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Working Overseas: 14 Websites to Find a Job Abroad and Migrate from the Gambia

Working Overseas: 14 Websites to Find a Job Abroad and Migrate from the Gambia

29 Sep 2022

Gambia is one of the African countries whose economy is struggling and ranks 167th worldwide in terms of nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 160th in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Since the fledgling and weak Gambian economy cannot sustain growth to ensure decent job opportunities for the people, its majority lives in poverty. People from the Gambia travel to developed countries to find better employment opportunities and send money to Gambia to ensure a reasonable living for their families.

Albeit developed countries offer several work options for global diasporas in various industries and fields, it’s never easy to find the desired job overseas while staying in your native country. Getting a job in a foreign land was relatively complex in the past; however, it’s become convenient today, given you have plenty of websites available with helpful information on how to seek better employment overseas.

You can learn about 14 websites in this article that will help you acquire a reasonable work opportunity in a foreign land according to your field of work and interest. Before directly going for these websites, let’s have a quick look at the Gambian economy and its people’s pursuit of going abroad.

A Brief Background About The Gambian Economy

The Gambia is a developing country with limited resources and relatively weak economy. The country’s poverty rate remains around 48% with a massive populace living below the poverty line. Successive shocks such as floods and droughts, weak food production system, rising 8% food insecurity, and an 11.21% unemployment rate have proven to be disastrous for the country.

Here’s a brief look at the economy of the Gambia.

  • The Gambian economy is 167th worldwide, with a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.773 billion.
  • It is 160th in the world with Purchasing power parity (PPP) of $6.448 billion.
  • Its growth rate is estimated to be 6.3%
  • Its GDP Per capita income is $755
  • It has a PPP Per Capita income of $2,745
  • The inflation rate in the Gambia is 6.5%
  • The rate of unemployment in the Gambia is 8.6%

These figures alone suffice to help you understand why the Gambia people travel to the developed countries to earn remittances and then find the best ways to send money to Gambia.

Top 14 Websites For International Job Hunting

Before the advent of technology, and the ease that it incorporated into life as a whole, landing yourself a job in a foreign country was far-fetched because you had to travel to other countries and find jobs in person. It carried immense difficulties in terms of fatigue, the uncertainty of getting a career in the first place, and the high risks of falling victim to unscrupulous and fraudulent people promising jobs and work opportunities to job-seeking expatriates.

Now, many websites help you find jobs remotely before gearing up to travel abroad. You are no longer required to travel in person to find employment in a foreign county and support your families back home. As you can find jobs and get employed online, similarly you can support your family through making an online money transfer to Gambia from overseas once you settle there.

You will find the following list helpful in finding a job in a foreign country, and your search on these sites will make the process easy and convenient.

Go Abroad

It is a popular site among international job hunters offering a long-range (over 18,000) of verified programs, including work, volunteer, and study abroad. This site also has a GoAbroad Online Advisor that can guide you in case you get confused due to the vast database.

Easy Expat

It’s designed specifically for expatriates. It has an expansive database, and the search is made easier for you as there are categories and divisions for the countries and the purpose for which you want to sift this site, including moving, living, studying and working abroad.

Go Overseas

This site helps you find a job outside your home country, and the job section shows the available international positions so that it becomes easy for you to decide which appointment you require and which subscribes to your requirements. You can sign up to receive notifications about the new jobs and when they appear.


It is a nonprofit company founded in 1995 ad based in New York. It helps international job hunters find jobs all across the world. It has several options to choose from, including employment, internships and volunteer opportunities. These options also make it easy to search for what you need precisely.

Overseas Jobs

Tying the job title in this site's search bar will take you directly to what you are looking for. It is easy to use the platform and helps you find new ideas alongside hunting for an international job. It also can assist you with writing an impactful cover letter, updates about overseas employment, and tips.

Indeed Worldwide

Making an account on this popular site will keep you posted about all the international job openings worldwide. It also helps you create and upload your resume or CV. The best part of applying for a job on this site is that its response is pretty fast, and the local and international employers engage with you quickly.

CEO Worldwide

This website is meant for people who are seasoned workers and seek C-class employment in companies working internationally. It also serves as a platform where the executive employees of several multinational companies connect. This site also offers other jobs, but it focuses more on executive-level careers.

Expat Network

It offers jobs to both experienced and new job hunters. You can find a wide variety of international jobs available on this website and advice on how to move to the country you want to work in and how to apply, etc. You can make your search easy by narrowing it down using industry, keyword, country and type.


Founded in 1962, BUNAC offers many jobs and work opportunities to both long- and short-term job seekers worldwide. It was known, in the past, as the British Universities North America Club (BUNAC) and is a member of the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) and the WYSE Work Abroad Association.

Transitions Abroad

It started as a print magazine in 1977 to share practical information to understand foreign cultures better. Still, it became a website after the magazine retired in 2008, now known for having a massive database of international jobs, study opportunities, travel or even volunteering globally.

Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB)

This website also caters to the needs of the people wanting to work internationally in paid jobs, volunteer jobs and even cheap work. JAB does your search for international jobs easy by narrowing it down to the country, region, industry and job title. Alongside offering jobs, this site is an excellent platform to seek advice for employment and which country to choose.

We Work Remotely (WWR)

On this website, you can find online jobs. Since the jobs posted here are online, they are perfect for those seeking the liberty to work anywhere. It has multiple options to choose from, and you can narrow down your search by country, type of job and whether you want a full-time or contractual role in a company.

Working Nomads

This website also allows you to find online work to keep working even if you are travelling. You will have the freedom to connect with international companies and employers directly on this website. You will find a massive database of online work opportunities right from the homepage of this site.

On this site, you can find many online jobs in sales, recruitment, design, customer service and many more work areas. Searching for an online appointment with the help of a keyword, country, region, field, and even job title will make your search easy and precise to find what you want without wasting time.

International Money Transfers To The Gambia

Since the Gambia has a struggling economy, its people travel abroad and send the remittances they earn through many credible online money transfer companies, including ACE Money Transfer. 

These companies have made it easier for expatriates to send money to Gambia online with the help of their user-friendly smartphone international money transfer app(s).

Finding a job abroad has become much easier with the advent of technology that first lets you see the job from your home. Once you get clearance from the company you applied in, then you can make travel arrangements to land abroad to earn remittances for online money transfers to the Gambia.


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