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5 Best Professions for Bangladeshi Migrants with No Experience in 2024

09 Jul 2024

Moving to a new country can be thrilling and anxious for people who have never worked. Fortunately, many different career paths are available to Bangladeshi migrants in 2024, including alternatives for people without work experience. This article looks at five industries that provide new immigrants with a career path. We will also look at how ACE Money Transfer can play a significant role in helping these migrants support their families back home in Bangladesh by making money transfer to Bangladesh.

Opportunities In the Retail Sector

Let’s look at some opportunities that the retail sector might offer to Bangladeshi migrants:

Stockroom Staff - Managing Warehouses 

An occupation in a stockroom is ideal for people who like hard work because it involves organizing inventory management. This position helps to improve organizational skills and attention to detail, which are helpful in several jobs and do not require prior expertise.

Sales Assistants - Customer Assistance 

Retail stores offer a range of entry-level positions, including sales associates. These duties include interacting with customers, managing inventory, and maintaining the store's appearance. Working as a sales assistant allows Bangladeshi immigrants to improve their communication skills and get experience in a fast-paced environment.

Food and Hospitality Services

Many countries seek people who can work for them in their hospitality sector to increase tourism. Bangladeshi expats can get a chance to avail the opportunities in this sector.

Resorts and Hotel Jobs

Employers are constantly seeking candidates for front desk, maintenance, and cleaning positions at hotels and resorts. These positions provide Bangladeshi immigrants with rewarding money from which they can send money to Bangladesh and also offer an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills in the hospitality industry. Additionally, working in these environments supports the development of linguistic skills and cultural understanding, which are essential for career and personal success.

Working in a Restaurant

Many migrants begin their journeys in restaurants. Jobs that offer on-the-job training that doesn't require prior experience include servers, dishwashers, and cleaning staff. The skills learned in these roles, like managing clients, planning, and cooperating with others, are generally relevant and can lead to professional growth.

Jobs In Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the fastest-moving industries worldwide, and so it requires many people to join it. Bangladeshi expats can also look for a career in the construction sector.

Internship Programmes

Apprenticeship courses are offered by different construction companies in several jobs, including electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. These internships combine traditional classroom instructions with practical experience in an organized learning environment. For those who want to work in the trades, internships are a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable skills, earn money, and advance their knowledge.

General Workers

The demand for general workers in the construction industry is constant. These positions involve construction site preparation, material transportation, and essential construction work. 

Bangladeshi expats can easily earn money from this sector and seamlessly send cash as it is not necessary to have prior experience, and training is typically provided on the job. This is the ideal career for Bangladeshi immigrants who are willing to work hard and pick up new skills in a hectic environment.

Courier and Delivery Service

Delivery and courier service is an industry that requires few skills, such as GPS navigation and driving. Any Bangladeshi who has never worked before can surely get a chance to enter this sector.

Delivery of Package

Drivers are always needed by courier services to deliver packages. This job involves picking up and putting off things, usually in a specific location. Being trustworthy and having some basic organizing abilities are essential. It's a greater chance for newcomers to start their careers and gain valuable skills.

Delivery of Food

The rise of food delivery businesses has created plenty of employment opportunities for delivery drivers. This job requires a basic understanding of navigation and vehicle operation, such as a scooter or bicycle. It's ideal for Bangladeshi migrants because it offers flexible hours and doesn't require any prior expertise.

Maintenance and Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning and maintenance jobs also require a lot of people to join, so Bangladeshi expats can look into availing of these opportunities and earn better through online money transfers to Bangladesh.

Commercial Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning services provided in commercial facilities, like offices and schools, are categorized as commercial cleaning. This profession is perfect for people who need a more flexible schedule because it typically takes place outside of regular business hours. It provides an opportunity to work individually or collectively, supporting the development of a strong work ethic.

Residential Cleaning Jobs 

A high demand for residential cleaning services leads many companies to hire individuals without experience. This position requires tidying houses, which may involve wiping surfaces, vacuuming, and mopping. Flexible working hours are provided, making it a dependable income source for Bangladeshi migrants.

Role of ACE Money Transfers

Living abroad requires a strong connection with your family back home. ACE Money Transfer ensures a seamless remittance process for you to stay connected with your loved ones.

Financial Management

Handling finances in a foreign country can be challenging. ACE Money Transfer offers migrants the opportunity to send more money to their families by offering favorable exchange rates and affordable transfer fees. Due to its user-friendly platform and stronger network, ACE Money Transfer provides Bangladeshi migrants with an easier financial management solution.

Supporting Immigrants

ACE Money Transfer is vital in assisting Bangladeshi migrants by offering a reliable and effective method for transferring money to Bangladesh. Migrants can effortlessly send money to their families, providing financial assistance in their home country. This service assists in connecting migrants with their families, making their adjustment to a new country easier.

Stability and Growth for Bangladeshi Migrants

Without prior experience, Bangladeshi migrants may be able to find stable employment and advance their careers in 2024 in sectors like retail, construction, cleaning, hospitality, and delivery services. These professions provide the necessary training and practical experience for success in a foreign country. Migrants might send money online to Bangladesh quickly and easily with the help of ACE Money Transfer, ensuring that their families have the resources they need. Bangladeshi migrants can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life if they grab these opportunities.


What factors led you to choose ACE Money Transfer for your money transfer to Bangladesh?

ACE Money Transfer is a reliable, effective, and reasonably priced way to send money to Bangladesh. ACE offers an easy-to-use platform and strong network to guarantee prompt and secure financial support for your family and assist you in effectively managing your funds.

How might ACE Money Transfer help migrants from Bangladesh?

ACE Money Transfer helps migrants from Bangladesh by providing a reliable and secure way to send money to the country. It facilitates a more seamless transition to a new country by allowing migrants to financially support their families and providing competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees.

Can someone with no prior experience in these professions advance in their career?

Undoubtedly, many entry-level positions in these sectors offer training and opportunities for professional development so you can gain experience and progress in your career. Promotions and higher-paying jobs can come from showing dependability, adjusting quickly, and taking on greater responsibilities.

What skills are necessary to begin working in these industries?

Essential skills for entry-level roles include a strong work ethic, basic organizational abilities, willingness to learn new information, and excellent communication. These skills are developed via real-world application and are necessary for career growth.

What steps should I take to begin a career in delivery and courier services?

To begin working in delivery and courier services, you can submit applications to food delivery companies or courier firms. Typically, essential needs involve having a form of transport (such as a bike or scooter) and understanding how to navigate the local area. These positions frequently provide flexible schedules and do not require prior experience.

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