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Zero Fee Offer on First Transaction and Birthdays

Zero Fee Offer on First Transaction and Birthdays

17 Feb 2021

Online Transactions sometimes cost a hefty amount to someone who is sending that money to his friends, family or loved ones. ACE Money Transfer assists its customers in sending their money through an easy-to-use and cost-effective channel. ACE has a sheer focus on its customers, so it has started mega incentive offers, when overseas send money to Pakistan, Bangladesh and all other receiving corridors.

ACE brings you exciting offers that can make you save a lot of money on your transactions.

If you want to send money to your friends or family living in another country from the UK, Europe, and Scandinavia, you can send your money through ACE. Here is a pro-tip, you can also waive off your transaction fees. Here's how

Zero Fee Offer On The First Transaction:

If you send money through ACE for the first time, the company welcomes you with a very heartwarming gesture and offers zero fees on your first transaction or sign up. Afterwards, ACE charges you with a very minimal fee. People who earn money abroad are eager to send that money to their families as soon as possible, and ACE helps people send their payment through a fast and economical channel that charges minimal fees. Now, you can avail this exclusive offer in Europe too. Get your first transaction done now at zero fees!!

Zero Fee Offer On Birthdays:

ACE holds a strong bond with its valued customers. As a birthday gift, the company extends the bond by offering a birthday gift. Every customer of ACE Money Transfer gets a transaction fee waived off on his first transaction. Share the happiness and send funds on your birthday to get zero transaction fees on your big day's first transaction.

The company is growing day by day and offering exciting offers and prizes on a daily basis. Get into the growing circle to avail incredible discounts and offers.

How To Make A Transaction?

ACE Money Transfer intends to provide secure, handy and cost-effective transactions. You can get the best exchange rates through ACE money transfer. The afore-mentioned offers are only applicable for online transfers through our website and the ACE app. 

Follow these simple steps to send money through the ACE website or application.

1. Create an account using our app/website.

2. Complete your profile with basic details and identification documents and don't forget to mention your correct date of birth to avail the offer.

3. Choose a destination country 

4. Select the desired payout option and enter the receiver's details.

5. Pay for the transaction using your Debit/Credit Card or your Bank Account.

ACE Money Transfer is a cross border P2P platform that provides its customers with hassle-free transactions and timely payment transfers. ACE money transfer offers reliable and efficient service with the best exchange rates and nominal transfer charges. From the top offers discussed above, you can garner some effective money-saving tricks and solutions. 

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