. As they have to make the maximum number of transactions, they should look for affordable services. 

Choose a medium of transaction wisely, compare the benefits of each company, and select the most reliable. Also, try to avoid traditional methods because they may cost you more than online methods. There are multiple ways to make online transactions, such as through banks, websites, service providers, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and eco-spend. They are the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective medium of remittance transactions. 

To make money transfers to Bangladesh from UK, consider online remittance provider services that offer the best online ways to transact money. Take advantage of discounts and make transactions during the duration of discounts. These discounts significantly impact the overall cost of your transaction. Keep an eye on their websites, newsletters, or announcements within the app to stay informed about any ongoing or upcoming discounts.          


What are the cheapest ways of sending money to Bangladesh?

Online payment methods are the cheapest way of sending money from the UK to Bangladesh. Many remittance providers and banks offer online mediums for remittance transactions.

How do I transfer money to Bangladesh online?

You can transfer money to Bangladesh through banks, mobile applications, credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Ecospend.

How do you make cost-effective money transfers from the UK to Bangladesh?

To make a cost-effective money transfer to Bangladesh from the UK, you need to consider the reliability of the remittance service provider. Check for the exchange rates, service charges, authenticity, and hidden charges of a company. Reasonable service charges and a competitive and transparent fee structure will make your transactions cost-effective.

How does ACE Money Transfer facilitate the cheapest remittance transfer to Bangladesh?

ACE offers the cheapest remittance transfer through reasonable charges and competitive exchange rates and provides various methods of transactions to make your money transfer cost-efficient.     

Which online mediums are offered by ACE to support money transfers from the UK to Bangladesh?  

ACE Money Transfer offers various online mediums such as bank transfers, mobile applications, and Google Pay. Credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Eecospend. Ecospend is another low-cost and fastest means of money transfer to Bangladesh from the UK.

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