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Win An iPhone 14 Pro When You Send Money To The Philippines Fee Free With ACE Money Transfer

Win An iPhone 14 Pro When You Send Money To The Philippines Fee Free With ACE Money Transfer

05 Sep 2022

Is your phone going out of style? Do you wish for a new phone but do not have the cash? What if you were given the opportunity to win a free iPhone 14 Pro? The most generous offer ever is here from ACE Money Transfer. You have the chance to win one of four iPhone 14 Pro 128GBs just by making an online money transfer to Philippines without having to go through any complicated steps or paying enormous fees for transactions. 

ACE Money Transfer consistently has incredible deals for its customers to win lavish prizes. ACE is one of the largest and growing remittance firms, providing customers with the best exchange rates and the lowest transfer fee. Now, you not only benefit from Fee-Free transfers to the Philippines, but you can also be one of the lucky winners of a new iPhone 14 Pro. 

You might wonder why a company would ever charge no fee on cross-border transactions and even offer massive prizes simultaneously. Don’t worry! You’ll get answers to these questions briefly here. Let’s get some insight into what pushes Filipinos to move abroad before directly jumping over to the details of the lucky draw by ACE Money Transfer.

Stats About Overseas Filipino Workers

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), or Filipino employees who worked abroad from April to September 2020, were thought to number 1.77 million. 96.4 per cent, or 1.71 million, of all OFWs during the same period were Overseas Contract Workers (OCWs) or people with active work contracts. 

The share of other OFWs – those currently employed and working full-time in other countries – who worked abroad without a work visa or work permits – such as a tourist, visitor, student, medical, or another type of non-immigrant visa – was 3.6 per cent.

Why Do People of The Philippines Move Abroad?

For many different reasons, migration is common in the Philippines. When many Western countries started using foreign labourers in the 1960s and 1970s, migration started to gain popularity. Poverty remained the key reason behind the growing migration trends.

The typical situation in a Filipino family is as follows: 

The family member who earns the family's living needs, possibly the mother, father, son, or daughter, moves abroad to support their families when they send money to Philippines

They establish a stable life there for the following five years, taking occasional trips in between, and then realise that they want to remain there permanently. This is quite common, especially in countries with liberal immigration laws like Canada.

Learn How To Win An iPhone 14 Pro – Details About Promotion

Eligibility Criteria 

The promotion is valid from September 1 through September 30, 2022. Only money transfers to the Philippines are eligible for the promotion. Anyone sending money to the Philippines from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland qualifies for this offer.

All transactions for cash pickup, bank deposits, and mobile wallet purchases made during the specified dates will be automatically entered into the lucky draw. Just paid transfers will be eligible for the drawing.

Employees of ACE Money Transfer are not eligible to take advantage of this offer because it is only intended for their customers. This offer cannot be redeemed or transferred.

What Are You Getting Out Of This Promotion?

When such offers are made, "What will I get?" is the most intriguing thought that enters the mind. Four iPhone 14 Pros with 128 GB storage will be awarded as prizes throughout this campaign by ACE Money Transfer if you send money to Philippines online.

Winning Notification 

The winner(s) will be contacted by phone call, email, or both to inform them about their prize. A redraw will occur, and a new winner will be chosen if the original winner cannot be contacted within seven (07) days of the draw. 

The winner's information can be used for promotional purposes by ACE Money Transfer. Dates for the campaign and draw mentioned here may change at the company's discretion. For more information about this offer, Visit:

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer To Send Money To The Philippines?

ACE Money Transfer is an authorised money transfer service regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As a result, sending and receiving money with the company anywhere in the world is entirely safe.

In addition to a single, reasonable, and transparent fee, ACE Money Transfer frequently provides the best exchange rates available on the market. 

Unsurprisingly, they have received five-star reviews, given their instant delivery times to the Philippines and many other locations. More than 100 countries can receive money transfers from overseas customers. Direct bank deposits into the recipient's account are made possible by online payment methods or the ACE app.

Make a money transfer to Philippines from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland, and you can win a 128GB iPhone 14 Pro. One of the best aspects of this offer is that you can make fee-free transfers.

Bottom Line 

ACE never misses an opportunity to assist its customers financially. This offer is valid until September 30, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and benefit from this opportunity to win an iPhone 14 Pro.

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