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What should a Nigerian know before immigrating to the UK?

What should a Nigerian know before immigrating to the UK?

27 Jul 2022

Nigeria is one of the African countries with a rough past and not-so-good present. It always suffered from political instability, which led to law and order situations. This situation eventually resulted in a weak economy, rising poverty levels and rampant unemployment. 

Therefore, the people of Nigeria prefer to go to other countries for better jobs and to secure their futures financially. 

These Nigerian expatriates send money to Nigeria through some of the world’s top online money transfer service providers, including ACE Money Transfer. 

Why go to the UK? 

One of the most favourite destinations for expatriates is the UK. Several reasons make England the best destination to go to. But the most important ones are its expansive and robust economy and the world’s top-notch educational institutions.

UK’s strong economy offers several opportunities to the expatriates

The fact that the economy of England is robust and expansive attracts FDIs in bulk. There are several multinational companies whose offices are housed in the UK. These companies need personnel to run operations which creates many employment opportunities. 

The expatriates from low-income countries get these jobs easily because a meagre income in UK’s currency amounts to a hefty sum in theirs. Therefore, they choose not to negotiate the remunerations offered.

The UK’s education is among the world’s top.

It is not only confined to the top quality of England’s education, attracting students worldwide. Instead, it has many opportunities for students after graduation; they can choose from a wide range of best universities; its diversity is incredible, and its educational system supports overseas students. Furthermore, the place is great to live in, and there is immense fun a student can have besides studying. 

Let’s now take a quick look at the pros and cons of living in England.

The UK’s healthcare 

Expatriates have viable access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) at a low cost. But, on the other hand, you will have to wait a long to get specialist treatments. 

The UK’s education   

If your stay in the UK is legally sanctioned, you can have access for your children to public schools for free education. But, on the flip side, the education standards of public schools vary considerably. 

The UK’s weather

The UK’s weather is cold. Winters stay longer with short days and a dreary outlook for most of the year. But, on the other hand, you will make the most out of summers that appear late and stay briefly. 

The UK’s lifestyle

While living in the UK, you can access the world’s leading cultural and sports events. But, on the flip side, the average food you will likely have viable access to is mediocre. 

The UK’s cultural shock

You will see immense diversity in the UK. There is hardly any culture in the world whose representation you will not see in England. Besides, its close proximity to Europe also adds to its diversity and multi-colours. But, on the flip side, Brexit has restricted movement and restrained cultural diversity to a large extent. 

The UK’s visa requirements   

The UK has stringent visa conditions. It has tightened the visa requirements to curb illegal immigration and overstaying. But, on the flip side, skilled workers can easily apply for a UK visa. 

The UK’s working conditions

England has several job opportunities and multiple employee benefits. Millions of expats from different countries live and work here in various fields. Sending money home from England helps these expats uplift their families quality of life.

Let’s now see the significant issues Nigerian expatriates face as they go to the UK for better jobs to send money to Nigeria online to their families for a secure financial future. 

Fewer opportunities  

Nigerian expatriates may not have viable access to jobs they are qualified to do. Although the UK has several work opportunities throughout the year, for Nigerian expatriates, the competition is even tough.

Lack of merit in appointments  

There is a lack of meritorious appointments in the UK for Nigerian expatriates.

Fear of deportation on a small mistake 

There are chances that a Nigerian expatriate will face deportation on making a small mistake, which, if done by a native, will not be considered one in the first place.

But, all of the above is not entirely bleak for Nigerian expatriates in the UK. Many Nigerian expatriates have been living comfortable lives in the UK.


Now, let’s discuss a few issues expatriates face while sending money back home from the UK. 

The common issues in sending remittances from the UK

High fees by banks       

Almost all the banks in the UK charge a high fee for sending remittances to other countries.

Tax issues 

Since the UK is a highly regulated and documented economy, expatriates face issues concerning taxes on their remittances. This issue is compounded when the volume of remittances increases.

Finding a credible company is a tricky question. 

Although there are many online money transfer service providers in the UK, you will face a tough time finding a credible one such as ACE Money Transfer. 

If a company offers a low fee, it will be vulnerable on the security front. And if a company’s security is tight, it will charge you high for its services and so on. 


Which company to find to send money to Nigeria from the UK?

A handful of credible companies, including ACE Money Transfer, offer you the best services. ACE provides the best exchange rates, broad accessibility, low service charges and tight security. Furthermore, ACE services include a user-friendly mobile app that enables you to initiate a transaction from the middle of your comfort zone. Through this app, you can also track your transaction. So, if you are looking for an online money transfer to Nigeria, you have the easiest, smooth, and secure way of transferring funds via ACE’s mobile app.

It is imperative for you to carry out thorough comparisons between a few companies before you transfer your remittances. And while doing so, make sure that all the features detailed out above are available to you at one window and under one roof! 


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