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5 Local Festivals in Ireland That Pakistani Expats Should Know

24 Apr 2024

A report by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dublin, Ireland, revealed that around 15,000 Pakistanis live in Ireland, mostly for work. To offer financial support to their families back home, they earn a living in Ireland and send money to Pakistan from Ireland.

While living in Ireland can benefit you in multiple ways, particularly if the purpose is to gain financial benefits, the country has much more to offer.       

One of the areas you should not look away from while living in Ireland as a Pakistani migrant is the local festivals.

This blog will walk you through the top festivals in Ireland that you should know about and participate in.

Participating In Top Local Festivals in Ireland as a Pakistani Migrant   

Owing to its diverse culture and rich heritage, you will find some events or festivals in Ireland at any time of the year, thanks to the love for gatherings of Irish people. Participating in these offers several benefits and the best opportunities to immerse yourself in the Irish culture and connect with the locals better.  

Below are the top Irish local festivals you must participate in and enjoy.

Temple Bar Tradfest 

The Temple Bar Tradfest was first launched in 2006. Initially, it was a small traditional musical festival, selling about 500 tickets. But now the Temple Bar Tradfest has become one of the biggest festivals in Ireland.  

In the Temple Bar Tradfest, you will enjoy and celebrate the traditional music of Ireland with upwards of 50 live music concerts arranged in some of the best pubs in Temple Bar and key landmarks with historical significance in Dublin.    

The Temple Bar Tradfest is meant to encourage and appreciate some of the finest folk artists in Ireland. Furthermore, the festival offers equal opportunities and a stage to promote the next generation of talented musicians.     

You will get special opportunities at this festival to enjoy the best live music, which will help you relieve the burdens that accompany your financial struggles in which you have to earn a living and send money online to Pakistan from Ireland to offer financial aid back home.    

St. Patrick’s Day Festival     

If you live in Ireland for whatever purpose, attending this festival is a must. It is one of the most famous festivals in the world. Over 750 thousand visitors participate in and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Festival annually.      

The official day to celebrate this festival is March 17th, but Dublin continues the festival for several days to mark the annual celebrations. Multiple events run for about 3 to 4 days, many of which are free to attend.      

The festival initiates on the noon of March 17th with the parade starting at the same time. It features musical performances, artistic elements, and more than 10 marching brands from around the world. St. Patrick’s Day festival is the celebration of everything Irish. 

The parade starts at Parnell Square and goes across the O'Connell Bridge towards Wexford Street. It is free to watch, but you can book your seats in the grandstands at the beginning of the parade route.  

Taste of Dublin

This famous festival takes place in Dublin, which, strangely enough, does not have the best reputation for offering residents a wide variety of food. It does not mean that Ireland does not have incredible restaurants, chefs, and cuisine.  

As the festival title suggests, the Taste of Dublin is one of the many Irish festivals dedicated to food. As a Pakistani migrant in Ireland, you will find attending this festival to be one of the must-do things in Dublin. It is a summer highlight taking place every year in Iveagh Gardens.

This festival is held in summer, and the standard entrance ticket is 15 euros, whereas the VIP entrance ticket costs about 85 euros with food included. The normal ticket will allow you to enter the Taste Marketplace, where you can find artisan culinary producers and chefs offering local food samples and boutiques.    

Although the festival is centered on food and delicacies, it is an excellent networking opportunity to mingle with professionals from within and outside the industry.

Given that you are working in Ireland as a Pakistani migrant to earn a living and offer financial support back home in every money transfer from Ireland to Pakistan, attending such festivals is a must to expand your network, which will brighten your career prospects.  

One of the shining parts of the Taste of Dublin festival is the Masterclasses. Visitors can learn from some of the best chefs in the world who demonstrate their craft and cooking techniques at live cooking sessions.   

Forbidden Fruit Festival

The Forbidden Fruit Festival is a music festival that takes place in the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham. This festival creates immense appeal for musical sensations from around the world with live performances by artists such as Lorde, Elbow, Skepta, Peggy Gou, and Hot Chip.

The festival is held on a three-day weekend in June when the mercury is at its peak in Ireland. A simple ticket will cost about 74.50 euros, whereas a VIP pass costing about 139.50 euros will allow you access to all areas and zones throughout this Irish festival.

Apart from these Irish festivals, you must know about the Irish culture as a Pakistani migrant working in Ireland.

Body and Soul

Body and Soul Festival is one of the most interesting festivals in Ireland, and you cannot afford to ignore it. It is about breakfast, tea parties, picnics, meeting new friends in hot tubs, and dancing under the stars.          

This festival is about your mind, body, soul, and… surprises!      

It takes place on the grounds of Ballinlough Castle in Westmeath and is based on music, a common and shared connection between all. You will find different genres of music at this festival, with a separate stage decorated uniquely for a particular genre of music.  

The areas highlighted in this body and soul festival are music, culture, art, food, sustainability, and well-being.      

Attending these festivals is essential if you want to immerse yourself in the Irish culture as a Pakistani migrant.       

Entertainment in Ireland and Enjoyment with ACE Money Transfer          

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Why do Pakistanis travel abroad?

Pakistanis travel abroad because they cannot find sustainable jobs in the country. This lack of opportunities makes millions suffer from rampant unemployment, which pushes them into acute poverty. It makes putting food on the tables difficult. Therefore, they travel abroad to find reasonable means of living.                           

What are the benefits of working in Ireland?

You can get several benefits from working in Ireland as a Pakistani migrant, owing to the country’s robust economy. You will get multiple opportunities to work, high wages, free or highly subsidized healthcare service, the best-quality education, a safe environment, friendly and cooperative people, and flexible working conditions.          

What are the top 5 local Irish festivals?

Although you can find several festivals taking place at one time or another which you can easily take part in and enjoy, some of the best local Irish festivals are Temple Bar Tradfest, St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Taste of Dublin, Forbidden Fruit Festivals, and Body and Soul Festival.    

Why is attending local festivals beneficial?

Attending local festivals in your host country is immensely beneficial because it offers you a chance to connect with the locals, understand the local culture and way of living, expand your network, fully immerse yourself in the local culture, and understand the local norms and values.

How do you enjoy seamless online money transfers to Pakistan from Ireland?   

You can enjoy seamless and smooth online money transfers from Ireland to Pakistan if you choose ACE Money Transfer for the purpose, as the firm offers you live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, safety, and a delivery speed of under 7 seconds in exchange for a low fee from just one window.


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