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10 Best Tips for Bangladeshi Expats in Ireland to Achieve Financial Goals

22 May 2024

Did you know that remittances to Bangladesh equaled 21.5 billion USD? These statistics indicate that the Bangladeshi expat community is enthusiastic and seeking ways to send money to Bangladesh from Ireland to support their loved ones.    

Moving to a new country is an adventure filled with exciting opportunities and challenges. With its rich culture and dynamic economy, Ireland offers a unique setting for expatriates looking to start afresh or build upon their existing financial foundation. Whether you're drawn by the promise of verdant landscapes or the allure of cities like Dublin and Cork, understanding your new financial circumstance is essential.  

Understanding Your New Financial Circumstances

Moving to Ireland marks a significant change. It's not just the weather or the landscape. Your financial world transforms, too. Let's see how you can make this transition smooth and profitable.    

1. Know the Tax System

Ireland's tax system may differ from what you're used to. Get familiar with it. It affects your income. The Revenue Commissioners manage taxes here. Understanding this early pays off.

2. Budget Wisely  

Dublin is beautiful but expensive. Budgeting becomes your best friend. Track your expenses. Save wherever possible. Small savings also add up. Smart budgeting will help you increase the remittance amount to send money online to Bangladesh from Ireland.

3. Open a Local Bank Account

A local bank account is a must. It makes transactions easier. Look for banks offering benefits to expats. Digital banking is also a good option. You may find discounted services through digital banking.      

Building Your Financial Security

Let's focus on making your financial future in Ireland as bright as possible. Remember, security and growth are essential.

4. Emergency Fund

Start with an emergency fund. Life is unpredictable, and you can expect any uncertain situation at any time of the year.  This fund is your safety net. Aim to create an emergency fund that can easily last three to six months of living expenses.  

5. Invest in Your Future

Pensions and insurance are your best friends when it comes to investments. Invest in these buckets as early as possible. They're not immediate benefits, but they promise a secure future. Ireland offers expats several options in this regard.

6. Education Is Key

Ireland has excellent education opportunities for you and your family. Understand the costs and plan for them. It's an investment in your future. This is because locally recognized degrees will also help you secure better jobs.   

7. Diversify Your Income Streams

Relying solely on a single source of income, such as a job, makes you vulnerable to financial instability in case of unexpected job loss or economic downturns. You create a financial safety net by developing multiple income streams through freelance work, a side business, or passive income sources like rental income or dividends. This diversification enhances your overall financial security and accelerates your path to achieving financial goals.             

Growing Your Wealth in Ireland

Your financial stability is taking shape; now, let's grow your wealth. Ireland offers unique growth opportunities, which are listed below.    

8. Real Estate

Consider investing in real estate. Ireland's market can be lucrative. But do your research. Remember, good deals multiply your investment.     

9. Start a Side Business

Got a business idea? Explore it here. Ireland supports startups, especially in tech. You may be the next big success story.     

10. Keep Learning

Financial literacy is a continuous journey. Ireland has resources, including libraries and online courses. The more you know, the better you make your decisions.   

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Reliability You Can Trust

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Embracing life in Ireland comes with financial considerations, from understanding the tax system to exploring opportunities for investment and wealth growth. Taking proactive steps toward understanding and adapting to these changes can ensure a smooth transition and a prosperous future. 

Remember, financial stability in a new country is about adapting to new rules and seizing opportunities to secure and grow wealth. Stay informed, stay prepared, and watch as your financial condition in Ireland flourishes. With services like ACE Money Transfer to help manage your remittances efficiently, you’re ready to make the most of your financial journey in Ireland. Sign up on ACE today to enjoy your first free money transfer from Ireland to Bangladesh.


Can I use my foreign bank account in Ireland, or do I need to switch it immediately?

While you can temporarily use your foreign bank account, opening a local Irish bank account is advisable to facilitate transactions and avoid foreign transaction fees.

Are there any tax benefits for expatriates in Ireland?

Yes, Ireland offers certain tax reliefs and benefits for expatriates under the Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP) and other schemes.

How does healthcare work in Ireland, and will it affect my finances?

In Ireland, residents contribute to a public healthcare system via taxation, but many also opt for private health insurance for broader coverage, which can impact budget planning.

Can I continue investing in my home country’s pension scheme while working in Ireland?

Yes, you can continue contributing to your home country’s pension scheme, but it's essential to understand the tax implications in both countries.

How easy is it to start a business as an expatriate in Ireland?

Ireland is very supportive of startups, especially in tech. Numerous grants and support are available for expatriates wishing to start a business.


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