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Why Studying Abroad is a Great Investment in Your Future as a Pakistani

Why Studying Abroad is a Great Investment in Your Future as a Pakistani

08 Dec 2023

Did you know that over 5,000 Pakistani students are given international student visas each year? As of now, almost 60,000 Pakistani students are enrolled in top-class colleges globally. They make frequent online money transfers to Pakistan which adds to 8.99% of the country’s GDP.


Studying abroad is a transformative experience in every way. With the current economic crisis and lack of employment opportunities in Pakistan, studying abroad can prove as a great investment for your and your country’s future. Working at top global firms will give you global authority to represent your country and increase your remittance-sending power.


The Advantages of Studying Overseas

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience with academic, professional, and personal benefits. Here are a few advantages of studying abroad as a Pakistani student.


Academic Benefits

Here are some of the academic benefits for studying abroad as a pakistani: 


Access to high-quality education

Studying abroad gives you access to some of the world's finest universities and schools, giving you access to high-quality education that you may not be able to obtain in Pakistan. These universities are regarded for academic brilliance and world-class facilities, which can provide you with a competitive advantage in your career.

Exposure to a variety of ideas and instructional approaches

Studying abroad exposes you to various perspectives and teaching methodologies, which can help you better grasp various disciplines. You will be able to learn from experts in their disciplines, communicate with students from other countries, and participate in exciting debates, all of which will help you improve your critical thinking skills.

Language learning opportunities

Studying abroad allows you to become fluent in a new language, which can be useful in both your personal and professional life. Learning a second language can help you communicate more successfully with individuals from other cultures and give you a competitive advantage in the global work market.

Professional Advantages

Here are some of the professional advantages for studying abroad as a pakistani: 


Increased employment opportunities

Studying abroad can considerably improve your work prospects. Companies want candidates with foreign experience and cross-cultural skills, which studying abroad can provide. According to a study, 97% of students who study abroad found work within a year of graduation.


It will allow you to increase your financial status, and you will be able to send money online to Pakistan to support your loved ones and upgrade their lifestyles.

Pay growth

You can easily obtain higher earnings by studying overseas. A recent study found that graduates with overseas experience earn 25% more than their colleagues who stay in their own country.


Opportunities for networking

Studying abroad provides you with significant networking chances. You will have the opportunity to meet people from other nations, cultures, and industries, which will allow you to develop relationships that may lead to future work chances.


Personal Growth

Here are some of the personal growth perspective that you achieve while studying abroad as a pakistani:  


Increased cultural awareness

Studying abroad can improve your cultural knowledge by immersing yourself in a new culture. You will have the chance to try new foods, rituals, and traditions, broadening your horizons and increasing your appreciation for diverse cultures.

Increased independence and self-assurance

Studying abroad forces you to leave your comfort zone and handle unexpected surroundings, which can boost your independence and confidence. You will learn to adapt to new situations, solve difficulties, and take risks, all of which will be useful in your personal and professional life.

Acquisition of new skills and interests

Studying abroad can also aid in the development of new skills and interests. When studying abroad, you will discover new passions or hobbies. These will be beneficial for you in the long run as they help in personality development.


How Studying Overseas Can Help Pakistanis in Particular

Pakistani students are specifically different from other students because the quality of their initial education is not that great in Pakistan. The standards have lowered in the previous years, making them less competitive than students from other nations. Studying abroad can prove to be beneficial in the following ways.


A Global Professional Network

International studies can also help Pakistanis extend their professional network. Many Pakistani students who study overseas go on to work for international firms, where they can gain significant connections and expertise that will benefit the Pakistani economy. This will allow them to send money to Pakistan more frequently, eventually adding up to the country’s GDP.


More Exposure to International Perspectives

Studying abroad can expose Pakistanis to new ideas about the world economy and global markets. As a developing country, Pakistan can tremendously benefit from learning about other countries' best practices and adapting them to its growth.


Improved Linguistic Abilities

Studying abroad can also help Pakistanis improve their language skills. English is the major language of international commerce, and being fluent in it can considerably boost work chances for Pakistanis.

Developing Soft Skills

Studying overseas can also assist Pakistanis in developing new skills that are necessary for today's globalized business. Cross-cultural communication, adaptation, and problem-solving are some examples that are heavy in demand.

Increased Knowledge

By studying overseas, Pakistanis can substantially improve their cultural knowledge. Pakistan is a diverse country with numerous ethnic and linguistic groups. Studying abroad can help Pakistanis learn more about different cultures and ways of life, increasing their appreciation for variety.

Financing Your Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad may be costly, and many Pakistani students struggle with finances. Here are some ideas for funding your study abroad experience:


Look for scholarships that are particular to your field of study or destination country. Many scholarships have early application deadlines, so apply early. Take a look at the scholarships provided by foreign organizations and charities.

Student Loans

There are also student loan possibilities to assist in funding your study abroad adventure. Make sure to research the interest rates and terms of several lending options. Look for loans that allow flexible payments so that they do not become a burden in your student life.

Bottom Line 

Financing your study abroad experience might be difficult, but with the correct tools and some forethought, you can turn your aspirations of studying abroad into a reality. ACE Money Transfer can benefit your study abroad plan because it offers reasonable exchange rates, cheap transfer costs, and a user-friendly interface for simple and safe global money transfers.


These advantages will help you return to Pakistan with useful skills and information, positively impacting your personal and professional life as well as the development of Pakistan. Sign up today for free and enjoy zero fees on your first money transfer to Pakistan with ACE.


Why should I consider studying abroad when there are good universities in Pakistan?

Studying abroad offers exposure to international perspectives, high-quality education, and access to diverse opportunities that can enhance your academic and career prospects. It's a chance to broaden your horizons and gain a global perspective.

Is studying abroad expensive for Pakistani students?

While studying abroad can be costly, many universities and countries offer scholarships, financial aid, and part-time work opportunities for international students. Careful planning and research can help you find affordable options to pursue your education abroad.

How will studying abroad benefit my career as a Pakistani student?

Studying abroad can boost your career by providing access to a global network, enhancing your cross-cultural skills, and making you more attractive to employers who value international experience. It can also open doors to international job opportunities and research collaborations.

What are the cultural and personal benefits of studying abroad for Pakistani students?

Studying abroad exposes you to new cultures, languages, and ways of life. It promotes personal growth, independence, and adaptability. It also helps you build lifelong friendships and a deeper understanding of global diversity.

Are there specific countries that are more welcoming to Pakistani students for higher education?

Many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and countries in Europe, welcome Pakistani students for higher education. The choice of destination should depend on your academic interests, career goals, and financial considerations. It's essential to research and choose a country and university that align with your needs and aspirations.

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