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How to obtain Belgian citizenship: What you need to know?

How to obtain Belgian citizenship: What you need to know?

21 Jan 2021

International countries empower numerously competitive advantages for the residents. Usually, the specific country's inhabitants are awarded citizenship to enable unique protocols. An individual is assigned nationality of the soil on which they are born.

For instance, assume any person born on two different states' border. Requesting for nationality will be a dramatic phase for that person.

How can you get Belgian citizenship? 

There exist multiple ways to procure Belgian citizenship. Let us discuss some of the most significant ways one can receive citizenship. The standardized procedure for applying for a Belgian nationality depends upon several factors.

Such as marrying a Belgian national, legal residency, or if you are a parent to a child born in Belgium. Each procedure has specific eligibility criteria that need to be completely satisfied. 

The basic requirement for Belgian citizenship states that the residents must have lived in the country for a minimum period of five years.

Another most important aspect of obtaining Belgian citizenship is speaking one of the three main languages that are integrated socially and economically.

You can also marry a Belgian national for citizenship, which requires a minimum of three years together. But still, you will have to satisfy the condition of residence for five years and command over one of the three main languages. 

How to Apply?

Applying for Belgian citizenship requires an individual to proceed to the Belgian town hall of their residence place. The Belgian municipality must inform you of your situation's required documents.

After successfully submitting documents, it takes around four months to decide on your instance. Whereas, in some cases, the time for decision is reported to be greater than four months.

When you prepare for your documents, make sure that no document is older than six months. All copies and documents must need to be original and also should be certified.

How to apply for Permanent Residency?

One can attain permanent residency in Belgium after staying for five years. The stay should be uninterrupted. After, the time limit for the compulsory stay is completed.

The individual can apply for permanent residency with the documents submitted in the concerned area's Municipal office. But if you are willing to receive an electronic version of your residence card (E+ Card), you have to go to your local municipal office.

The validity of the card is approximately five years and is renewable. The person's family members can get a foreign residence card known as (F+ Card), which is also valid for five years. 

What are the benefits of Belgian citizenship?

There are several different perks of getting Belgian citizenship. The kingdom of Belgium is defined as an attractive tourist attraction. And if the right candidate applies for Belgian nationality as the second nationality could benefit as ideal citizenship.

Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent provide all the big cities' facilities. On the other hand, all the charm collectively is provided by the medieval towns.

The country is a living example of renaissance artefacts. It is also considered to be among the safest and most peaceful countries worldwide.

Another reason for Belgium's fame is producing the world's refined chocolate, waffles, and top of the line beer.

Many people still believe that French fries are the production of Belgium and not France. But chocolate and waffles still do not contribute much for a base reason towards a nomad thinking about getting a passport. 

The Belgium passport is recognized as the best passport globally, ranking at the fourth position on the Nomad passport index. It provides visa-free access to a total of 184 countries.

Belgium is also referred to as a solid destination for a European base. Brussels is an international city at the heart of Europe's base operational services with tremendous infrastructural developments. 

What is the quality of life in Belgium?

No doubt, Belgium has progressed to the health sector's latest technological advancements. In Belgium, the standard of life is recommended as the best from health services to political stability and individual freedom to job security.

The housing and the food available in Belgium are considered to be the best when it comes to hygiene and pricing. High-quality health care is provided at the national level.

Each individual must pay an approximate value of 7.35% of their gross salary and attain state or private health insurance. All you have to do is provide your social security number, and you will be returned 75% of all your medical expenditures. 

What are the Steps to obtain Belgian citizenship?

Requirements for the program are not as clearly explained. Most of the nomads prefer to go with starting their own company. The steps for the application for the visa are as follows:

  1. Acquire temporary residence
  2. Procure an address
  3. Start a Belgian company.
  4. Create a corporate bank account
  5. Apply for a professional card
  6. Get residence permit
  7. Register as a tax non-resident

Which language is preferred in Belgium?

The country is a collectively multilingual nation. Different languages are widely spoken in various regions of the country. The Dutch language is considered to be spoken by a percentage of 60% population.

The second widely spoken language is considered the French language used by 40% of the population. A minor community in the East Cantons speaks German. The diversification in the language and cultures depicts a welcoming attitude towards immigrants. 

Any other ways to get a Residency in Belgium?

There are multiple ways to get residency in Belgium. Some of them lead to citizenship, while others will help you reside in the country until you get a permanent residence. First, you have to find a way to get a visa to step into the country.

Only, in that case, you will be able to apply for a permanent visa. We will get to a long-stay visa later, but now let us help you explain some methods to get your first step moving. There are three main things that you can do to get a visa for Belgium. 

  1. Company 
  2. Job in Belgium
  3. Independent source of income

You can start your own company in Belgium. But it is not like the rest of the companies that you invested some money in the banks or investments in any Belgium companies.

You have to start a real and genuine company approved by Belgium's rules and regulations. Mostly, business suggestions are deferred that does not sound feasible.

It does not matter if the business is oriented in different countries, but it should be associated with Belgium's business. 

The next thing you can do to get into the country is a Job. For instance, assume that you are lucky enough to get a job in Belgium. This will count as a plus for your visa application.

You can also refer to your friend who owns a Belgium company and can offer you a job. Either way, you will get a salary from your employer net of social and insurance contributions. 

The final way is to prove independent sources of income. This option is limited to the EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens.

What is the European Blue Card? 

In some cases, the employer possesses the right to apply for the European Blue Card. The card functions as the work permit and residence card targeting highly skilled workers.

To be eligible for the card, you must have a bachelor's degree and an employment contract with a company functioning in Belgium. The minimum amount you are being paid should be around €52000.

For the year 2017, the annual minimum salary count ranges from €40000 for highly skilled workers to €67000 for executives and management level professionals. 


As a result of the above-detailed discussion, it is convenient to say that any individual satisfying the eligibility criteria can apply for the permanent residency permit. There exist majorly two types of visas.

 One to get into the country and the other to permanently stay in the country. You will have to get the first kind of visa before the permanent visa. 

However, there are numerous benefits and advantages to the nomads thinking about settling in Belgium. Most importantly, the Belgium residency program is specifically those willing to contribute to an economy in a sounded way. 

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