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10 Benefits Of Studying Abroad For Indian Students In 2023

25 Jul 2023

According to a report by NDTV, about 18 million Indians lived in foreign countries in 2020 and continue to live there. These Indian migrants contributed $100 billion to the Indian economy in remittances in 2022, according to Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman. Driven by acute poverty and unemployment, the people of India travel to developed countries for better opportunities to earn a living and send money to India to support their families financially.

One of the primary reasons for going abroad and working there for Indian migrants is to support quality education for their children. Getting a quality education in India is a challenge because a) it is scarce and b) unaffordable for most parents if they find it at all somewhere in the country.

Therefore, they send their children to foreign countries to get a quality education to improve their financial prospects.

This blog will walk you through the top benefits of studying abroad in 2023.

But let’s first take a quick look at some of the facts about the Indian economy.


Quick Facts About The Indian Economy

  • India’s nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $3.18 trillion in 2021, according to a report by the World Bank.
  • Another World Bank report said that India's GDP per capita income in 2021 was $2,256.6.

These figures show the relative economic well-being of the country but one of the gravest challenges India is facing is its burgeoning population which is straining the resources of the country well beyond its capacity and strength.

Estimates suggest that India is all set to overtake China as the most populous country in the world by 2030.

It is one of the reasons that a majority of the Indians find it hard to put food on the tables owing to unemployment leading to poverty.

It is one of the primary reasons for Indian migrants to leave their native country to find better work opportunities to earn a living and send financial support back home through money transfer to India.

Let’s now take a detailed look at the top benefits of studying abroad.


What Are The Top Benefits Of Studying Abroad For The Indian Students?

Enlisted below are the most concrete benefits of studying abroad based on the first-hand experience of several international students.


It Helps You Gain A Global Perspective

While you study abroad, you have to mingle with people from different regions whose company broadens your perspective about the world. You might not be able to appreciate the positive aspects of your country or the region you belong to unless you see those from a different perspective. And what better way to get a different perspective about something than rubbing shoulders with those hailing from other regions and countries?

It Helps You Immerse Yourself In New Teaching Styles

In foreign countries, teaching styles are completely different from those you are accustomed to. These different teaching methods are pretty challenging to understand at the start, but soon enough, you get used to them, and it will broaden your intellectual horizons.

Exploring Different Viewpoints

Your exposure to a new culture and new values thereof can help you understand different viewpoints about the world, its issues and life as a whole. These varying viewpoints help you build a solid understanding of life and the world.

Improve Your Language Skills

Since you live in a different environment where a different language is spoken, you learn it quicker than you can otherwise. And given that in most foreign countries, English is used as a medium of communication, it helps you in your professional career.

Expand Your Network

You can build ties with people of varying backgrounds and regions. In addition, you can also join groups that consist of people from all across the world while studying abroad. These groups help you make lifelong friends and expand your global social network.

Learn more about the best countries to study in as an Indian student below:

Best Countries To Study With Top Study Programmes For Indian Students.


Increase International Employment Prospects

Studying abroad will help you increase your chances of getting employed in multinational companies as your CV and educational record prove that you can take up work in challenging new environments.

You Experience A Diverse Social Life

Student life, needless to say, is social by default. Whether you are a student in a foreign country or your own, you are quite social as a student. But being a student in a foreign country will help you enjoy a diversified social life comprising people from different countries of the world.

Several Career Opportunities

Your chances to get several career opportunities increase more while studying abroad. Regardless of the demand for your degree in the market, the exposure alone helps you choose from several professional opportunities.

Gain Personal Growth

Studying abroad helps you gain personal and professional growth and other essential life skills such as adaptability, independence, confidence, self-worth, etc. You cannot acquire any of these skills unless you are exposed to an environment that warrants learning them.

Get A Meaningful Life Experience

One of the top benefits of studying abroad is the experience of it. You meet new people and experience challenges that you tackle on your own, away from your support network. This alone is worth all you put into studying abroad.


Can You Send Money To India Online As A Student?

Yes. Several universities in foreign countries allow you to work after finishing study hours to earn a living which you can either support your education with or send back home for financial support.

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What are the primary benefits of studying abroad for Indian students in 2023?

Studying abroad will provide several benefits to Indian students in 2023. This includes access to quality education, exposure to a new culture, enhanced employability prospects, improved language skills, and an opportunity to develop a global network of contacts. This not only broadens their academic and professional horizons but also promotes personal growth and self-reliance.

How does studying abroad enhance employability prospects for Indian students?

Studying abroad significantly enhances the employability of Indian students. International education is often seen as a sign of initiative, independence, and adaptability, traits highly valued by employers. Moreover, a degree from a reputable foreign university often holds more weight in certain industries. It also allows students to develop a global network, which can open up job opportunities across the world.

How can studying abroad improve language skills for Indian students?

Studying in a country where the native language is different from one's own provides an immersive language-learning experience. This can help Indian students improve their proficiency in a foreign language, which is a valuable asset in today's globalised world. Even studying in English-speaking countries can lead to a more nuanced understanding of the language and its cultural context.

Are there any challenges Indian students might face when studying abroad in 2023?

Despite the numerous benefits, studying abroad also presents some challenges. These might include cultural shock, homesickness, adapting to a different education system, and managing finances in a foreign country. However, most universities offer robust support systems, including orientation programs, counselling services, and international student associations, to help students adjust to their new environment.

Are there scholarships available for Indian students who want to study abroad in 2023?

Yes, there are many scholarships available for Indian students who wish to study abroad in 2023. These can be provided by the home country, the host country, or independent organisations and can cover a portion or the entire cost of tuition, accommodation, and living expenses. Students should research potential scholarships early, as the application process can be competitive and time-consuming.


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